Alexander Gordia Savage - The Burden of the Father (Savage) - A4S

By Shasta Kota of Death and Taxes (DnT) on Gilgamesh

Please understand that we are not claiming this to be the best and/or only strategy for this fight. This is merely a guide to help guide those who may be seeking aid.


You finally made it to the last fight in the first tier of Alexander Gordia Savage. Great job with A3S! You'll be happy to know that most people consider A4S to be easier than A3S, so you're already off to a good start. The major differences in this fight as far as "clearing" requirements are: coordinated positioning (Carnage), and more DPS checks (not necessarily harder ones than A3S).

This fight has a time-based enrage at 13:10, but all the phases are pushed based on DPS (or boss HP, depending on how you view it).


BLM PoV Video
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ACT Triggers

ACT Timeline Plugin

For more info about this plugin please see this thread:

A4S Timeline (Full):
A4S Timeline (Melee DPS):
A4S Timeline (Ranged DPS):
A4S Timeline (Healers):
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Quick Fight Guide

Phase 1 - Leg 1
  • First leg is the easiest.
  • Make sure the MT stuns the legs when they steam/lose Stun Resistance.
  • Have healers/ranged intercept Discoid (balls). Discoid will continue through the entire fight.
  • Quarantine will suck in 1 DPS and the OT, just one add to kill in there. It puts debuff stacks on the tank so some groups do a tank swap between Quarantines, but this is not entirely necessary.
  • There will be 3-4 Hydrothermal Missiles on the MT. Make sure he is topped up on HP before these hits. Tank can use cooldowns to help with these. See our ACT Timeline thread if you need help predicting these.
  • All players should avoid the MT because they will get one shot by Hydrothermal. It never comes at the same time as Seed of the Sky (AoE ground puddles) so it's safe to dodge to the MT temporarily.
Phase 2 - Leg 2
  • Person targeted by Carnage (lasers from the Steam Bits) should go inside the leg the party is focusing in order for melee DPS/tanks to help intercept lasers. Not all lasers will result in damage, some are randomly duds/fakes.
  • When intercepting Carnage lasers, stay spread far enough from other people intercepting lasers (melee should stand at max melee range).
  • There is Quarantine in this phase too.
  • There is no more Discoid during this phase until 4th leg.
Phase 3 - Leg 3 & Adds
  • Adds start spawning in this phase, and will spawn through the rest of the fight.
  • No more Quarantine for the rest of the fight.
  • There's still no Discoid in this phase.
  • When small adds get close to the large add (Straf Doll), they will explode for raid-wide damage proportional to their current HP.
  • If the Straf Doll is not killed within 38s, it will cast Whirbelwind, draining MP from everyone.
  • Recommended to melee LB2 this leg to skip a 2nd round of adds in this phase.
Phase 4 - Leg 4 & Adds
  • Discoid is back again for the rest of the fight.
  • Carnage is temporarily disabled in this phase.
  • Aim for only 2 rounds of adds in this phase.
  • Nisi is cast on two ranged players (ranged DPS or healers). There is a blue and red debuff. This debuff can be passed just like Digititis from A3S. If someone with a red debuff runs into someone with a blue debuff, they will both die. Debuffs tick for damage and last for about 30s. You need to keep passing this debuff for the whole fight in order to handle Royal Pentacle unless you are using the sacrifice strategy (see full guide for more details).
Phase 5 - Manipulator & Adds
  • Put your MT to one side of the boss. He'll still be getting targeted with Hydrothermal Missile and you don't want people to accidentally run into/through him while they are doing other mechanics.
  • Carnage Zero starts in this phase, which is the same as Carnage except that it can't be intercepted and just hits random party members.
  • Carnage (with interceptable lasers) continues in this phase. Players should stand inside Manipulator to have their lasers intercepted by party members, similar to phases 3 & 4.
  • Dolls/adds will continue spawning in this phase.
  • Discoid continues in this phase too, but after the first 3 balls (per spawn point), one large ball will spawn which needs to have its damage split between multiple party members.
  • Royal Pentacle spawns 6 orbs in a circle near the middle of the arena. Either send people with same-colored Nisi debuff into the orbs or have players suicide into these. See full guide for more details on this strategy.
  • This phase continues to loop until enrage at 13:10.

