Alexander - Breath of the Creator (Savage) - A10S
By Shasta Kota of Death and Taxes <DnT> on Gilgamesh


"History itself stands in the balance as the steel colossus is revealed to have the inconceivable power to transport its occupants through time and space, a power which the Illuminati are all too eager to use to rewrite the past and remake the future in their own twisted image. With time quite literally of the essence, you must find passage to the very heart of the colossus, where the unfortunate Roundrox—the key to Quickthinx's dark plot—is being held captive. Once more unto the breach, Warrior of Light!"

Minimum required average item level is 250.

While this fight is definitely more difficult than A9S, it is also mostly mechanical. There are 2 points in this fight that can be considered DPS checks, but you can limit break to get through them if you need the help. Mainly, just focus on the mechanics which are very position-related. Enrage is set at a generous 12:30 (roughly). You shouldn't need that long to complete the fight as long as you have minimal deaths.


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Quick Fight Guide

Phase 1
  • Pull boss to right next to the crystal button (north button) and face him north.
  • Heal through back-to-back AoEs.
  • Single charge happens first. You have to look at the icon above boss's head during casting to know which type of attack he'll use. This first one is either going to be spread or stack mechanic. See charge mechanics section below for more details.
  • Boss uses Trap which makes him jump to a button. The first button is always spikes (south button). This immobilizes everyone for 5s.
  • Boss uses another Single Charge. If last Single Charge was stack, this one is spread (and vice versa). Due to the immobilization from spikes, you need to be in the correct position in advance.
  • Tether forms between boss and main tank. You need to tank swap and the tank with Prey needs to run south, and be relatively far away from the boss.
  • This phase ends with a tank buster. The tank buster comes in the form of two abilities: Goblin Rush and Gobrush Rushgob. Goblin Rush is not casted, but Gobrush Rushgob is casted. These can be skipped if you push boss HP below 85% fast enough.

Phase 2
  • Boss casts Discharge, and AoE puddles that are placed in a line from north to south down the center of the arena. You must move to the edges to dodge.
  • Immediately after the Discharge AoEs are gone, move into the center to dodge crystal turrets which shoot north to south along the sides of the arena.
  • Boss casts Gobsnick Leghops, and all players receive an Extreme Caution debuff. During this cast time, do not move, autoattack, or use abilities. Players with autoattacks should either untarget the boss (press Esc on keyboard) or sheath weapon. You can attack again when the debuff fades.
  • Boss spawns a clone, jumps away, and casts Single Charge. First, go toward the boss because this Single Charge is always the one where you need to move in. OT should pick up the clone and drag it over to the boss during Single Charge.
  • When Single Charge is over, OT pull clone away from boss (they tether together and get Damage Up buff). Face clone away from boss.
  • Next, Discharge will place AoE puddles along the edges of the arena. Counterintuitively, you have to stand in these puddles temporarily (just stand in between two buttons). Spikey balls from the ceiling will drop down on top of the buttons. After the spikey balls hit the buttons, move into the safe spot right next to the buttons, but DO NOT HIT THE BUTTONS.
  • You'll get another linear AoE tether from boss, so tank swap again.
  • Boss does Double Charge. This time it'll be Out->In or In->Out.
  • Boss will jump a short way and do either Single Charge: In or Gobsnick Leghops.
  • Phase ends with a tank buster OR you force a phase push at 60%.

Phase 3
  • Boss jumps to either the north or south end of the arena, random direction. A Gobpress R-VI spawns at the opposite end from the boss. Most people call this the Steam Roller.
  • Both healers get marked with Prey and shortly after get hit with Brighteyes which is a medium-sized AoE around them which leaves a fiery AoE puddle on the ground at their location. Healers should move to the corners next to the boss for this.
  • After Brighteyes hits healers, they should pass their Prey to the two ranged DPS, who should also place their AoEs toward the back next to the existing puddles.
  • Boss will occasionally use a linear AoE directed at a random player.
  • DPS all need to focus the steam roller and kill it, hopefully without the use of LB if you're good enough.
  • Every 20s the Gobpress will use Steam Roller which crushes players directly in front of it (one shot), knocks back players kinda close to it, and does nothing to players far away. The 5th cast of Steam Roller is basically a wipe so you have 100s to kill it.

