Alexander Midas - The Cuff of the Son (Savage) - A6S / M2S
By Shasta Kota of Death and Taxes <DnT> on Gilgamesh


"Upon returning from Midas, you learn that Mide surrendered the precious fragment of the Enigma Codex to the Illuminati, and that she was in fact a surviving member of a group of Au Ra that failed to summon Alexander three years ago. Although there is certainly more to the apparent treachery than meets the eye, there is no time for doubt. Your offensive against the Illuminati must continue!"

Once again, we have a new static breaker! Welcome to the new shitfest. Although the overall duration of this fight is relatively short, the quantity and diversity of mechanics throughout this instance will leave you thinking you've completed 2 encounters by the time you're finished. Fortunately for you, you will have this guide to assist in handling these mechanics and knowing the strategy is 75% of the fight. Time to clear out some of that sports Lord of the Rings trivia you have in your head to make space for all this shit.

There are four different bosses in this fight: Blaster, Brawler, Swindler, and Vortexer. The 10:30 minute enrage timer begins when you start fighting the first boss. The enrage timer will continue ticking between bosses even if you are not attacking. For the sake of progression, you should take a short pause of 30-60s between bosses to prepare, but when you feel comfortable with the fight and are ready to clear, you want no more than 10 second down time between bosses; trust me, you'll need to use that time later. Another thing to note is that you are considered "in combat" for the entire time after you attack the first boss, even between fights if you aren't attacking anything. This means slower TP and MP regen between bosses, and no ability to Ready Check.

Please keep in mind that due to the nature of the mechanics in this encounter, some of them can be handled in many different ways. If the strategy we propose here does not suit your group at all, please feel free to expand, modify, or abandon it as you see fit. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for A6S.


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ACT Timeline Plugin

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Job-Specific Tips

Quick Fight Guide

Blaster Phase 1
  • Use only one tank to tank the Blaster
  • Pull boss to center
  • When mines spawn, pull boss to the most open area
  • Off tank needs to blow up the two blue/green mines ASAP. Do not touch red mines.
  • 4 Mirages will spawn on top of random players (can be anyone except MT), spread out a bit
  • About 2 seconds after Mirages spawn, they will look at another random party member and lock in the position to charge in that direction. You should bait their facing position toward the boss to leave room to dodge in the middle.
  • Phase ends around 40s or at 50% HP

Blaster Burn Phase
  • 5 Mirages spawn in the center. They do not attack at all, just kill them before they finish casting
  • At least two players should single target the big one in the middle. Tanks can complement damage on whichever add needs it.
  • After they all die, boss will drop back down onto whoever has aggro at the time (probably MT unless he died). They should stand in the middle to drop the boss there, everyone else stay away to not get hit by fall damage.

Blaster Phase 2
  • Positioning in this phase is the same as phase 1, except after Mirages drop and do their thing, move the boss back to the middle before next set of mines.
  • Only new mechanic in this phase is the Mirages will alternate between their charging thing they did in phase 1 and a new mechanic with tethers
  • When Mirages tether to a player, it will take one of two stances. If it has its arms raised up, the tethered person has to look away from it. I the Mirage has its arms down and crouching, look toward it.

Brawler Phase 1
  • Every 14 seconds the boss will put a Magic Vulnerability stack on the tank and then use Attachment
  • Tank swap at 2 vulnerability stacks. You will probably have to swap twice.
  • When boss uses Attachment, it will be 1 of 4 random mechanics: Single Blaster, Double Blaster, Single Drill, or Double Drill
  • Steamed Chakrams will spawn throughout the phase (up to 3) and slowly hover around the arena in circles. Do not walk under them or you get medium damage and Paralyze
  • Phase ends when boss is at 1HP

Brawler Phase 2
  • Orbs spawn around the arena. Kill the Alphas. A tank without magic vulnerability should run into green orbs to explode them. Betas will get to the middle and explode. Use damage mitigation for the Betas, and use slows/stuns to stagger them out so they hit the middle at different times.
  • Boss will use Attachment 4 times, and each time will be different. It will also alternate between a drill and buster.
  • Fight ends after 4th Attachment and after all orbs are dead.