Fight Strategy

Phase 1 - Leg 1

(Times in seconds from start of phase)
5 "Hydrothermal Missile"
17 "Discoid"
18 "Seed of the Sky"
23 "Hydrothermal Missile"
24 "Seed of the Sky"
26 "Stun Leg"
45 "Quarantine"
48 "Hydrothermal Missile"
55 "Seed of the Sky"
55 "Discoid"
58 "Stun Leg"
60 "Seed of the Sky"
80 "Hydrothermal Missile"

Phase 1 Move List



Before pull, the party should move along the edge of the arena to get as close to the first leg as possible. The kill order for the legs isn't super important, but we believe it can simplify certain phases. We chose the following order: Left Hindleg, Left Foreleg, Right Foreleg, Right Hindleg. The reasoning behind this is by having the 2nd and 3rd phases as the forelegs, it makes Carnage easier to deal with because there is more space to position yourselves around the leg to intercept lasers + no thinking involved in dealing with Seed of the Sky + less running for ranged players targeted by Carnage. There is no Carnage for the 1st and 4th leg phases.

Once pulled, the MT should position himself underneath the boss so he will be out of the way of the other melee because of the AoE tank buster (Hydrothermal Missile). Also, being closer to the other 3 legs means the MT can more easily stun them when necessary.

Hydrothermal Missile

The first tank buster comes out at 5s into the fight, so make sure your MT does some good snap aggro right at the start. Hydrothermal will continue for the entire fight, always targeting the player with highest aggro on The Manipulator. The Manipulator shares cumulative aggro with all of its legs, so even when the first leg dies, aggro will not reset on the party going into the next leg. This allows for easier phase transitions, and it means that tanks can spend more time focusing on their DPS in the later phases instead of focusing on aggro.


Spawns in 3 locations around the edge of the arena. Each spawn point will spawn a series of 3 balls which will all be converging on one player. When they collide with a player, a ball explodes in a small AoE. It's normally a good idea to have ranged players intercept these (usually the healers). You will have to heal in between Explosions because they deal a pretty big chunk of damage, around 9k unmitigated. If it's too much trouble to get all the balls, occasionally it's ok to let one through to the DPS. Just make sure to call out that you're letting one through so the melee can adjust their positions properly so that only one person gets hit by it and not everyone.

Having Trouble with Discoid?
  • You could have your BLM take some of the balls with Manaward up.
  • You could have your OT take some (depending on the phase).
  • If you're a caster/healer, use sprint.
  • Preshield yourself (adlo/succor/stoneskin) before the balls spawn. This should allow you to take 3 balls with only curing once.

Seed of the Sky

Similar to the Seed of the River from T11, this one drops missiles out of the sky. However, this one comes with an AoE indicator. Seed of the River will place AoE indicators under 4 random players. You have about 2-3 seconds to dodge out of them. They almost always come in sets of two, so you'll dodge the first 4 puddles and then another 4.

Having Trouble with Seed of the Sky?
  • Stack melee DPS and OT on top of each other.
  • In phase 4, stacking melee DPS and MT on top of each other is feasible because Hydrothermal does not come at the same time as Seed of the Sky.
  • Getting hit by a Seed of the Sky (or maybe even 2) will not kill you. Don't stress too much over this mechanic.

Stunning Legs

You might notice that all 4 legs start with a Stun Resistance buff on them. Every now and then, one of the legs will lose their Stun Resistance and a steam animation will come from it. That leg needs to be stunned within 5 seconds (usually best if the MT does this). If the leg is not stunned in time, the Manipulator will shoot Perpetual Ray at a random player which will deal mediocre damage, but drains TP and MP. If a melee DPS gets hit by this, it's goodbye damage...