Phase 4
  • Heal tank buster.
  • Triple Charge this time. Completely random combination of either stack, spread, in, or out (no repeats).
  • Heal through 2 AoEs.
  • Boss spawns a clone then immediately casts Single Charge: In. Stay near boss, OT pick up add.
  • Keep clone near north, facing north.
  • Boss will jump south, just north of the southern spikes button. Keep all players north-side, but position OT halfway between party and boss to intercept tether.
  • Boss casts Gobspin Zoomdrops during which he starts spinning (dealing damage to anyone nearby), and tethers to a random party member. He will slowly move toward the tethered player. Have your MT intercept this tether, and drag him toward one edge of the arena. When the boss is close enough to the edge, have someone step on the crystal button (north button). This will interrupt Gobspin Zoomdrops.
  • Heal through AoE and tank buster.
  • Boss jumps to north side and begins casting Gobslice Mooncrops. As soon as casting begins, have a ranged player hit the south button (spikes).
  • Boss jumps again and uses either Single Charge: In or Gobsnick Leghops. Position boss between north and middle buttons, pulled against the east wall.
  • Heal through two AoE.
  • Healers both get Prey again, and then hit by Brighteyes (fire puddles). Put both healers on west side, with one north of the crystal button and one just south of the middle button.
  • Two ranged DPS should be in similar positions as the healers, but against the east wall. After healers are hit by Brighteyes, they should pass their Prey to the ranged DPS directly opposite from them then move back and stand next to their fire puddle.
  • Boss will do a Single Charge: Out. The melee and tanks just need to move over to the west wall to dodge.
  • Boss will tether to main tank again, so tank swap and tethered tank run away from boss.
  • Heal tank buster.
  • Discharge happens again, this time putting AoEs down the middle of the arena so stand on the sides.
  • Right after the middle Discharge, move in to the middle to avoid crystal turrets.
  • After crystal turrets, Discharge happens again, this time putting AoEs on the sides. Just stand in between two buttons. As soon as the spikey balls drop down and hit the buttons, move over to the safe spot near the buttons. DO NOT HIT THE BUTTONS.
  • Three adds spawn. OT should pick these up. If you have a PLD, best to use him to pick up the adds (so tank swap if necessary to get PLD as OT).
  • Boss will use Gobsnick Leghops, so everyone stop moving and attacking.
  • OT should pull the adds onto the middle button (OT should not be standing on the button, just position the adds on it. This will give adds Vulnerability Up debuff.
  • Use either ranged DPS or caster LB3 on the boss + adds. Adds may require a little extra damage to finish off. They must be killed before they AoE the party.
  • This phase will repeat now.

Enemy HP & DPS Requirements

Enemy HP Attack Uptime (seconds) DPS Goal / Required
Lamebrix Strikebocks 4,846,100 650 7455
Lameprix Strikedocks 153,300 n/a n/a
Gobpress R-VI 787,500 100 7,875
Goblin of Fortune 96,000 30 3,200
Hedge Gobknight 80,000 30 2,667

Enemy Ability List

Note: Damage amounts listed DO include Protect mitigation but nothing else. Due to the difficulty with calculating damage reduction due to physical defense and magical defense, the "Dmg Target" column will tell what type of player the "Dmg Estimate" is for. Example: If "Dmg Estimate" says "20k" and "Dmg Target" says "DPS" that means a DPS with Protect but no other mitigation would take about 20k damage from the attack; a tank would take less damage from the same attack.

These damage estimates are for players with an average item level of 245.

