Alexander Midas - The Fist of the Son (Savage) - A5S / M1S
By Shasta Kota of Death and Taxes <DnT> on Gilgamesh

Please understand that we are not claiming this to be the best and/or only strategy for this fight. This is merely a guide to help guide those who may be seeking aid.


"Although you succeeded in destroying the core of Gordias, it seems that was only a temporary measure. The walking fortress has stirred once more, and its left arm now rests on the banks of the Thaliak. The entrance lies open and unguarded, suggesting the goblins inside are as surprised as you. Take advantage of your enemy's unreadiness and face the Illuminati threat once more─hopefully for the last time."

Welcome to the first fight in the new raid tier of Alexander Midas, the second tier of the Alexander raid series. This really is a fun fight (after you get past the entrance boss). I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

This fight has a lot of different mechanics in it, but only the bombs should really be a challenge. There are several different bomb patterns that will drop, and we'll go over those in some detail to help you out as much as possible.

It's important to know that the enrage is time-based but there is also a mechanic that will force it much sooner. In the center of the arena is a lightning rod. if you walk near it, it will zap the person with a small amount of damage and cause small colored AoE pools to appear in the north, south, east, and west. These puddles are required for various mechanics in the fight. However, if they are activated too many times during the fight it will force the enrage. For this reason, you should have only ONE person designated to trigger the puddles.

One last note before we begin, I've divided the fight into phases based on when the boss changes size.

ACT Triggers

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A5S Custom Triggers: Forum Link

ACT Timeline Plugin

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A5S Timeline (Full): Google Drive Link
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Job-Specific Tips

Quick Fight Guide

Entry Bosses
  • The trash boss consists of two Faust + a Hummelfaust. You have about 50s to kill the two Faust until Hummelfaust will drop down on you.
  • You should save any cooldowns longer than 1m while killing the two Fausts. MT should tank both.
  • Ranged should all stack at max range from the Fausts. Melee should stay sort of stacked away from the ranged.
  • Hummelfaust will drop down on a random party member. Everyone needs to move as far away from there as possible because the landing does damage based on distance.
  • Hummelfaust begins an enrage count based on when it spawns, not when you started fighting the small Fausts. Burn everything you have now, potions recommended.

Phase 1
  • Boss turns big.
  • Boss uses Gobjab 4 times. 4th hit adds Concussion debuff to tank and forces a tank swap.
  • Boss does "tank buster" which is one of two mechanics chosen at random. Gobstraight = tank only, Gobcut = Stack on party.
  • One DPS gets marked with Prey and then boss uses Gobdash (a charge) toward the target. No one should stack for this, shield the Prey target.
  • This phase can be pushed if you get boss to 90% HP before the Prey is marked.

Phase 2
  • Boss turns small.
  • Two people are marked for Glupgloop, just make them walk away from party to place an AoE on the ground.
  • 2 snakes spawn. Each tank should get one. Make sure people are sort of spread out for this, though not terribly important.
  • Snakes will put poison on people. People marked with poison will need to go to green puddle (north) to cleanse it. At the same time, one person should go in red puddle to become a gorilla for next mechanic.
  • Boss will spawn bombs. There is one spikey bomb and two small bombs. The gorilla needs to knock the small bombs toward the spikey one and everyone stack in the diagonal corner from the spikey bomb.

Phase 3
  • Boss turns big.
  • Everyone needs to go in the purple puddle (west) and turn into a bird.
  • New bomb pattern spawns. There will be 4 spikey bombs that spawn in a diagonal line. You should stand on top of the last bomb that drops. Once the first bomb goes off, run into the now-empty corner.
  • Exit bird form.
  • One DPS will be marked with Prey again, and there will be another charge just like first phase. Make sure everyone is out of the way for it.
  • Immediately after the charge, the boss will wind up a 180 degree AoE. Everyone needs to run behind the boss to avoid this, just like Ain in Sephirot Extreme.
  • Boss will use Gobjab 4x again and stun the main tank, forcing a tank swap.
  • There will be a tank buster and it may require the party to stack.

Phase 4
  • Boss goes small.
  • A chimera will spawn in the southwest corner. It begins with being tethered to a DPS or healer. That one player will need to go into the blue puddle (south) to lose aggro. Off tank should then pick up the add and face away from the party.
  • Position the boss near the middle of the arena.
  • A Glupgloop goes out again, just place it in the south where the blue puddle would be.
  • Bombs go out. Stand just outside of the corner where the first spikey bomb dropped, and then go into the corner after it explodes. Gorilla will need to push away the small bombs to the opposite corner.
  • Boss does 5 Shock Therapy AoEs. This is easy DPS burn time.