Swindler Phase 1
  • Pull boss and keep it near the north side.
  • At times it will use Enumeration and orbs will start floating around tanks and healers. You'll need to split the group into two groups of 4 to handle the mechanic. You need to put in the # of players into the circle that matches the # of orbs.
  • Players will receive a debuff High or Low Arithmeticks. The purple one needs to be on a low platform and the red one requires you to be on the high platform.

Swindler Adds
  • When adds spawn, tank swap and have boss pulled to the south side. Other tank should gather up all the adds and hold them between where the Hardhelm and Hardmind spawn. AoE these down ASAP. Use AST or WHM AoE stun on them about 2s after they spawn.
  • After the next Height and Enumeration, move boss to the middle.
  • Goblin snipers will spawn in N, S, E, and W. One dps should take each. Put tanks and healers on DPS duty too if you need it. They should all die before the 3rd sniper shot. Each sniper shot does progressively more damage than the last.

Swindler Phase 2
  • Nothing new here. Keep boss in the middle and just burn him. There will be more Enumeration and Height. Just handle it like normal.

Vortexer Fire Beams #1
  • Highly recommend looking at the diagrams for this boss because it's hard to explain in text.
  • Tank boss in center. Bait the fire puddles to drop just north of center.
  • Right after fire puddles lock position, spread out to assigned positions. Healers S, tanks SW, melee 1 SE, melee 2 E, Ranged 1 NW, Ranged 2 N. Healers stack together, tanks stack together.
  • Tank swap immediately after 2nd vulnerability stack.

Vortexer Water/Lightning 1st Pass
  • MT stay mid. Lightning player pass Lightning to MT.
  • OT run away from everyone (south or east works best)
  • Everyone else stack for Water in West.

Vortexer Ice
  • Two players will be marked with ice. Try dropping these SW and NW on either sides of the tornado.
  • Only one ice really needs to be in position to freeze the tornado. The other can go East if they don't want to risk hitting anyone or getting hit by the tornado.

Vortexer Water/Lightning 2nd Pass
  • MT stay mid. Player who was targeted with Water in the 1st pass also stay mid
  • OT stand away from everyone else (SE or E works good here).
  • Everyone else stack south for Water.

Vortexer Fire Beams #2
  • Do the same as you did in the first one.
  • Very important to make sure healers are lined up in the south properly to destroy the 2nd tornado.
  • Also very important that no one is stacked to the west because you DO NOT want to destroy the frozen tornado.
  • Right after Fire Beam goes out, orient yourself around the boss to prepare for 3rd element pass because knockback is coming out.

Vortexer Water/Lightning 3rd Pass
  • Player with Lightning and OT go NW.
  • MT and player who had 2nd Water go W-SW
  • Everyone else stack south
  • After elements pass, DPS the boss a bit. Get behind the frozen tornado when he starts casting. Then phase repeat until enrage or dead.

Fight Strategy

Blaster - Boss 1

0 Start
7 Magicked Hand
11 Mind Blast
16 Mines
27 Charge Mirages
36 Magicked Hand
40 Magicked Hand

40 Burn Adds

83 Mines
86 Magicked Hand
95 Tether Mirages
105 Magicked Hand
109 Mind Blast
113 Mines
115 Magicked Hand
125 Charge Mirages
133 Magicked Hand
141 Mind Blast
143 Magicked Hand

Blaster Move List

  • Magicked Hand: Single target medium damage attack on MT. Applies stack of Magic Vulnerability
  • Mind Blast: Raid-wide AoE damage and applies Confused status to all players. Can be silenced.
  • Ballistic Missile: Spawns 2 Minefield (red mines) and 2 Hidden Minefield (blue/green mines).
  • Mirage: Small-radius AoE centered on targeted player. Four players will be targeted with a Mirage. Deals medium damage. Spawns Blaster Mirage at landing point.
  • Supercharge: Blaster Mirage charges forward. Being hit by this ability causes medium damage, large knockback, and applies Damage Down for 1 minute.
  • Blinder: Blaster Mirage with hands raised will use this ability. Deals low damage if tethered player is facing away. Deals high damage if player is facing toward it.
  • Power Tackle: Blaster Mirage with arms behind and crouching will use this ability. Deals low damage if tethered player is facing toward it. Deals high damage if player is facing away.


