Alexander Gordia - The Cuff of the Father - A2S

By Milulu Valtyr of Death and Taxes <DnT> on Gilgamesh


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Quick Fight Guide

  • Pull things together, aoe them, use pictures for quick wave references.
  • Gather together and stun any Hardhelms or Hardminds that spawn
  • Make sure your truck driver pulls bombs out every wave they spawn, will always spawn 2 bombs a wave
  • Soldiers need to stay away from Gobwidows or they blow up for tons of damage when they die, if they get the debuff they must be gobwalker stunned when they die.
  • Boomtypes can be recharged from when they're below 15%
  • Gobwidows use prey then Boomcannon that deals more damage the less the tanks have, keep them topped off for it
  • Jagd dolls hit like a train and cleave, nothing else cleaves, they also aoe and it'll probably kill you.


Cuff of the Father is an add rush endurance style fight, in the same vein as Turn 4 of BCoB. Adds will continue to spawn during the fight, and must be killed by the party, after a group is killed, or enough time has passed, the next wave will spawn. In the savage version, everything has more HP than in normal, hits harder, and have new mechanics that the party must anticipate. Due to the overall fight enrage timer, the common strategy is to pull everything together and aoe it, though this fight is more lenient than others in that there are more possible strats than others. One common strat is listed here, however if your group finds something that works better for it, don't feel limited by using this one.

The other main difference from the normal version is the gobwalkers. There are 3 this time, their moves are more expensive, and they now come with a nifty Self Destruct move. Proper use of the Gobwalker is the key to this fight.

Enrage timer is at 10:30, a large bomb will drop from the sky at about 10:20 and when it detonates 10 seconds later wipes the party.

Fight Strategy

Wave Overview

Add List

  • Gordian Soldier - Weak melee add, will gain a debuff (self note get debuff name) when in range of a Magitek Gobwidow. If killed with this debuff and not suffering from Temporary Insanity, will explode for around 10k damage.
  • Gordian Sniper - Ranged add, will fire repeatedly at the first target they have aggro on (almost always a healer), will not swap targets even if a tank gains hate till they have fired numerous times.
  • Gordian Hardhelm - Applies a healing magic potency down debuff on attacked targets, applies physical vulnerability down buff to all friendly targets in range. This buff removes vulnerability stacks from the Gobwalker.
  • Gordian Hardmind - Applies a healing magic potency down debuff on attacked targets, applies magic vulnerability down buff to all friendly targets in range. This buff removes vulnerability stacks from the Gobwalker.
  • Jagd Doll - Highly damaging add, cleaves. Uses Blitzrahl, targeting a random party member for massive (almost always a one shot) aoe damage.
  • Boomtype Magitek Gobwalker G-VII - Applies vulnerability up debuff to attacked target, stacks up to 5 times. Will apply a heavy to the tank if the tank gets too far from it, and when dropped below 15%, becomes stunned and gains a self dot, can be recharged during this time to restore 200 EP to the Gobwalker.
  • Magitek Gobwidow G-IX - Large add, applies a prey debuff to the tank periodically. Boomcannon is cast after the prey, dealing damage that increases as the tank's hp drops, will do only 1 damage if the tank is fully healed.
  • Bomb - Explodes after a short duration, dealing massive damage and applying fire vulnerability up stacks to all targets in a large radius. Spawns after the third wave, 2 bombs per wave, absolutely must be pulled from the group by the Gobwalker.


We've broken down the image above into the individual waves. There is an explanation for each wave below the images.

Wave 1

Nothing special, kill these two. Have your assigned Gobwalker person help with these, then get into it when they die.

Wave 2

Have one tank pull the Hardmind into the group, then Gobwalker stuns them before the Hardmind buffs the group. Note that the Hardmind MUST die before the stun wears off, or he will buff his allies and the group DPS will drop drastically. Gobwalker should debuff the Hardmind during the stun to help.

Wave 3

Pull soldier and Hardhelm to group, stun them all. Gobwalker rotates debuffs on Hardhelm and Hardmind while everything is aoed down, should kill everything in the duration of the stun.