Phase 5
  • Boss goes big.
  • Go in puruple puddle (west) to become birds again.
  • Stand near the middle to prepare for dodging bombs, do not focus on DPS right now.
  • New bomb pattern. This drops 3 spikey bombs. There will be one safe area to stand. See phase 5 section for more details.
  • One DPS gets marked with Prey. They need to run to a different corner.
  • Right after player is marked with Prey, a second will be marked. Have them stand away from the rest of the party.
  • Everyone else in the party except the two people marked with Prey need to stack up for a tank buster.
  • Everyone move out of the way for a charge toward the first Prey. Second Prey player needs to move back into the corner to bait the second charge back again.
  • Right after second charge is another 180 degree AoE, get behind boss.
  • Boss uses 4x Gobjab on MT again, forcing a tank swap.
  • Tank buster goes out, might need to stack.

Phase 6
  • Boss goes small.
  • A bunch of adds spawn here. Off tank should pick up the Minotaur and move it to northeast corner. Everyone else should be with main tank in southeast corner.
  • Two goblin adds will use Oogle, similar to Petrifaction where it will petrify you if you are looking at them when they use Oogle.
  • A ranged player should focus the goblin in southwest by themselves.
  • Recommended to use mage LB here.
  • One player will be targeted by Glupgloop. Recommend placing it east, west, or south.
  • Shortly after lb, 3 more Pig adds will spawn. They should go straight to the healer. MT needs to take these off the healer ASAP.
  • Someone should spawn the colored puddles again and everyone needs to go into a puddle (any puddle) to refresh the duration on their debuff. We recommend green (north) for the OT if they're still tanking Minotaur, and blue (south) for everyone else.
  • Boss uses Shock Therapy 5x again. Make sure to keep everyone healed through them.

Phase 7
  • One Shabti add will spawn. OT should pick it up and face away from party (it cleaves). This needs to be killed within 30s but faster is better.
  • Boss goes big
  • Boss does Gobjab to MT again 4x until stunned, forcing tank swap.
  • Boss will use tank buster, which might require party to stack.

Phase 8
  • Boss goes small.
  • Chimera will spawn in southwest.
  • Bombs spawn again same pattern as in phase 4. Generally just ignore them and try to burn boss because you are about to die to enrage.

Enemy Ability List

Ratfinx Twinkledinks
  • Bomb's Away: Bombs spawn around the arena. There are 4 meta-level patterns, each with some small RNG involved.
  • Boost: Telegraph for Gobswings.
  • Glupgloop: A random DPS or healer is marked with an overhead indicator. 7 seconds later an AoE puddle will drop on their position.
  • Gobcut: A stacking indicator appears over main target's head. Party should stack to split damage.
  • Gobdash: Boss will charge at the player marked with Prey debuff. Anyone caught in the line of the charge will take massive damage.
  • Gobhook: Targets closest healer to the boss. 180 degree cleave attack, covers whole arena in that direction.
  • Gobjab: Applies a stack of Headache on the main tank. On the 4th stack of Headache, player gains the debuff Concussion. Concussion stuns the player and they take increased damage for its duration.
  • Gobstraight: No HUD indicator for this attack. Hits main target with narrow cone AoE for lots of damage + knockback. Damage cannot be split between players.
  • Gobswing: Arena-wide AoE + knockback + vulnerability. Hits multiple times. Can be dodged by being in bird form.
  • Guzzle: Boss turns big and gains the buff Bigbulge Biggerbrain. Takes less damage and deals more damage.
  • Shock Therapy: Arena-wide magical AoE damage. Usually deals about 7k damage.

Glassy-eyed Cobra
  • Regorge: Shoots a small AoE at a random player. All players hit take low damage and receive Anti-coagulant debuff.
  • Steel Scales: Gains a Damage Up buff.

Gobbledygawker (Goblin)
  • Bomb Toss: Deals high AoE damage around targeted player. When a Gobbledygawker is not killed within a certain time limit, it will start casting Bomb Toss repeatedly.
  • Oogle: This functions like Petrifaction from other fights. You must face away from the enemy that casts this ability or else you will get the Petrification debuff.