Lamebrix Strikebocks

Ability Damage Type Dmg Estimate Dmg Target Description
Autoattack Physical 4.2k Tank Single target damage to primary threat target.
Brighteyes Magical 13.6k Healer Drops medium-sized AoE on players with Prey, leaving behind a burning fire AoE and applying a Magic Vulnerability Up debuff to any players hit. Standing in the fire puddle will apply the Burns debuff. (Unconfirmed)
Discharge Magical 18k DPS A series of gunshots are sent up into the air. A few seconds later, they will cover the arena as AoEs. These will sometimes form a line straight down the middle of the arena, but will sometimes cover the sides instead of the middle.
Gobslash Slicetops Physical 20k Tank Tethers to player with primary threat. Tether cannot be passed. Directs linear AoE at tethered player. Deals less damage at farther distance. Applies Vulnerability Up debuff to player(s) receiving damage.
Goblin Rush Physical 5k x3 Tank A quick series of three attacks. This ability has no cast bar.
Gobrush Rushgob Physical 14k x3 Tank A quick series of three attacks. Unlike Goblin Rush, it does have a cast bar.
Gobsicle Mooncrops Physical 22k DPS Deals arena-wide AoE damage. Causes knockback to all players directly east or west, to whichever side the player is closest. The knockback can be prevented by activating spike trap to gain the Knockback Penalty debuff.
Gobspin Zoomdrops Magical 5.5k DPS Boss starts spinning and casts an arena-wide AoE every few seconds.
Gobsnick Leghops Physical 55k DPS This is intended to one-shot anyone who moves or attacks with the Extreme Caution debuff.
Gobsway Rumblerocks Magical 7k DPS Arena-wide AoE with no cast bar. Usually uses twice with about 5s in between.
Illuminati Hand Cannon Magical 24.5k DPS Linear AoE directed at a random player.
Single/Double/Triple Charge varies varies varies See Charge mechanics section for details.
Trap n/a n/a n/a Boss jumps onto one of the three buttons in the ground, activating the corresponding effect. See the next section for more details.

Arena Traps/Buttons

One of the unique features in this fight is the presence of the three buttons inlaid in the ground. The northmost button has an image of a crystal engraved on it, the middle button is a spikey ball, and the southernmost button has an image of spikes. These correspond with the attacks that you will suffer when a button is pressed. Here are more details on these attacks and their effects:

Image Description
Turrets called Blizzard Arrows will shoot a linear AoE from north to south along the sides of the arena, leaving the middle strip safe. The attack is called Frostbite, and will apply the Frostbite debuff to any players who survive the initial damage.
Three spikey balls on chains drop from the ceiling, each one landing on top of one of the buttons in the ground of the arena. These balls are called Weight of the World, and the attack is called Impact. It deals about 28.5k damage to DPS and will apply Vulnerability Up to any players who take damage.
Spikes spawn on the ground, covering the entire arena. Every player will gain the debuffs Bind, Knockback Penalty, and Stab Wound.

Single/Double/Triple Charge

The boss in this fight has a unique ability that can have multiple effects. Single Charge can have four different effects, which are somewhat randomly-selected (but sometimes more predictable). Each effect is telegraphed by the icon over the boss's head during casting. Double Charge will simply perform two of these attacks back-to-back, and Triple Charge is a 3-hit sequence. In Double Charge, the two abilities used are always distinct. For example, it will not use Bomb Toss followed by another Bomb Toss. This is also true for Triple Charge. There are four possible abilities used by Single Charge, the details of which are described below.

Image Ability Description
Critical Wrath (Spread). Deals magic damage. Hits every player with a small AoE centered around them. Damage is not split, so spreading out is recommended.
Bomb Toss (Stack). Deals magic damage. Targets farthest player from boss with small AoE centered on that player. Damage can be split with other party members, so stacking up is recommended.
Gobswipe Conklops (In). Deals physical damage. Damage is dealt to all players out of melee range of the boss. Only the area immediately surrounding the boss is safe from damage.
Gobspin Whooshdrops (Out). Deals physical damage. Boss performs a medium-sized AoE around himself. Players are required to move away. Being hit by this ability will cause knockback.

Fight Strategy

Phase 1

0 --Start--
9 Gobsway Rumblerocks
14 Gobsway Rumblerocks
21 Single Charge
28 Trap
37 Single Charge
51 Gobslash Slicetops
61 Gobrush Rushgob
End phase at 85% HP

Pre-Pull Preparation

Before pulling, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Put down waymarks. Recommend putting them along one side of the arena, directly right or left of the three buttons on the ground.
  • Decide where to position the boss on pull, and which direction to face him.
  • Determine where healers and ranged dps will stand for passing Brighteyes (in both phases 3 and 4).
  • Decide who will LB the adds at the end.