Having Trouble with Stuns?
  • Make sure the player who will doing stuns is standing under the boss, between all 4 legs.
  • Use the ACT triggers and/or Timeline plugin to predict and react to the stuns faster (see resources/links at the top of this guide).
  • Assign a backup stunner if it's really a big issue for the group.
  • Turn on sound effects. The steaming effect of the leg has a unique sound effect that plays when you need to stun.

Phase 2 - Leg 2

(Times in seconds from start of phase)
0 "Manipulator readies Mortal Revolution"
8 "Mortal Revolution"
18 "Quarantine"
22 "Carnage" duration 5
31 "Hydrothermal Missile"
32 "Stun Leg"
46 "Carnage" duration 5
53 "Seed of the Sky"
54 "Hydrothermal Missile"
67 "Stun Leg"
67 "Quarantine"
80 "Hydrothermal Missile"
81 "Carnage" duration 5
88 "Seed of the Sky"
101 "Hydrothermal Missile"

Phase 2 Move List




There are 12 different spawn points for the steam bits, but only 5 will spawn. There are 4 different configurations, as shown in the images above. Out of the 5 lasers, only 3 will actually shoot Laser Diffusion; the other 2 are duds.

The easiest part of handling this mechanic is to have the targeted player go inside the leg that you are all focusing. This allows melee dps to intercept lasers.

Phase 2 is the hardest one for dealing with Carnage because of the fact that it comes while 2 of your members are in Quarantine. This only leaves you with 6 players to handle the 5 lasers. This problem is made more complex by the fact that Laser Diffusion is a relatively large AoE, so melee have to be very careful in their positioning if they're going to intercept lasers.

The way we figured to avoid stacking laser AoEs is to have one of the melee dps always take the center tether. If one melee dps is in Quarantine, have your other melee dps fill in and take it instead (or designate one of your ranged dps to do so if you only have 1 melee). You also have your MT, and two healers who will never get Quarantine so you can assign them to relatively stationary positions as well. This will help to cover most of the RNG invovled in the random spawn points + random-ish Quarantine targets.

Having Trouble with Carnage?
  • ALWAYS have the targeted player move into the inside of the leg that is being DPS'ed. This applies to MT and melee DPS too!
  • Sometimes Hydrothermal Missile will come out right around the same time as Carnage. Make sure tank knows when these cases are and uses cooldowns. Have at least one of the healers reserve an oGCD heal for clutch saves (Tetragrammaton/Lustrate).
  • Assign relative positions for every member. For phase 2, remember that one DPS and the OT will be in Quarantine for Carnage so plan substitutes for some players.
  • Make sure melee DPS stand at max melee range so they don't get hit by multiple Laser Diffusions.
  • If you have two melee DPS and only one needs to get a laser, the one not getting a laser should be a NIN. NINs have lower magic resistance than any other class in the game. It probably won't make much of a difference though, but it might if your group is undergeared.

Phase 3 - Leg 3 & Adds

(Times in seconds from start of phase)
0 "Manipulator readies Mortal Revolution"
8 "Mortal Revolution"
11 "Hydrothermal Missile"
11 "Carnage" duration 5
24 "Dolls Spawn"
28 "Stun Leg"
42 "Seed of the Sky"
51 "Hydrothermal Missile"
53 "Carnage" duration 5
61 "Stun Leg"
62 "Wirbelwind"
87 "Hydrothermal Missile"

Phase 3 Move List


Straf/Jagd Dolls

The requirement for handling the dolls is that the small Jagd Dolls have to be "fed" to the larger Straf Doll when they are at low HP. If you kill a Jagd Doll without feeding it to the Straf, it will just continuously respawn. The Jagd Dolls will explode, dealing damage with "Reducible Complexity" to all players in an amount of damage proportional to the amount of HP it had (about 2k damage per 10% HP). You will want to have 3 of your DPS players grab one of the 3 Jagd Dolls and get it down to 10% HP or less before feeding it because tank busters like to come out at the same time (yay RNG).

