Alexander Gordia Savage - The Fist of the Father (Savage) - A1S

By Milulu Valtyr of Death and Taxes <DnT> on Gilgamesh


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A1S Timeline (Full):
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Quick Fight Guide - Miniboss Faust

MT or OT picks up adds, entire rest of the party burns boss, SCH included. At approx 4 to 5 stacks, or whenever, SCH joins in healing tank, enrage at 2:30 after 7 stacks. DPS check for rest of savage.

Quick Fight Guide - Oppressor

  • Phase 1: Bait resin bombs to side, burn first adds, do as much dps as possible before split, sub 60% is what you're aiming for. Be aware of preys for the rest of the fight, they must get heals during the attack.
  • Phase 2: Spread bosses, assign dps to specific adds, figure out who's going to what missile line ahead of time. Pick up adds, pull adds to side to bait resin bombs, then kill adds on line asap. Double prey, then immediately after double tank buster. After tank buster, dps burn time then jump.
  • During jump, identify which corner is safe, party stacks away from it on wall, then baits all 8 resin bombs while running to the safe corner. Third jump is last jump, then enrage as missiles land. After last jump to enrage, have tank grab one add each and let other two adds go to healers, dps need to burn and kill boss at this point, doing missile mechanic loses too much dps time.


Unlocked after completion of the entire Alexander quest line, and after beating Ultima hard.


Welcome to your minimum gear and skill check for savage! Faust is much angrier and deadlier than in normal, and zoning into A1S will always start you right before him. Not only does he hit like a train, his adds hit like a train, and he has a very tight enrage. Paladin should start pull, and while you can have OT or MT pick up adds, we recommend having the MT pick them up with lobs so the OT can full time DPS. The WHM should solo heal while the SCH dpses, SCH moving to help heal after 4-5 stacks, or whenever it becomes too much for the WHM.

Enrage is at 2:30, at 7 stacks boss will cast Increased Pressure, putting himself up to 16 stacks, causing his attacks and cleave to basically one shot anyone. He still has to run around killing everyone, so this is technically a soft enrage (Hallowed Ground, Holmgang, and Living/Walking Dead do not work once he has used Increased Pressure). If you parse, you want to hit about 6.4k raid dps to clear this.


Similar mechanics to the normal fight, with a shorter enrage, massively boosted HP, and an incredible damage boost on all his attacks. Mechanically, the fight is very similar, with the addition of new mechanics in Resin Bomb. However, you should be mechanically at home here, the difficulty in the fight comes with doing these enhanced mechanics while dealing with the very strict healing and dps requirements.

Enrage is at 8:30, after the third jump. The entire fight's phases are timed, there are no dps transitions, but DPS should stay strong the entire time. Before the fight, DPS should assign themselves add pickups, namely Oppressor Left Alarum, Oppressor Right Alarum, 0.5 Left Alarum, 0.5 Right Alarum.

Fight Strategy

Phase 1

0:10 Gunnery Pod
0:12 Hydrothermal Missile
0:18 Gunnery Pod
0:20 Photon Spaser
0:30 Resin Bomb
0:40 Photon Spaser
0:45 Gunnery Pod
0:50 Emergency Deployment
0:57 Hydrothermal Missile
1:03 Gunnery Pod
1:09 Gunnery Pod
1:10 Photon Spaser
1:16 Gunnery Pod x 2
1:25 Boss transfers current HP and Hate to new add, new add appears shortly after, phase changes

Phase 1 Move List


MT pulls Oppressor, tanking him where he starts. SCH and OT full time dpsing, WHM should be able to solo heal this phase, though may need help from SCH for preys. Gunnery Pod is a persistent threat through the entire fight, and the healers should always keep the party topped off, especially when they happen twice. After the first Gunnery Pod, you will get Hydrothermal Missile, which is the prey mechanic of the fight, targeting one party member with repeated missiles. In the first phase, there's only one, but in later phases there are two at a time. The prey deals about 16k through the entire duration, so healers will need to heal during the prey (while keeping the tanks from dying as well).

Photon Spaser simply deals a lot of damage (will kill a non tank) and has a wide aoe, after which Resin Bomb occurs, which has changed slightly from normal. While it still randomly targets people for AoE, it will leave a patch of resin on the ground which heavy's anyone in it (including the boss and adds, this is not a good thing), and also applies a dot to the party that ticks for massive damage. These should always be baited to the outside edges of the room (melee and OT should stack on one side of the boss to keep them all contained, for first phase only), a misplaced resin can easily wipe the party. Note that after this, another Photon Spaser will fire, make sure you avoid standing in such a way that the Resin Bombs trap you, or you can easily die to this.

Emergency Deployment is unchanged from normal mode. For the first Emergency Deployment, the adds don't need to be killed anywhere special, just make sure the party doesn't step in the pools left behind. Either the dps or tanks can tag and kill them before returning to the boss (my personal preference is the tanks since that leaves the dps on the boss, but PLD/DRK may need help with theirs, WAR can easily solo one).

The magic number for Boss HP at transition is 60%, higher than this and it will be extremely hard if not impossible to meet enrage.