You want to start the fight by pulling the boss to the center of the arena. When he uses Ballistic Missile and spawns the mines, move to the edge of the arena that looks most clear of mines. After Mirages, always move boss back to the middle before Ballistic Missile again.

▼    Click to View Images    ▼

Mind Blast

There's not much to this attack. Whenever the boss starts casting Mind Blast, just Silence him. If the ability goes off, it does arena-wide damage and afflicts all players with Confusion. Since mines come out right afterward, you are almost certain to wipe because Confusion lasts until after mines land.

Ballistic Missile (Mines)

Mines will spawn in random places around the map. There will always be two Minefields (red) and two Hidden Minefields (blue/green). The Hidden mines will only be visible for a short time and then become invisible so you have to memorize their positions. Hidden mines must be detonated by walking into them or else they will explode after about 10s and pretty much kill everyone. Red mines will disappear after a short time so don't bother hitting them. Hitting a red mine will give Paralysis and is just unnecessary damage.

OT will be responsible for detonating the Hidden mines. This should be a PLD or DRK since they have better defense than WAR. When the mines first spawn, OT should position himself in a way that he can get both mines easily. For the first mines, he should have pretty good shields up with Adloquium, Stoneskin, and his own defensive CDs so that he should be able to hit both mines without requiring any heals, and then get into a decent position to bait Mirages. For subsequent sets of mines, OT will have to pause between mine detonations to wait for a heal. The mines will do a small knockback when you detonate them, so if you are on PLD, you can negate the knockback with Tempered Will (you won't need it anywhere else in the other bosses).

All players should keep in mind that the detonation radius of the mines are larger than the initial AoE indicators that show when they first drop. Be sure that you are well away from all Hidden Mines so that the OT does not have to worry about hitting you with a detonation.

Mirage (Charges)

In this mechanic, four non-MT players will be targeted with an overhead indicator. A Mirage will drop in the position of each of these players and do small-radius AoE damage. About 2 seconds after they drop, the Mirages will then target another random player and face that direction. The Mirages will then all charge straight forward in the direction they are facing. Handling this mechanic requires two different "baiting" strategies: baiting the landing positions, and baiting the charge directions. Without doing these two baiting strategies, you will undoubtedly fail.

Baiting Charges - Normal Plan
▼    Click to View Images    ▼

As shown in the diagrams above, you want to try to drop Mirages near the boss, 2 on each side. In order to do that, pre-position yourselves so that there are 2 ranged and 1 melee on each side of the boss. Players who do not get targeted by the Mirage landing should stack up near the MT. After the landing positions are locked in, all players to go toward the MT. With most players stacked up toward the MT position, the Mirages should turn and face in that direction for the charge, leaving the center of the arena completely free for dodging the charges. Getting hit by Supercharge will result in high damage, significant knockback, and Damage Down debuff. Go ahead and move the boss back to the middle after the red mines disappear.

While it is possible for the Mirages to both land on and face the OT, that is just something you will have to improvise around, but is not something you can really plan around. If the OT is able to hit the mines fast enough, he should also be able to position himself relatively near the rest of the party to minimize this problem, acting like one of the ranged players in the plan above.

In the positions for charges described above where we have 2 ranged and 1 melee on each side, you may realize that it would be possible to have 3 Mirage landing on one side if both ranged and melee on that side get targeted. To compensate for this, the melee players will be responsible for repositioning themselves. In some cases, a melee may have to switch sides to get away from 2 ranged players with Mirages landing on them, but if both melee also have landing icons, one of the melee will have to disconnect from the boss. There should be a defined priority between your two melee to decide who is #1 and who is #2 so that it is already known which one of them will be disconnecting from the boss (usually a NIN). See the images below for an example of this situation.