Gobbledygroper (Chimera)
  • The Lion's Breath: Front conal AoE attack directed at player with tether or player with highest aggro (if tether has been removed). Usually deals about 8k damage.

Glassy-eyed Minotaur
  • Disorienting Groan: Deals medium arena-wide AoE damage.
  • Feast: Consumes a nearby monster.

Glassy-eyed Shabti
  • Spellsword: Frontal cleave attack. Usually deals about 11k damage.

Fight Strategy

Miniboss - Hummelfaust

Two Trash Faust

The fight begins with two regular Faust. These should both be picked up by the MT and pulled to a corner. The ranged should all stack together at max range away from the Fausts. DPS should hold onto any cooldowns longer than 1 minute. After about 50 seconds of fighting the Fausts, the landing indicator for Hummelfaust will appear under a random party member. All players need to move away from this indicator because it will do damage based on distance from it. If you are killing the Fausts too soon before the 50s mark, have a couple players hold onto more cooldowns. You need everything you can get for fighting Hummelfaust.


This is the real entry boss. The DPS check for this feels even higher than what is required for the actual A5S boss. The enrage for Hummelfaust begins when he spawns, not when you began fighting the two earlier Fausts. This is why your DPS need to hold onto as many cooldowns as possible for the earlier Fausts. Remember, this Hummelfaust spawns about 1 minute into the fight, so if you have any cooldowns at 1 minute or less, then you can safely use them on the 2 Fausts.

Faust will use Panzerschreck a total of 4 times in this fight. It just does raid-wide AoE damage, but the pattern is good for your healers to know. Although the abilities are time-based, I will list the HP % that you should be at when they come to sort of gauge where your party stands on DPS. The first Panzerschreck it does should come around the 50-55% mark. The second and third Panzerschreck come back to back around 30-35% so be ready to heal that. The last one is the enrage. You have to kill this guy before this last Panzerschreck goes off or everyone dies and you start all over.

A checkpoint is saved after you kill Hummelfaust so you don't have to repeat it again in the same lockout. However, if you leave the instance and re-enter you will have to kill Hummelfaust again.

Phase 1 - Ratfinx Twinkledinks (best name ever)

Times in seconds from start of phase
5 Goes Big
8 Gobjab
12 Gobjab
16 Gobjab
20 Gobjab
25 Gobcut / Gobstraight
34 Prey
41 Gobdash


We recommend putting waymarks as shown in the image below. We put A in the northwest corner, B in the northeast corner, and C in the southeast corner (and we refer to the southwest corner as D with no waymark).

Waymark Diagram
▼    Click to View Images    ▼

Colored Puddles

A summary of all the puddles' abilities might be helpful now so here you go:
  • Green (north) - Gives debuff Nohurts Goblixer for 10 seconds. It will cleanse the snake poison stacks and give a regen effect.
  • Blue (south) - Gives debuff Blankface Goblixer. Turns you "invisible" and untargetable for 10 seconds. This effect can apply to enemies that go through the puddle too, so try to avoid bringing them into it or you lose your ability to damage it for 10 seconds.
  • Purple (west) - Gives debuff Swiftkicks Goblixer for 25 seconds. It turns you into a bird.
    • Being in bird form allows you to dodge Gobswing AoEs.
    • Ability 1 (Wing Cutter) performs a frontal AoE for 250 damage.
    • Ability 2 exits bird form.
  • Red (east) - Gives debuff Bigbulge Goblixer for 25 seconds. Turns you into a gorilla.
    • Being in gorilla form allows you to knock around small round bombs.
    • Ability 1 (Browbeat) performs knockback on a targeted round bomb.
    • Ability 2 exits gorilla form.
  • Stepping in any puddle will apply a 4 minute debuff called Goblixer Overgulp. If you get too many stacks of this you will die. If this debuff wears off over time, you will also die.

Puddle Diagram
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Phase 1 Positioning

The boss starts out in his small form. He will use Guzzle and change into his large form after 5 seconds into the fight. He cannot be moved during this time. We recommend moving him to the northeast corner as soon as his transformation finishes. Just move him straight east from where he spawns and don't turn him, keep him facing east. This will cause the least amount of disturbance in your DPS's opening rotations.