There is also a time limit on handling the dolls. 38s after spawning, the Straf Doll will cast Whirbelwind. This greatly reduces MP from the entire party. After casting Whirbelwind, the Straf Doll instantly dies. Because of this, some players have come up with a strategy to use this to their advantage (this strat is credited to Lucrezia). Instead of killing the Straf Doll, you can just leave it alive until it uses Whirbelwind and kills itself. This allows you to get more damage on the leg rather than wasting it on the Straf Doll. If you combine this with melee LB on the leg, you should have enough damage to push the phase before the second wave of Dolls spawn. This will greatly help with meeting the enrage. If you do allow Whirbelwind to go off, have your BRD/MCH regen MP for your healers afterward (maybe use an Elixir or something so they can sing the song a little longer unless they need to use an X-Potion of Dex for more damage).


There's still Carnage in this phase too, but since there is no Quarantine you will have 8 players to intercept 5 lasers. It's still recommended to have a melee DPS intercept the center laser, but everyone else should be able to easily split up and get the rest.

Having Trouble with Phase 3?
  • The only trouble you should have is meeting the DPS check for the phase (i.e. killing the leg before 2nd wave of dolls spawn). If you are having trouble with doll positioning or feeding dolls early, find the person screwing up and yell at them until they stop...or replace them (I don't judge).
  • Have OT pull the Straf Doll near the leg so they can also help DPS the leg in the meantime.
  • Have tanks go into DPS stances for this phase (the tank on Straf Doll might need to use extra cooldowns to survive if he does this).
  • DPS can save a few cooldowns for this phase, maybe have some of them use X-Potions (or Draconian) here.
  • One of the dolls spawns near the Foreleg. If you chose to DPS a Foreleg for this phase, your MT can take the closest Jagd Doll so your melee DPS can hit their positional bonuses.
  • If you have a DRG, Geirskogul can hit both the Foreleg and nearest Jagd Doll (at its spawn point), it has a long range.
  • Have your BLM eat a Seed of the Sky so he doesn't have to move and keep DPSing. Make sure the healers are aware of this strat ahead of time so they can plan additional heals/shields.
  • Have your SCH help with some of the DPS on the Jagd Dolls & keeping DoTs up on the Leg.
  • Make sure to use melee LB2 on the leg. The best time to use it is right after Carnage (after Dolls are dead).

Phase 4 - Leg 4 & Adds

(Times in seconds from start of phase)
0 "Manipulator readies Mortal Revolution"
8 "Mortal Revolution"
13 "Judgment Nisi"
21 "Dolls Spawn"
25 "Stun Leg"
37 "Seed of the Sky"
48 "Hydrothermal Missile"
59 "Wirbelwind"
60 "Discoid"
63 "Seed of the Sky"
67 "Seed of the Sky"
75 "Hydrothermal Missile"
84 "Dolls Spawn"
88 "Stun Leg"
102 "Hydrothermal Missile"
107 "Discoid"
111 "Seed of the Sky"
116 "Seed of the Sky"
122 "Wirbelwind"
127 "Hydrothermal Missile"

Phase 4 Move List


Judgment Nisi

Upon cast, it is initially applied to two ranged players (can spawn on ranged DPS or healers). The debuffs are passed by touch, similar to Digititis in A3S so everyone needs to spread out. These debuffs deal about 2-3k damage per tick and last for 30s. Upon first receiving the debuff, it will display as 5 stacks. Each stack lasts 6s, so this allows you to tell when you need to pass it.

The mechanic that requires Nisi is called Royal Pentacle, which will happen in phase 5. There are two ways to handle it: the way the devs intended, and the "sacrifice" method. If you are going to do the sacrifice method, you can just let Nisi wear off and forget about it. If you want to do the mechanic properly, you'll need to continuously pass the debuffs around between members so you don't lose it. Judgment Nisi will not be cast again for the rest of the fight, so you will have to keep passing it like a hot potato.

