DnT's new Twitter!!

Posted May 20, 17
https://twitter.com/dnt_ffxiv Follow for the latest FC and FF14 news :)

Finally finished our 8th clear of A12S today. Time to tear up those speed rankings!

VivaDiva LOL! My back is to the camera.
Ravired That Eye of Sauron cameo in the background.

DnT clears potd!

VivaDiva posted Nov 18, 16

Fonz best screenshot ever \o/
Ravired Damn some GOOD looking lalas right there.
Octalgore Love this screenshot

Thank you Koomi and Mahida for all your help!

BLM Staff/MCH Chest

Fonz \o/
BattouJutsu /clap
Octalgore Grats guys!

Drops:  Ast weapon, Healer legs

Cleared Oct:23 10:39pm est

Octalgore Great job guys! Been watching you work really hard on it the last few nights, well deserved win :p
BattouJutsu /congratulate
AuroraRose51 *healer Chest And gratz to us! good job every one and thank you for all your hard work <3
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