Positioning the Boss

During the fight there are two times where you're going to want to hold the boss in a very specific spot. The first of these times is right at pull in phase 1. We prefer to pull the boss not far from where he starts. Position him just to the right of the northern trap (crystal), and face him north.

Single Charge

In case you missed it, the Single/Double/Triple Charge section covers the details of this mechanic. However, there are certain points in the fight where the type of Charge used is predictable. For example, in phase 1 he will only use 2 of the 4 possible Charges. There are two Single Charges in phase 1 and they will always be Stack and Spread, but their order is random. On some attempts he will start with the Spread mechanic, but other times he will use Stack first. Whichever one he uses, the other will be used on the 2nd Single Charge in phase 1. This is very important and you must pay attention to which one he uses first.


The next ability you'll see in phase 1 is Trap. When the boss uses this ability, he jumps onto one of the three buttons in the ground of the arena. For details on each of the traps see the Traps section. The first Trap of the fight will always be the southernmost Spikes trap. After hitting the trap, it will take 5s before it activates. In the case of the spikes, it will immobilize all players in the arena. This is the only time in the fight where the boss's Trap ability will activate Spikes trap. There are other points in the fight where you will have to activate it yourself.

This trap is always chosen on purpose, so that it works together with the Single Charges in phase 1 in an attempt to wipe the party. If you remember, the first two Single Charges are Stack -> Spread or Spread -> Stack; either way, the positioning they require is the opposite of each other. If you start with the Spread mechanic, you have to immediately move in afterward so that you are all stacked up and ready for the next Single Charge, which would be Stack. If you don't move to your positions in advance, the Spikes trap will prevent you from moving and people will end up dead.

One last thing to note about the Spikes trap is that it applies a small DoT too. There's only enough time for it to tick twice, for about 2500 damage per tick. It's not much damage, but at least one of your healers is probably going full time DPS in this phase so you might want to take this extra damage into account if you're solo healing.

Gobslash Slicetops

This is the red spikey tether that always targets the main tank. It's also accompanied by a Prey debuff on the MT to make it easier to see. Damage is based on distance, so the MT needs to tank swap with the OT, and then run away from the boss. When the damage goes out, it deals damage in the form of a linear AoE so anyone else between the boss and targeted player will be hit by the attack. Because of this, you should always have your MT go in the same direction so it is predictable to allow for other players move out of the way.

You might think you can be slick and Holmgang the Slicetops to keep more uptime on the boss and trivialize one of the mechanics. However, the attack also applies Physical Vulnerability Up. This will get you killed on the next ability coming out (a physical tank buster). Technically, you can still use this method but you'll have to get that tank swap at the perfect time before tank buster damage goes out.

Goblin Rush + Gobrush Rushgob

Goblin Rush is basically the mini-tank buster that usually accompanies Gobrush Rushgob (the real tank buster). Basically, both of these do a quick series of three physical attacks on the main tank, similar to NIN's Dream within a Dream. This will require a cooldown or two as they hit pretty hard. Due to the fact that these are all physical attacks, putting up Eye for an Eye for these is a great idea.

Phase Pushing

This phase can be pushed at 85%. With everyone at ilvl 250+, it should be pretty easy to skip the tank buster in this phase. That will allow your healers to put more damage on the boss, so make that your goal for phase 1.