Having Trouble with Judgment Nisi?
  • Try to minimize the number of players rotating Nisi on themselves to simplify positioning and healing. To keep the debuffs rolling, you only need 4 players to pass between each other (2 for red Nisi, 2 for blue).
  • Just like T12, passing these debuffs is easiest if you only have one of the two passing players doing all the movement (because of the way server detects movement and determines player positions). Since Nisi also doubles as a healing mechanic, have one healer handle red Nisi passing, and the other healer handle the blue Nisi passing.
  • Only pass Nisi between ranged players, if you pass it to a melee DPS or tank there is a higher risk of someone accidentally running through them and unintentionally taking the debuff from them.
  • Nisi is a 30s debuff, so just put up some kind of Regen on the affected players. They'll benefit from the entire duration of the regen, just like a tank would. I'm not a healer main though, so I can't speak to the MP efficiency of this.


There is only 1 leg left, so the MT will not have to run anywhere to do the stuns; because of this, your MT should stand on the edge of the arena so that your DPS can feed Jagd Dolls without being cleaved by the Hydrothermal Missile. Your OT should also be tanking the Straf Doll next to the leg so that the melee DPS can attack it and the more easily.

You will almost certainly get two rounds of dolls this phase. For these dolls, you should kill the Straf Dolls before Whirbelwind to help with the balance between MP and TP regen. You should still have enough DPS to finish off the leg before a 3rd round of dolls spawns.

Tank Swapping

The Straf Doll applies a slashing debuff every few seconds with its frontal cleave attack. This debuff lasts for 1 minute. Because you will be getting two rounds of dolls in this phase, you should do a tank swap on the leg after the first round of dolls dies. Make sure you time the swap around Hydrothermal Missile so you don't get any of the melee DPS killed. Also, clearly communicate the swap with your healers so they will know to top you off before the Hydrothermal hits. You shouldn't have to worry about swapping in the last phase because there is more time between doll spawns.

Phase Change

You should have made it here by 8:15 minutes if you want to beat the enrage timer. If you've done so, good job! Everyone has been tested on a variety of mechanics up to this point in the fight, so if you were able to do them all successfully and consistently then everyone should be capable of completing the rest of the fight. Your DPS have met the DPS checks, your tanks have been able to do those stuns reliably and take some big damage, and your healers kept you alive through a TON of shit. There are 3 new mechanics added in the last phase but it's mostly smooth sailing from here on out.

Phase 5 - Manipulator & Adds

(Times in seconds from start of phase)
0 "Manipulator readies Mortal Revolution"
8 "Mortal Revolution"
18 "Carnage Zero"
28 "Discoid"
34 "Seed of the Sky"
37 "Big Discoid"
39 "Hydrothermal Missile"
42 "Carnage Zero"
60 "Royal Pentacle"
71 "Hydrothermal Missile"
85 "Carnage" duration 5
99 "Dolls Spawn"
102 "Hydrothermal Missile"
105 "Seed of the Sky"
107 "Carnage Zero"
110 "Seed of the Sky"
124 "Carnage Zero"
134 "Hydrothermal Missile"
137 "Wirbelwind"
146 PHASE REPEAT (at Carnage Zero)

Phase 5 Move List


Positioning Tip

Put your two tanks near the forelegs and your melee by each of the hindlegs. This keeps everyone spread apart enough for Carnage Zero and Hydrothermal while allowing the melee DPS to make minor flanking movements for positional bonuses. However, when the Fracture ball comes in, the MT will need to move to the rear of the Manipulator so he doesn't get the vulnerability debuff from it.

Carnage Zero

Similar to Carnage, it also hits with Laser Diffusion. Unlike Carnage, there are no lasers to intercept. It just randomly targets 3 players. Since the Laser Diffusion is still an AoE, just like with Carnage, players should not stand close to each other or risk getting hit by double AoE which will almost certainly kill them as each hit does about 8k damage. Basically, just have everyone spread away from each other until the damage goes out; the 3 players that get hit will not all take damage at the same time so make sure all 3 shots go out before stacking up for Fracture.