Wave 4

Pull Boomtype to center of adds, everything can be stunned before it gets there, Gobwalker should be alert as this is when bombs spawn. Physical dps should get Boomtype down to the 15% mark asap before moving to the others, casters can aoe the entire time. Two bombs, in between Gobwalker should be debuffing the boomtype, and recharge at least once when it hits the 15% mark.

Wave 5

Each tank grabs one of the Gobwidows. The Gobwidows are pulled to the middle and the soldiers are targeted first. Note that the Gobwidows will buff any nearby Gordian Soldiers, which will blow up in a 10k aoe if killed with this debuff. To get around this, simply stun the soldiers with the Gobwalker before they die, if they die with Temporary Insanity, they will not explode. The Gobwidows will also place a prey on their tank, then use a move called Boomcannon, dealing damage based on how much life the tank lost. Tanks should use moderate cooldowns to ensure they don't lose too much HP, healers should heal them to full and shield them to ensure prey doesn't kill them.

After killing the soldiers, single target and kill the OT's Gobwidow. You should be able to (with the Gobwalker vuln debuffs) kill the Gobwidow and get dots on the next one before the next wave spawns.

Gobwalker should debuff both Widows to 5, then self destruct here after the second bomb, staying behind to apply a little dps before getting in the Gobwalker before the next phase spawns.

Wave 6

The MT still with the Gobwidow picks up the Jagd, the OT picks up the Boomtype. Bring them relatively close (being SUPER careful of the Jagd Doll's cleave). Let the Hardhelm wander into the middle, and stun it as soon as it reaches there, having everyone quickly kill it before moving to the Boomtype. Again, leave the Boomtype at 15% to let the Gobwalker drain it, targeting the Jagd Doll, and finally the last Gobwidow. You should be able to easily kill everything in this phase before the next wave spawns.

Wave 7

4 Jagd Dolls spawn, note that healers should be prepared as the outgoing damage in this phase is quite high (any dpsing healers should immediately swap out of cleric). The tanks should take 2 Jagd Dolls each, and should rotate cooldowns due to the heavy damage. Single target the Jagd's down starting with both of the OT's, one at a time. By the time you kill all of his, the MT should run with his adds to the SW corner immediately, making sure not to cleave anyone in the meanwhile.

It's also recommended to have the WHM run to the SW corner as well (watch out for cleaves).

Wave 8

If your MT is a PLD, they should prep a cover for the WHM as the wave spawns, due to the Sniper's tendency to immediately fire on who has aggro on them (the WHM in this case). Note that with cover, and the two Jagd Dolls, the outgoing damage is still massive, healers should prepare. The OT should pick up both Hards and immediately run them into the group, the Gobwalker waiting to stun them immediately, which will cut down on the damage. This entire pack should be aoe'd, and in the duration one healer can dps as well. The Gobwalker should vulnerability debuff the Hardhelms/Hardminds, and even apply a second stun if the Hards don't die before the first stun wears (reapply it with one second left, don't let it fall off completely, or the Hards will INSTANTLY buff their allies). Single target the hards if you have to, but once they die, Gobwalker applies vuln stacks to the Jagd Dolls (still getting bombs), then Self Destructs the entire pack.

Any caster should spend their entire time aoeing here, physical dps should single target the Hardhelms/Hardminds down, then aoe if their tp allows, single targeting the Jagd Dolls if their tp doesn't allow. OT should be in the middle of the pack ready to get aggro the SECOND that stun wears off, or they will converge on the healer with the fury of a thousand goblins and murder them (or the caster if their aoe is good). As the pack is finally killed, and the last add dies, tanks should be ready to run and immediately prepare to pick up the last phase, new Gobwalker should also start off already in the SE corner.

Wave 9

Last phase. Be warned that this is a massive heal and tank check, along with the dps one. One tank picks up the Gobwidow and Boomtype from the north, the other picks up the Gobwidow and Jagd Doll from the south. Both packs are brought over to the SE pack. Gobwalker should stun the SE pack IMMEDIATELY, and DPS should focus down the soldiers, the caster spending the entire time using aoe (do not be afraid to restun this phase, you have a LOT of EP to work with!). There are no bombs, so the Gobwalker should get debuffs on the soldiers, moving to fully stack the Boomtype, then Jagd, then Widows. Once the soldiers are dead, all dps even the caster move to burn down the Boomtype, stop at 15% and let the self dot kill it (no need to recharge off this as the fight is just about finished). The caster should IMMEDIATELY LB2 when the party gets it (wait for an aoe from the Jagd Doll first, so it doesn't hit the caster while using the LB), and everyone burns down the Jagd as well. Once the Gobwalker has 5 stacks on everything, he should self destruct and start helping with the DPS.