Phase 2

0 Discharge Cast
3 Gobsway Rumblerocks
7 Trap
10 Discharge Hits
13 Turrets Fire
22 Gobsnick Leghops
24 Clone Spawns
29 Single Charge: In
37 Gobsway Rumblerocks
38 Gobswish Spraymops (from clone)
47 Gobrush Rushgob
54 Discharge
59 Trap
63 Ball Trap Hits
68 Discharge Hits
77 Gobslash Slicetops
80 Gobsway Rumblerocks
84 Gobsway Rumblerocks
97 Double Charge
110 Single Charge/Gobsnick Leghops
116 Gobsway Rumblerocks
126 Gobrush Rushgob
End phase at 60% HP

Discharge + Turret Trap

The Discharge ability will place AoEs on the ground in a line running from north to south. In this phase, the first Discharge AoEs go straight down the middle of the arena so you have to move out to the edge to avoid getting hit. This is easy to dodge because it puts AoE indicators on the ground for you. The second time he uses Discharge in this phase, it will have AoEs going along the edges of the arena instead. I'll explain how to dodge the second one when we get there.

The next trap the boss hits is going to be the north crystal trap, which activates the Blizzard Arrow turrets. These turrets will fire linear AoEs from north to south along the edges of the arena. You have to move inward, to the middle, to dodge them. This attack comes immediately after Discharge, so the "dance" is basically: dodge out to the sides for Discharge and then immediately move back middle for ice turrets. This is a pretty simple dance compared to what you have to do in phase 4, so get accustomed to this now while the pressure is low.

Gobsnick Leghops

Some people also refer to this mechanic as Extreme Caution because that's the name of the debuff that is placed on all players while the boss casts Gobsnick Leghops (which is admittedly harder to remember). This is a really simple mechanic. All you have to do is stop moving and attacking. Think of this as Blighted Bouquet from Turn 6 of BCoB or red jail from A7S. You cannot even rotate your character in place (right click with mouse), but you can rotate your camera (left click with mouse). You also cannot use any abilities or autoattacks. Due to the change to autoattacks in patch 3.4, simply turning away from the boss will not prevent autoattacks anymore. You must either untarget the boss (Esc on keyboard) or sheath your weapon. As soon as the Extreme Caution debuff wears off, you can go back to your regularly-scheduled genocide.

Clone: Lameprix Strikedocks

The boss will jump away a short distance, spawning a clone at his previous location before the jump. The first thing you need to focus on here is that the clone is a distraction! The boss will immediately start casting a Single Charge after he jumps and it will always be the "in" charge right here, meaning you have to move to the boss. Make sure you move to the boss for Single Charge and aren't distracted with attacking the clone instead. You can attack the clone while you move because you have a few seconds before Single Charge goes off. In particular, the offtank needs to grab aggro on the clone so it doesn't wreck the healer's shit.

The clone and boss will tether together in close range, gaining the Damage Up buff. This is ok temporarily while you're stacking up for the Single Charge, but after the boss finishes Single Charge, the offtank needs to pull the add away from the boss. The clone will cast an ability called Gobswish Spraymops covering the front 270 degrees in AoE, similar to Scrapline from A9S. Due to this, you need to keep the clone facing away from the boss and rest of the party. Other than that, it's not a difficult enemy. It doesn't really hit very hard and it has a small HP pool. Kill it and get back to killing the boss.

Discharge + Ball Trap

You may have noticed that the last Discharge + Trap combo worked in tandem to try to kill you. This combination behaves similarly, but inversely. If you think of it that way, it's not too difficult to get a handle on understanding it. Basically, you start with a second version of Discharge, which places AoEs along the edges of the arena this time. There are 6 AoEs total, 3 on each side, leaving the only safe spots in a small area around the Trap buttons. DO NOT move there right away; it's a trick!

The Trap that the boss activated is the center one, which is where the spikey balls drop down from the ceiling and land right where the traps are, which is also where your safe spots for Discharge are. The order of events is Trap -> Discharge. So you need to stand away from the buttons first, then move in after the spikey balls land. That will allow you to then dodge Discharge AoEs. It is important that you do not activate the traps while you're avoiding Discharge. Stand near the traps in the safe zone, do not stand on top of the traps.

That's the second version of the Discharge + Trap combos. In phase 4 they will combine these two combinations into a super-AoE-clusterfuck to really try to screw you up, but if you understand how these combos work from phase 2 then you already know how to handle it.

Gobslash Slicetops

You should remember this mechanic from phase 1. This is the red/purple tether that attaches to the main tank. This will require another tank swap. The targeted tank just needs to move away from the boss, and everyone should get out of the way.