Gobjab + Tank Buster

Ratfinx will use Gobjab on the main tank 4 times in a row. On the 4th hit it will stun the tank and he will take increased damage during the stun. A tank buster comes out right after the Concussion is applied, so you will need to do a tank swap right after the 4th Gobjab or the main tank will die (does around 88k damage with the debuff). Make sure the Provoke happens immediately after the Concussion debuff hits.

Once the off tank has aggro, the tank buster will go out. I call it a tank buster but it's really going to be one of two mechanics, the one that is used is randomly chosen. It will either use Gobstraight or Gobcut. However, it's very helpful to know that it's only the first one in Phase 1 that is random. From that point on, it will alternate between Gobstraight and Gobcut. This is good to know because it allows a WAR off tank to always be able to Holmgang Gobstraight (you cannot Holmgang Gobcut, it can still kill you).

If it uses Gobstraight, this is pretty basically a cleave attack + knockback. The healers should shield up the tank and the tank should stand up against the wall to minimize effects of the knockback. If it uses Gobcut, it will be telegraphed with a stacking indicator over the tank's head. The tank should move in to the rest of the party, which should already be stacked on the boss's flank, and split the damage.

We recommend tank swapping again after the tank buster, but you can keep it on the new tank now if you really want to. It just seems easier if you have one tank repositioning the boss the whole fight, and you'll have to reposition quite a lot.


You are able to skip this last mechanic if you can get the boss below 90% HP before the Prey debuff goes out. Once Prey goes out, the Gobdash will happen regardless of boss's HP. One DPS will be marked with a Prey debuff and the boss will charge them about 5 seconds later. The damage to the target is based on distance from the boss, and anyone caught in the charge will be killed. To handle this mechanic, simply have the player marked with Prey move to another corner of the arena, we recommend going to southeast for this one. Healers should make sure the player has a Stoneskin or some kind of shield beforehand so they will take 0 damage. If the player takes any damage at all, they will get a debuff called Enervation which decreases their damage dealt and increases damage taken.

Phase 2 - Snakes & Bombs

Times in seconds from start of phase
0 Goes Small
0 Glupgloop Mark 1
10 Glupgloop Mark 2
18 2 Snakes Spawn
27 Steel Scales
34 Shock Therapy
48 Bomb's Away (Basic)


Glupgloop is one of the least challenging mechancis in the fight. However, the AoE size is rather large so it can be annoying to work around if it's put in an inconvenient spot. Two players will be marked with Glupgloop in this phase, each 10 seconds apart and you have about 7 seconds to move before the puddle is dropped, so it is very lenient. In this phase, it is recommended that the ranged player targeted should put his puddle in the middle of the the north or south wall, and if a melee player is targeted they should put it in the middle of the east wall. These should never be put in corners.

Glassy-Eyed Cobras

Two snake adds will spawn here. One spawns northeast, and the other southeast. Each tank should take one. Ranged players focus the southeast snake, melee players focus northeast. Typically, only one melee really needs to focus the northeast snake. You want to keep players spread out during this.

The Cobras will cast a buff called Steel Scales which increases their damage dealt. This ability has a cast bar and they can be stunned to interrupt it, which is highly recommended. After Steel Scales, they will spit poison AoEs at random players. If the snakes have the Steel Scales buff then the DoT from the poison will do a lot more damage. The poison debuff called Anti-coagulant gains stacks (and potency) over time, very quickly. If a player is hit by multiple poisons then their stacks increase much faster. At 8 stacks they die. You want to cleanse this as soon as the snakes are dead. It's recommended to try stun-locking the snakes after Steel Scales and kill them quickly. If done properly, you can avoid getting any poison at all.

After the snakes die, spawn the colored puddles again so that players with poison debuffs can cleanse it in the green pool. At the same time, your designated gorilla person should go into the red pool and transform to prepare for the Bomb's Away mechanic coming up next. This will allow you to prevent having to trigger the puddles twice, which would advance the fight closer to enrage.

Bomb's Away - Pattern 1

You will notice that there are two types of bombs here. The one simply called "Bomb" looks spikey, so we'll refer to it as a spikey bomb. When these bombs explode, they only shoot out damage in a line AoE from all 4 sides of the bomb to the north, south, west, and east. These spikey bombs cannot be moved.

The second type of bomb you'll see are smaller round bombs called "Smartbomb". These do normal circular AoE damage, and they can be knocked back by the gorilla's Browbeat.