Phase 2

0:00 Quick Landing
0:10 3000 Tonze Missile
0:20 Gunnery Pod
0:21 Emergency Deployment
0:28 Resin Bomb
0:37 Photon Spaser
0:44 Gunnery Pod
0:45 Hydrothermal Missile
0:59 Hypercompressed Plasma
1:07 3000 Tonze Missile explodes
1:15 Photon Spaser
1:22 Gunnery Pod
1:37 Bosses jump and jump phase begins, upon return will start the phase over at 0:00

Phase 2 Move List


The Oppressor 0.5 will spawn as the room blinks red, copying the Oppressor's current health percentage and aggro list. The OT should provoke and pick it up, tanking it away from the boss (or it will receive damage up stacks that will almost certainly wipe the party), the MT should pull the main boss away as the room blinks red. DPS will need to know their add pickups before going into the phase, and should stick with them throughout to avoid confusion (the two dps getting the 0.5 add pickups may optionally move to dps the 0.5 instead). Whether everyone stays on one Oppressor or splits DPS, DPS needs to stay high through all of this, double dotting is recommended for the ranged that can afford to do so. Save cooldowns until the Alarum dies, when you will have plenty of time to DPS the boss.

(Timers start at 0:00 as the second phase repeats itself, note that the first cycle has an extra 10-15 seconds before the first move is cast, and won't be included in timestamps. 0:00 is when jump lands.)

Note that all moves in this phase are used by both bosses, and every move is doubled. Quick Landing does not happen the very first time Phase 2 starts, it will happen after every jump phase to start phase 2 over again.

3000 Tonze Missile will place four lines on the field, as opposed to the two in normal. Just like in normal, Alarums must be killed on top of these to avoid killing the party. Each DPS should be assigned an Alarum from the start of the fight, and will be responsible for taking it to their line and killing it. Resin Bomb will happen immediately after add pickup however, and dropping the Resin Bomb on a missile line will wipe the party. Make sure that the DPS bait out the resin by standing on the edges of the room, and waiting for the aoe before moving to their lines.

Photon Spaser is fired twice, and with an increased amount of Resin Bombs and Alarum circles, it can trap you, always keep yourself in a position that you can run left or right out of both. After the Alarum are placed under the missiles (IMPORTANT NOTE: The missiles will still explode in a small aoe that is larger than the pool that they're contained in, for your own safety do NOT stand near a missile even after it is shrunk), two preys will appear on the party. The healers should have assigned tanks and assigned prey targets, and only cast as many heals as it will take to keep the prey alive. The boss will cleave the tanks during the prey and begin casting their tank buster, Hypercompressed Plasma, which deals massive magic damage to the tanks. Shields and cooldowns will need to be used to survive it. After this, the missiles explode, and there's only Photon Spaser and Gunnery Pod to go before they jump and the phase shifts.

During the time after the Alarums die, DPS should pop cooldowns and burn the boss, as this is basically free time for dps(be wary of blood for blood and prey at the same time, don't be afraid to toggle it off unless your healer can heal past it).

Jump Mini Phase

Jump Phase Move List


Jump Phase Visual Diagram

The bosses, after jumping, will place two circles on the ground marking their landing point. The very first jump, the bosses will always use position 1, then will randomly pick from the 3 for the next two jumps. The party should run to the southeastern corner at the A point, and figure out the safe spot, stacking on the wall.

The boss will fire 8 resin bombs, one after another, at a random party member. By stacking and moving slightly after each one, you can leave a line of resin bombs as you work your way to the safe corner, keeping them out of the way for the upcoming phase. After the 6th one if going along a long wall, or 8th if going along a short wall, immediately run into the corner, and get ready to heal up, as both Quick Landings deal a huge amount of damage. As soon as they land, the MT should run back to the south and the OT should run back to the north, as the second phase will repeat itself.

After the third jump, the boss will repeat the second phase a fourth time, however, at the 1:07 mark (8:30 overall) when the missiles explode, the boss will begin casting Self Destruct, which is the hard enrage. The boss will also begin casting Self Destruct if any one of the two dies, so they must be killed at the same time. In the last phase before this, it is common practice to ignore the alarum, and the tanks should each pick up one while the healers get aggro on the others (just by healing), and they should be ignored, as the missile mechanic can't be done without losing too much dps. Note that killing one Oppressor stops the missiles completely, so killing one before the missiles hits gives extra time to kill the second Oppressor.


1x Gordian Manifesto - Page 1 is added to each player's inventory upon their first clear of the week. Two treasure chests, each one can contain one of the following (all are item level 210):

Gordian Neckband of Aiming
Gordian Earrings of Aiming
Gordian Wristband of Aiming
Gordian Ring of Aiming

Gordian Neckband of Casting
Gordian Earrings of Casting
Gordian Wristband of Casting
Gordian Ring of Casting

Gordian Neckband of Fending
Gordian Earrings of Fending
Gordian Wristband of Fending
Gordian Ring of Fending

Gordian Neckband of Healing
Gordian Earrings of Healing
Gordian Wristband of Healing
Gordian Ring of Healing

Gordian Neckband of Slaying
Gordian Earrings of Slaying
Gordian Wristband of Slaying
Gordian Ring of Slaying

If between one and three people in your party have already cleared this turn, you will only receive one chest (and those people cannot roll on the item). If there are four or more, no chests will drop, but all people clearing the first time that week will still receive the Manifesto.

Upon clearing A1 Savage, your progress will be saved to A2 Savage, and you will not be able to re enter A1 Savage that week unless someone else in your party saved to A1 takes you in. Upon clearing it, you are also no longer able to receive the weekly token or roll on any items, even if you did not get the ones from your clear.