Double Charge

This Double Charge is always a random combination of In and Out charges. It will either be In->Out or Out->In.

Phase Pushing

You can push the rest of this phase by getting the boss to 60% HP. If you don't push his HP, he'll do either a Single Charge or Gobsnick Leghops (either one is chosen at random). Then he'll follow up with an AoE and tank buster.

Phase 3

0 --Start Phase--
12 Illuminati Hand Cannon
12 Brighteyes #1 Hits
20 Brighteyes #2 Hits
20 Steam Roller
30 Illuminati Hand Cannon
34 Gobsway Rumblerocks
38 Gobsway Rumblerocks
40 Steam Roller
46 Illuminati Hand Cannon
46 Brighteyes #1 Hits
54 Brighteyes #2 Hits
58 Steam Roller
66 Illuminati Hand Cannon
71 Gobsway Rumblerocks
75 Gobsway Rumblerocks
77 Steam Roller
83 Illuminati Hand Cannon
84 Gobsway Rumblerocks
90 Gobsway Rumblerocks
94 Gobsway Rumblerocks
98 Gobsway Rumblerocks
99 Steam Roller
5th Steam Roller causes Wipe

Before I go into more details on this phase, I wanted to mention that all the trap buttons in the arena are deactivated for this part of the fight. You can use the entire available arena to handle the mechanics in this phase.

Gobpress R-VI

The main feature to this phase is the large goblin vehicle that is trying to smash you to bits. The phase starts out with the boss going untargetable and jumping to either the north or south of the arena (random selection). The Gobpress will spawn at the opposite side of wherever the boss goes. This add has a fair amount of HP so go ahead and blow all your cooldowns on it. It will require a total raid DPS of 7875 to kill it in time, 100 seconds. You may be aware that there are a lot of DPS cooldowns at 90 second duration. If you are really struggling with the DPS check, I recommend holding a few cooldowns from the end of phase 2 and use them in this phase instead. If you use a 90s cooldown at the start of this phase, you can fit it in twice (assuming you don't kill it before 90s). You could consider using potions here too. In the worst case, you can limit break but this might prevent you from getting LB3 later, which you'll need to finish the fight.

Illuminati Hand Cannon

This is a simple line AoE that the boss will shoot at a random player. However, make sure all your melee DPS and tanks are stacked up in the middle (still attacking the Gobpress) to prevent anyone getting trapped by this and Brighteyes AoEs, which I'll explain next.


This is the most difficult mechanic of this phase. Like some other mechanics in the fight, this is an easy version which will allow you to practice before you get the hard version in phase 4. There are a few things you should know before explaining the strategy for handling this mechanic:

  • Brighteyes places 2 Prey markers on the healers.
  • The first Prey debuffs cannot be passed so your healers are forced to handle them.
  • After Brighteyes hits your healers, the Prey can then be passed.
  • After Brighteyes hits for a 2nd time, Prey will wear off so you don't have to pass it again.
  • When Brighteyes hits, it leaves behind a fiery AoE puddle on the ground.
  • When Brighteyes hits, it gives the player Magic Vulnerability Up debuff.

Now that you know all the information about how Brighteyes works, let me explain the simple method of handling it. Healers need to position themselves in the corners directly to the sides of the invulnerable boss, farthest away from the Gobpress. When the healers get hit by Prey, they will move forward to pass Prey to someone else. I recommend your 2nd set of Prey be passed to ranged DPS. If the ranged DPS are in the correct position already, they can simply stand still the whole time until Brighteyes hits them, then they'll need to move to avoid the fire puddle.

If you have a BRD handling the 2nd hit of Brighteyes, they may notice that they're out of range of the Gobpress for their Foe Requiem to apply. Because of this, they may want to move forward until they're in range. This is perfectly fine. It just means that one of your healers will have to run farther to pass Prey to the BRD.