Basic Bombs Diagram
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Here we will see the first bomb pattern. There is some RNG involved, but this is generally the easiest pattern to handle. One spikey bomb will spawn in a random corner. The whole party should stack in the opposite corner diagonally from that spikey bomb. There will also be two small bombs that spawn and the gorilla needs to knock them toward the corner with the spikey bomb.

Phase 3 - Birds

Times in seconds from start of phase
0 Goes Big
6 Boost
7 Bomb's Away (Diagonal)
22 Prey
29 Gobdash
35 Gobhook
43 Gobjab
47 Gobjab
51 Gobjab
55 Gobjab
63 Gobcut / Gobstraight

Bird Time

When Ratfinx starts casting Boost, everyone should go into the purple puddle (west) to turn into a bird. Right after Boost, the boss will use Gobswing 4 times, which does arena-wide AoE damage and does a knockback and applies vulnerability. It's nearly impossible to survive without being a bird. During these Gobswings, a new bomb pattern will lay itself out too.

Bomb's Away - Pattern 2 (Diagonal)

This pattern consists of 4 spikey bombs dropping in a diagonal line. It will always drop the first bomb in a random corner, the second bomb in the opposite diagonal corner, then the 3rd and 4th drop in a diagonal line back towards where the first dropped. They will then explode in the order in which they dropped. You need to stand in the spot where the last bomb drops, then wait for the first bomb to explode. After the first bomb goes off, move into the empty corner left by that first bomb.

Diagonal Bomb Pattern Diagram
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The boss will use Prey on a random DPS and they should run to another corner. Gobdash will go out shortly after toward the targeted player. Make sure to shield up the player beforehand so they won't get the Enervation debuff. He will use Gobhook right after the charge, which is a 180 degree cleave attack like Ain from Sephirot, so make sure everyone gets behind the boss for that.

The boss will once again use Gobjab on the main tank 4 times and apply Concussion. Tank swap here and get ready for the tank buster, either Gobcut or Gobstraight.

After the tank buster, reposition the boss in the southwest corner to prepare for the chimera spawn.

Phase 4 - Chimera

Times in seconds from start of phase
0 Goes Small
1 Chimera Spawn
19 Glupgloop Mark
33 Bomb's Away (Fakeout)
39 Shock Therapy
47 Shock Therapy
55 Shock Therapy
63 Shock Therapy
71 Shock Therapy


The chimera (AKA Gobbledygroper) will spawn in the southwest corner, so you should start moving there right after the tank buster in the previous phase so you're ready for it. One random DPS or healer will be tethered to the chimera when it spawns, and it will focus only on that player. In order to remove the tether, the targeted player needs to go into the blue puddle (south). After the tether is gone, the OT should tank the chimera facing away from the rest of the group because it does a magical frontal cleave attack called Lion's Breath.

While the rest of the party is dealing with the chimera, the MT should move the boss so that it's in between the center of the arena and the southwest corner. This will allow the party to continue DPSing a little longer during the bomb mechanic coming up next.

A random player will be marked with the Glupgloop marker. Just put this in the south where the blue puddle would normally be so that it's out of the way.

Bomb's Away - Pattern 3 (Fakeout)

This bomb pattern is very similar to the first basic pattern we saw in Phase 2. The difference is that there will be an additional spikey bomb that spawns before the others. You need to stand outside the blast areas of this first bomb, but otherwise ignore it. You can inch closer to the corner where this bomb spawns, but don't sacrifice too much dps for it at this point. You will need one player to transform into gorilla by walking into the red puddle (east) before more bombs spawn.

Once the first spikey bomb goes off, move into the corner that it just occupied. Another spikey bomb will appear in the opposite corner along with two small round bombs. Your player in gorilla form should knock these small bombs toward the 2nd spikey bomb that spawned.

Fakeout Bomb Pattern Diagram
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Shock Therapy

The rest of this phase is just a series of Shock Therapies in 8 second intervals. This is relatively easy to heal through if you are prepared. Since the boss is in his small form during this, go HAM on him here to burn as much of his HP as possible. If you used a potion in your opener, you should have it available again here.