Once all of that is dead, the Gobwidows should be killed, start with the OT's so he can help dps the last one. Once the Gobwidows are dead, the fight is over.

Magitek Gobwalker G-VII

Three Magitek Gobwalkers spawn at the start of the fight, and can be piloted by players. Only one player should be in one at a time, this should be your melee with the worst aoe (NIN has the worst, followed by DRG, followed by MNK). While bombs do not spawn until after the third wave, getting in by the second to stun packs is essential, and the vulnerability stacks that the Gobwalker can apply are very important to meeting the dps for the fight. The Gobwalker has several abilities, 3 of which cost EP, an ammo count that starts at 1000 and can only be regenerated in very special circumstances. When the Gobwalker is out of EP, you will want to use self destruct and quickly get into a new one.

Driver Abilities

  • Heavydoom - 200 EP, applies a massive heavy against all mobs excluding the Gobwidow, Boomtype, and Jagd doll. Don't use this, stuns are always better.
  • Cracklyplume - 250 EP, applies a long lasting stun in a conal aoe, only works on Gordian Soldier, Sniper, Hardhelm, and Hardmind. When the stun wears off, their emnity resets. Every single Hardhelm and Hardmind should be stunned, and managing stuns/EP in this fight is key for the Gobwalker.
  • Meltyspume - 10 EP, applies a stacking vulnerability up debuff on target struck, should be constantly applied when not moving bombs, either stacking them all on the party's current dps target, or spreading them around in aoe situations.
  • Stickylume - 0 EP, pulls targeted mob to the Gobwalker, primary move used for moving the bombs, use this to pull bombs to the corner, the Gobwalker's primary job.
  • Recharge - 0 EP, extremely short range, can be used on enemy Boomtype Magitek Gobwalkers at below 15% hp to restore 200 EP, will miss any other time.
  • Self Destruct - 0 EP, dismounts the Gobwalker, which then stays on the ground for approximately 10 seconds before exploding. Deals approx 10k to all mobs that it hits and applies one stack of vulnerability.


1x Gordian Manifesto - Page 2 is added to each player's inventory upon their first clear of the week. If this is the first clear of the week for all party members, you'll also get 2 treasure chests. Each one can contain one of the following (all are item level 210):

Gordian Gauntlets of Fending
Gordian Tassets of Fending
Gordian Sollerets of Fending

Gordian Gauntlets of Maiming
Gordian Tassets of Maiming
Gordian Sabatons of Maiming

Gordian Gauntlets of Striking
Gordian Tassets of Striking
Gordian Sabatons of Striking

Gordian Gloves of Casting
Gordian Belt of Casting
Gordian Gambieras of Casting

Gordian Armguards of Aiming
Gordian Belt of Aiming
Gordian Sabatons of Aiming

Gordian Armguards of Scouting
Gordian Belt of Scouting
Gordian Sabatons of Scouting

Gordian Gloves of Healing
Gordian Belt of Healing
Gordian Gambieras of Healing

One treasure chest will also always contain:
Illuminati Gobcoat - Traded along with an item level 200 Ardent accessory to receive an item level 210 Fabled Accessory

If between 1-3 people in your party have already cleared this turn, you will only receive one chest (and those people cannot roll on the item). If there are four or more, no chests will drop, but all people clearing the first time that week will still receive the Manifesto.

Upon clearing A2 Savage, your progress will be saved to A3 Savage, and you will not be able to re enter A2 Savage that week unless someone else in your party saved to A2 takes you in. Upon clearing it, you are also no longer able to receive the weekly token or roll on any items, even if you did not get the ones from your clear.

Special Thanks to Samika Mika of Gilgamesh for the diagrams!

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