Steam Roller

Now we get to the most unique new mechanic introduced here, Steam Roller. Every 20s the Gobpress will use Steam Roller. Upon casting, the area directly in front of the Gobpress (about 1/4 of the arena's length) will be hit by a very high damage attack (about 55k to a DPS). The area immediately behind that (about another 1/4 of the arena's length) will receive knockback, but no damage. If you move about half of the arena away you won't suffer any effects. The "countdown" to this ability is shown by a very long cast bar on Gobpress so you should always know exactly when to move. After each hit of Steam Roller, the Gobpress moves forward a bit, reducing the size of the arena left accessible to you. After the 4th hit, you will be down to 1/4 of the arena, which means you can no longer dodge the damage from Steam Roller. Therefore, if you get hit by a 5th hit of Steam Roller, you basically just die.

Phase 4

0 Goblin Rush
8 Gobrush Rushgob
20 Triple Charge
37 Gobsway Rumblerocks
47 Gobsway Rumblerocks
53 Clone Spawns
56 Single Charge: In
66 Gobspin Zoomdrops + Gobswish Spraymops
69 Tether Spawn
75 Gobspin Zoomdrops
81 Gobspin Zoomdrops
87 Gobspin Zoomdrops

Soft phase change
0 Gobsway Rumblerocks
6 Gobrush Rushgob
11 Boss Dashes
11 Activate Spike Trap
21 Gobslice Mooncrops
26 Boss Dashes
32 Single Charge/Gobsnick Leghops
38 Gobsway Rumblerocks
42 Gobsway Rumblerocks
53 Prey for Brighteyes
57 Illuminati Hand Cannon
57 Brighteyes #1 Hits
67 Brighteyes #2 Hits
68 Single Charge
84 Gobslash Slicetops
91 Gobrush Rushgob
99 Trap
103 Turrets Fire
107 Ball Trap Hits
111 Discharge Hits
115 Adds x3 Spawn
115 Gobsway Rumblerocks
119 Gobsway Rumblerocks
126 Gobsnick Leghops
140 --Phase Repeats--
145 Gobbieboom Mini-Enrage

Triple Charge

This phase reuses some of the earlier mechanics, with only three new ones. For example, here you'll see the first use of Triple Charge. This is almost exactly the same as the Single and Double Charges except it uses 3 abilities in a row. The three abiliites used will not repeat (each of the three abilities used will be unique). Make sure you have the boss re-positioned starting off this phase so that you have enough room to spread, stack, etc for the Triple Charge mechanics.

Gobspin Zoomdrops + Gobswish Spraymops

Another clone will spawn, and the boss jumps to somewhere on the arena. Make sure you go to the boss's new position for the Charge (In) mechanic and then run to the opposite side of the arena. Your OT needs to pick up the clone and move it away from the boss after the Charge, making sure to keep it facing away from the boss. The clone will use a 270 degree frontal AoE, so the party needs to stack behind it.

Around this time, the boss will start spinning, which deals damage in a small area immediately surrounding it; he will also become invulnerable. The boss will spawn a tether onto a player and move toward that person. The MT needs to intercept this tether and move the boss toward the edge of the arena. Once the boss has moved close enough to the edge of the arena, someone needs to hit the Blizzard Arrows trap button. The goal is for the boss to get hit by the ice turrets, but have everyone else avoid taking damage from them. The Blizzard Arrow will knock the boss out of its spinning attack and make it vulnerable again.

Gobslice Mooncrops

After a short while, the boss will jump toward the North end of the arena (near the crystal/Blizzard Arrow trap). As soon as this happens, someone (preferrably a ranged DPS or healer) needs to hit the Spikes trap (southernmost trap) ASAP. There is only a 5 second window after the boss dashes in order to hit the spike trap because it takes 5 seconds for the trap to activate and Gobslice Mooncrops has a 10 second cast time. The purpose of this is to prevent the knockback from this attack. If you don't activate the spikes, Mooncrops will knock everyone toward the edges where the lightning puddles are on the ground, practically guaranteeing a wipe.

Also, while the boss is casting Mooncrops, he still takes normal damage. Melee DPS and tanks should stand near the boss and continue attacking until he moves for the next mechanic. You can also still get rear positional bonuses if you stand directly north of the boss, although you'll be slightly inside of its hitbox. If you use the legacy camera mode and end up not facing the boss, you will be able to autoattack due to the fact that you can now AA without facing your target now. However, you will not be able to use abilities without sight of the enemy, and with Spike trap up you will be unable to turn your character to face the boss.