Phase 5 - Triple Spikey Bombs & Double Charges

Times in seconds from start of phase
0 Goes Big
6 Boost
7 Bomb's Away (3 Spikey)
35 Stack Indicator
35 Prey 1
37 Prey 2
43 Gobdash 1
47 Gobdash 2
53 Gobhook
61 Gobjab
65 Gobjab
69 Gobjab
73 Gobjab
81 Gobcut / Gobstraight


This phase starts with Boost just like Phase 3. You have to go in the purple puddle (west) to turn into a bird again to avoid damage from Gobswings. While you're in bird form, the next (and final) bomb pattern comes out. I know it's tempting to try using Wing Cutter on the boss here, but resist the temptation and stay as close to middle as possible in order to dodge this bomb pattern.

Bomb's Away - Pattern 4 (3 Spikey Bombs)

This is the last bomb pattern and also the last time you'll have to deal with any bombs in this fight. It will scatter 3 spikey bombs around the arena. No two bombs will occupy the same row or column. This basically divides the arena into 16 squares, 15 of which will be covered in a bomb blast. The party will have to find the one open space on the arena to dodge the bombs. There is really no easy way to handle this. You can make it a little easier by having everyone hovering near the middle before the bombs drop. There is not enough time to move completely from one side of the arena to the other, so positioning toward the middle can help reduce travel time. If you have one person who is consistent in identifying the safe spot, put a marker on them and follow that player.

3 Spikey Bomb Pattern Diagram
▼    Click to View Images    ▼


After the bombs, move the boss to the southeast corner. The main tank will then face the boss toward the southwest corner and the whole party should stack on him.

Gobdash x2

Two players will get marked with Prey debuff. The first target will immediately move to the northeast corner. The second person with debuff needs to move out of the party stack, but not in the way of the first charge (recommend the 2nd target move all the way into the southeast corner). Both Prey targets need to have a shield on them so they don't get Enervation.

After the first charge, the rest of the party should back up just to be safe not to get hit by the 2nd charge which will be coming back toward them. After the first charge, the 2nd target needs to reposition a little bit so that the boss will not be right up against the walls. You need some space between the boss and the walls to dodge Gobhook, make sure to get behind the boss for that.

Double Gobdash Positioning
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Tank Buster

The boss will once again use 4x Gobjab on the MT and force a tank swap for the tank buster. It could be Gobstraight here, or you might have to stack up for Gobcut.

Phase 6 - Adds

Times in seconds from start of phase
0 Goes Small
3 Adds
7 More Adds
23 More Pigs
16 Oogle
17 Oogle
19 Glupgloop Mark
50 Shock Therapy
59 Shock Therapy
67 Shock Therapy
75 Shock Therapy
83 Shock Therapy

Initial Adds

There will be a Glassy-Eyed Minotaur spawn northwest, 6 Yorn Pigs northeast, a Gobbledygawker southwest, and a Gobbledygawker southeast. The goblins are ranged and will not move much so you have to position around them. You should already be in the southeast corner from last phase so group up there.

Add Spawn Diagram
▼    Click to View Images    ▼

The pigs from the northeast should aggro your healers, so make sure they are near the MT so he can pick them up. The OT should pick up the Minotaur and drag it over to the northwest corner after the pigs have left. Use caster LB3 in the south side of the arena to hit all the adds. If it's an LB2, just use it in the southeast corner and focus more ranged DPS on the southwest goblin. Remember not to focus too much DPS on the southeast goblin because the LB should take about half its HP. Get back to DPS the boss ASAP because he is in his small form during this phase and you should try to get in as much damage as possible on him now.


This works very much like Petrifaction from previous fights in the game. It is a large conal AoE that will give you the Petrification debuff if you look at the enemy that casts it. This is cast by the two goblins (at about 0.5 seconds apart). The southwest goblin always seems to cast his first. There is a very easy way to avoid getting hit by these, but it's hard to explain so please reference the diagram below.

Oogle Diagram
▼    Click to View Images    ▼

Second Wave

The second wave of adds consists of a Glassy-Eyed Cobra in the northeast, and 3 more Yorn Pigs in the northwest. Your healers should get aggro on the pigs again here, but if all the other adds are dead here then there may not actually be much healing happening. You might have to tell your healers to intentionally use an AoE heal to grab aggro on the pigs here. You do not want them to get close to the Minotaur because he will eat them. The pigs will have a buff that makes them take less damage. Just wait for that debuff to wear off and then kill them; they don't have much HP.

As mentioned, a snake will spawn in the northeast, and the Minotaur will eat it and die so no need to worry about that anymore.