Discoid happens the same as in the other phases by spawning a total of 9 small balls at 3 random positions around the arena. However, there is an added mechanic to Discoid in the last phase. After the 9 small balls spawn, one large ball will spawn. It deals more damage, but the damage can be split between players. It also applies a Vulnerability debuff to players hit by the explosion, so you don't want your MT to help soak this. This large ball will go after whoever was targetted by the other Discoid balls. If it was the MT that was marked, he will need to line himself up with the Fracture ball and the group so that the group intercepts it. Alternatively, you can do a tank swap and then swap back after the vulnerability debuff wears off.

If you're doing Royal Pentacle the proper way and still have Nisi debuffs running, make sure no one accidentally trades debuffs while grouping to split Fracture. Royal Pentacle is the next mechanic to come after this. Make sure your Vulnerability debuff wears off before running into an orb or you will take a lot more damage than the normal 5k.

Royal Pentacle (Proper Method)

Upon cast, 6 orbs will spawn in a small circle around the center of the arena. The way this mechanic is intended to be handled is to have players with the blue Nisi buff run into the blue orbs, and the red debuff to the red orbs. Upon contact, the orb will deal about 5k damage to the player that runs into it, it will apply Vulnerability debuff to the player, and the orb and debuff cancel each other out. Make sure your vulnerability from Fracture has worn off before hitting an orb.

Hitting an orb applies a 5s Vulnerability, so a player can only cancel one orb every 5s. One of the easiest ways to do this is to just use 4 players total. Have Player 1 with the blue Nisi and Player 2 with the red Nisi stand near the circle of orbs. Player 3 grabs blue Nisi and stands where Player 1 was. Player 1 then cancels a blue orb and goes back to get blue Nisi from Player 3. Player 3 then goes and cancels another blue orb. You can repeat this every 5s until the blue orbs are all gone. Again, make sure Vulnerability wears off before hitting another orb. Perform this process for the red orbs with Players 3 and 4 simultaneously.

Before the Nisi wears off, make sure two final players take the debuffs to keep them running until the next Royal Pentacle. Judgment Nisi is not cast again for the rest of the fight, so you have to keep passing it.

Royal Pentacle (Sacrifice Method)

As mentioned before, if you plan on using the sacrifice method, you won't have any Nisi debuffs in the last phase. This means if you hit an orb, you instantly die. But if you leave the orbs up, they wipe the whole party. However, this strategy is made possible by the fact that a player can hit 2 orbs before dying. This means it only takes 3 player deaths to handle the Royal Pentacle.

The idea is to sacrifice 3 players (one being a healer). Then hard raise them (or with Swiftcast). On the second round of Royal Pentacle, sacrifice 3 players again and then do healer LB3. We chose to use the following players for sacrifice:

1st: OT, BLM, DRG (NIN can Goad the DRG after raise)
2nd: OT, WHM, NIN (These players get raised with LB3 so will have full MP/TP)
3rd: OT, WHM/SCH, MCH (These should be your lowest damage players; and we sac the healer with less MP)

When you use healer LB3, it fully regens the raised players' HP, TP, and MP. This is why it is acceptable to allow a Straf Doll to Whirbelwind in phase 3, because after LB3 the WHM will be full MP again. Your BRD/MCH will also be full MP and should be able to play Foe Requiem for the rest of the fight. You should be seeing enrage soon after the 3rd Royal Pentacle, so there is no plan to raise after the last one.

The benefit for this method is that you don't have to heal as much because Nisi debuffs aren't ticking away players' HP. This allows your healers to do more DPS instead of healing. It also means less movement for players, so hopefully more DPS for that too. The downside for this strategy is the weakness debuff. You'll want to have Back on Your Feet II free company action on when doing this.