Around this time, you will encounter a new environmental/arena effect. Giant buzzsaws will swing across the arena about every 3 seconds and deal a lot of damage and knockback to any players who happen to be in a bad position. These buzzsaws will always go east-west across the area where the three trap buttons are. This effectively divides the arena into four safe areas. Make sure your players are in their proper safe area before the buzzsaws come out. It is possible to move from one section to the other while the saws are active, but it is an unnecessary risk.

Brighteyes - Last Phase

The basics of this mechanic are the same as they were in the last phase. This time the difference is that you don't have a steam roller to deal with, the buzzsaws will be out, and you have to adjust positioning and healing since the boss is still using abilities. Basically, you want to keep the same partners you established for the earlier phase's Brighteyes. This means two pair of healer + ranged DPS combos (if you only have 1 ranged DPS then use your OT).

Position the boss in one of the two middle sections of the arena. All tanks and melee should be in this same section with the boss. Pull the boss all the way to either the east or west wall (without walking into the ground AoE, of course). Then one pair of healer + ranged should be in the safe section directly north of the boss section, and the other pair will be in the section directly south of the boss section. The healer + ranged pair need to stay on opposite ends of their section (healer on east wall and ranged on west wall for example).

Just like in the earlier phase, the Prey will go onto healers first. After Brighteyes hits the healers, the healer should move over and pass the Prey to the dps, then back up as close to their fire puddle as possible without walking into it; stay inside your buzzsaw section. Then, Brighteyes will hit the ranged DPS and they will simply move over to where the healer is. The buzzsaws should be disappearing around this point.

I should mention that the melee/tanks will have their own separate mechanic to deal with during Brighteyes, so I'll mention it here so you aren't surprised. It's very simple, but there will be a Single Charge (and it will always be Out). This is why the boss must be pulled toward one of the walls. Simply have everyone move to the opposite wall when the Single Charge is casting. For example, if the boss is on the east wall, move the melee over to the west wall to avoid Single Charge. That's pretty much it, very simple.

Three Small Adds

Here you'll encounter three adds. There are a couple different ways to handle this, but I'll tell you the easiest. Have one of your tanks pick up the adds and move them onto the middle trap button (the one that causes the large smashing balls that drop from the ceiling). The tank should use some form of invulnerability so they don't die from the trap themselves. The point is to have the adds get hit by the trap and give them vulnerability. As soon as the adds have vulnerability, use either the ranged or caster LB3 on them and it should almost one-shot them. They might need a little extra dps to finish them off, but your melee DPS shouldn't need to get involved, just put ranged DPS on them.

If you're going to use a WAR for this, make sure they Holmgang just outside the range of where the spike ball will hit. You don't want Holmgang to wear off right when the balls come down again and smash your tank. It's safest to use a PLD for this strategy. If you want to use your PLD or DRK for this, you may need to tank swap when the adds spawn.

If your DPS is good, you should be able to finish the fight before these adds spawn. Make that a goal for your group!


Watch out for booty traps


There are 2 chests if no one in the group has cleared for the week. The Manifesto can be used to purchase additional gear. Possible rewards include the following:

Allagan Tomestones of Scripture x30
Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 2 (direct to inventory, limit 1 per player per week)
Micro Tomestone - Used along with 1000 Tomestones of Scripture to purchase an item level 260 weapon.

Lottable gear from chests:


Alexandrian Mask of Scouting
Alexandrian Mask of Striking
Alexandrian Visor of Fending


Alexandrian Gloves of Aiming
Alexandrian Gloves of Casting
Alexandrian Gloves of Healing
Alexandrian Gauntlets of Maiming
Alexandrian Gloves of Scouting


Alexandrian Thighboots of Aiming
Alexandrian Boots of Casting
Alexandrian Sollerets of Fending
Alexandrian Boots of Healing
Alexandrian Sollerets of Maiming
Alexandrian Thighboots of Striking