Refresh Debuffs

As explained before, stepping in any colored puddle gives a debuff called Goblixer Overgulp. This debuff lasts for 4 minutes and if it wears off, you get a new debuff that does about 8k damage per tick. Needless to say, you don't want that because you will die. At this point in the fight, it has been about 3-4 minutes since most of the party has stepped in a puddle. You will now need to intentionally refresh this debuff again by stepping in a puddle. Since the party is in the southeast corner, the blue puddle would be the best choice for this. Just make sure not to take the boss into it because it will become untargetable for 10 seconds. Alternatively, you can move over to the north side and step in the green puddle for a 10 second HP regen buff (not really worth the travel time for such a short regen).


Move the boss back to the southeast corner to prepare for the next phase. Ratfinx will use Shock Therapy another 5 times, so be ready for party heals. Other than that, this is another DPS burn opportunity here.

Phase 7 - Shabti

Times in seconds from start of phase
0 Shabti Spawn
5 Goes Big
12 Gobjab
16 Gobjab
20 Gobjab
24 Gobjab
32 Gobcut / Gobstraight


A new add called Glassy-Eyed Shabti will spawn in the southeast corner. The OT should pick this up and face it away from everyone because it does a wide cleave attack. At the same time, Ratfinx will begin using Gobjab on the MT. The Shabti's cleave and Ratfinx's gobjab happen at the same time so the healers will have a lot of healing to deal with here. The Shabti will need to die before the 4th Gobjab, but the earlier the better.

Tank Buster

Once again, the MT will get 4 Gobjab and force a tank swap. The boss will then do either Gobstraight or Gobcut so you might have to stack up to split the Gobcut damage.

Phase 8 - Enrage

Times in seconds from start of phase
0 Goes Small
0 Chimera Spawn
11 Lion's Breath
18 Lion's Breath
24 Lion's Breath
30 Lion's Breath
36 Go Near Spikey
48 Enrage

Chimera #2

Another chimera will spawn in the southwest. Just like in phase 4, it will be tethered to a random player who will need to go into the blue puddle to lose aggro. Remember to have OT pick up the chimera and face it away from the party.


Enrage is coming very soon, about 50s after the chimera spawns. You might want to consider leaving the chimera alone and try to burn the boss.


Go apeshit on that gobby's twinkledink.

Job-Specific Tips

MCH Tips by Outof Names

  • I can't stress the timing of your cooldowns. If your group can't skip the first prey by getting him to 90% HP then use Wildfire in your opener as normal. The extra time Phase 1 will take to execute the Gobdash will result in good cooldown timing for your next Wildfire.
  • If your group normally skips the first prey then you need to pop B4B and HE 3 seconds before pull. After you Hot Shot, throw out your Wildfire. It will be weaker than usual, but it will also be up again right after the snakes die while he's still in small form. Then your 2nd Wildfire will have B4B and HE again. If you time it right, you should be able to get a 6k Wildfire right before he becomes big again.
  • If you skip the first prey and try to do the rotation as normal your Wildfire and HE will most likely be coming up right as he is becoming big and you will at most have enough time to get a 2k Wildfire or worse not even apply the Wildfire sitting on it for 15+ seconds. It just snowballs from there because once he becomes small again it will be on cooldown for half the shock therapy phase and you'll lose a lot of DPS.

TL;DR: if your group usually skips first prey then use Wildfire, HE, and B4B sooner so it lines up easier with the rest of his small forms in the fight.


There are 2 chests if no one in the group has cleared for the week. They contain either a belt or accessory. Every player will also get a Midan Manifesto - Page 1 (limit 1 per player per week). The Manifesto can be used to purchase additional gear. Accessories cost 4 Manifestos while belts cost 6.


Midan Belt of Aiming
Midan Belt of Casting
Midan Belt of Fending
Midan Belt of Healing
Midan Belt of Maiming
Midan Belt of Scouting
Midan Belt of Striking


Midan Neckband of Aiming
Midan Neckband of Casting
Midan Neckband of Fending
Midan Neckband of Healing
Midan Neckband of Slaying


Midan Earrings of Aiming
Midan Earrings of Casting
Midan Earrings of Fending
Midan Earrings of Healing
Midan Earrings of Slaying


Midan Bracelets of Aiming
Midan Bracelets of Casting
Midan Bracelets of Fending
Midan Bracelets of Healing
Midan Bracelets of Slaying


Midan Ring of Aiming
Midan Ring of Casting
Midan Ring of Fending
Midan Ring of Healing
Midan Ring of Slaying