Last Phase Dolls

We recommend pulling the Straf Doll between the two forelegs so the melee dps and tank can easily swap between the Straf and Manipulator. There are two Carnage Zeros that go out during the Doll mechanic so you still have to be careful of positioning and healing. Timing is extremely important here and likely the hardest thing you will face during this encounter. Here are the order of events you should focus on:

  • In order to help with healing, you should try to stagger the timing of feeding the Jagd Dolls. To accomplish this, we put both the melee dps on one doll so that one can be fed after the first Carnage Zero but before the second. The two ranged DPS bring in their Jagd Dolls after the 2nd Carnage Zero but before Whirbelwind.
  • The melee without aggro will swap off the Jagd Doll and onto the Straf Doll when the Jagd is about 50% HP.
  • After the melee DPS feeds their doll, the second melee that was on the Straf Doll can now swap back over to the Manipulator to allow easier spacing for the second Carnage Zero.
  • While this has been happening, the BRD/MCH needs to rotate around the edge of the arena a bit so they are almost opposite from the caster. Since the goal is to feed these two Jagd Dolls after 2nd Carnage Zero, you have to bring them in at the same time if you want to be able to finish off the Straf Doll before Whirbelwind. If you are bringing them in at the same time, the Jagd Dolls may decide to cast Exhaust before feeding and overlapping Exhaust stacks will murder you once you hit 4 stacks.
  • The ranged DPS will have to wait to feed after the 2nd Carnage Zero, but their Jagd Dolls will probably be low enough HP before then. Fortunately, since they can attack from range, they can put in some damage on the Straf Doll or Manipulator while they wait.

Random tip, the DPS focusing the Jagd Dolls should position themselves closer toward the center of the arena so they can get AoE heals after the first Carnage Zero. Otherwise they will likely die to the second one.

We also realized that our MCH's Hypercharge is available again right after the second Straf Doll dies, so we decided to go ahead and let the second one Whirbelwind so we would focus more DPS on the Manipulator. The MCH is then able to regen MP for the healers. This will probably not work if you have a BRD; it works for MCH because Hypercharge MP regens more MP for the MCH than it costs to keep the MP regen effect active, but this is not the case for BRD. I've also seen groups who let both dolls in last phase Whirbelwind with a MCH in the group. It depends on what your healers are comfortable with.

Tank Swapping

If you are using the sacrifice method for this fight, you will probably want to do a tank swap on the Manipulator after each Royal Pentacle. This will let the former MT able to tank the Straf Dolls because he won't have weakness from dying so he'll be easier to heal, he can hold hate better, and provide a little more DPS to the Straf Doll. The OT should have just raised from Royal Pentacle so make sure they have a Protect on them because Hydrothermal Missiles will still hurt. Also, clearly communicate the swap with your healers so they will know to top you off before the Hydrothermal hits.




There are 2 chests if no one has cleared for the week. They contain a weapon, Body gear, and a Gobdip. You can also get crafting material (added to loot pool) and a mount (added to loot pool). Every player will also get a Gordian Manifesto - Page 4 (limit 1 per player per week). The Manifesto can be used to purchase additional gear or Gobdip (all purchases require 4-8 Manifestos).

Gobdip = 4 Manifestos
Body gear = 8 Manifestos
Weapon = 8 Manifestos

Body Pieces

Gordian Plate Mail of Fending
Gordian Gown of Healing
Gordian Corselet of Aiming
Gordian Gown of Casting
Gordian Mail of Maiming
Gordian Mail of Striking
Gordian Corselet of Scouting


Gordian Greatsword
Gordian Blade
Gordian Axe
Gordian Astrometer
Gordian Codex
Gordian Cane
Gordian Longbow
Gordian Staff
Gordian Trident
Gordian Musketoon
Gordian Cesti
Gordian Baselards
Gordian Grimoire


Gobwalker Gear (for Gobwalker mount)
Gobwalker Shielding (crafts into minion Gobwalker)
Large Gordian Gear (furniture crafting material)
Illuminati Gobdip

Great job! Although this fight is not usually considered to be more difficult than A3S as a whole, A4S still tests a few different aspects of your skills as a player. You should feel like a well-rounded player now, happy and confident in your abilities. Most of all, you can finally let out that sigh of relief knowing that you have completed this tier of Alexander Savage, and enjoy that sweet DPS boost from new weapons. Stay tuned for another exciting episode of...OhGod Fuck Me! Cha-la head cha-la...