Baiting Charges - Contingency Plan
▼    Click to View Images    ▼

Adds Phase

I'm not even really sure you can call this an add phase because they don't really attack at all. Five Mirages will spawn near the middle of the arena and start casting a very slow Mind Blast. You have about 25 seconds to kill them all. The small ones on the outside will finish their cast about 1-2 seconds before the big one in the middle. Generally, you just want to AoE them all and have your melee players focus the big guy in the middle. Remember not to blow all your TP here because you won't get the opportunity to recharge much TP between bosses.

Mirages (Tethered)

After the "adds phase" when the Mirages drop, they will alternate between charging or tethers. The first one after the adds phase will be the tethers. The only similarity between the this and the other Mirage mechanic is that 4 players are targeted with a Mirage that will land on their position. After that, the Mirages will each tether to one random party member. 2 of the Mirages will assume a stance where they raise their arms up above their heads. The tethered player simply has to look away from this one. The other 2 Mirages will assume a stance where they crouch and put their arms slightly behind them. The tethered player has to look toward these ones. Facing in the wrong direction will result in high damage taken.

Recap for Tethers
Hands up: Face away
Arms Down and Crouching: Face toward

One way to remember the direction to face is based on the names of the abilities they hit you with. The one with its arms up will use Blinder, which you obviously want to look away from so you don't get blinded. The one with its arms down and crouching uses Power Tackle, so you want to face toward it to take the tackle like you would in football (American).

Brawler - Boss 2

Phase 1 Timeline
Phase 1
0 Start
9 Magicked Hand
11 Attachment
23 Magicked Hand
25 Attachment
37 Magicked Hand
39 Attachment
51 Magicked Hand
53 Attachment
65 Magicked Hand
67 Attachment

Brawler Move List

  • Magicked Hand: Single target medium damage attack on MT. Applies stack of Magic Vulnerability
  • Attachment: Visually telegraphs the next ability. Prepares to use one of four abilities.
    • Single non-glowing hand = Single Buster
    • Double non-glowing hand = Double Buster
    • Single glowing hand = Single Drill
    • Double glowing hand = Double Drill.
  • Single Buster: Linear AoE magic attack on MT. Damage cannot be split between players.
  • Double Buster: Linear AoE magic attack on MT. Damage can be split between players.
  • Single Drill: Single target attack on random player. Hits player with Rocket Drill. Deals less damage at further range from boss.
  • Double Drill: Targets closest and furthest players from boss. Hits player with Drill Drive. Two AoEs hit centered on the two selected players dealing high damage. Other players hit by the AoE will take damage and receive stun status for 10 seconds.
  • Heart of the Chakram: Standing in the shadow of a Steamed Chakram will deal medium damage and apply Paralysis status.

It's a good idea to mark both of your tanks for phase 2. We use triangle and circle markers. Also a good idea to mark your ranged player who is going to handle Double Drill with the "off limits" marker.


You will probably need all 3 waymarks for the last boss, Vortexer, but for progression's sake it might help to put one waymark down to mark the stack point for your Double Buster in phase 2.
▼    Click to View Images    ▼

First phase introduces you to the main mechanics of this boss, the Steamed Chakram and Attachment. You also have to deal with Magicked Hand again just like last boss except this one really hurts since there's more magic damage in this phase.

Magicked Hand

Start the fight by having your OT from last boss tank this boss. Your previous MT should still have magic vulnerability debuffs from Blaster on him so he can't tank this until those wear off. Brawler also uses Magicked Hand which applies magic vulnerability to the MT every 14 seconds. For this boss, you'll want to tank swap at 2 stacks. All of the attacks in this boss are considered magic damage, including autoattacks, so this is a pretty big mechanic that tanks need to master.


Attachment is used every 14 seconds, right after each Magicked Hand. Upon using Attachment, the boss will then execute one of four abilities: Single Buster, Double Buster, Single Drill, or Double Drill. The ability he will use is telegraphed by the appearance of his hands when he uses Attachment. If he has 1 hand not glowing it is Single Buster, 2 hands not glowing is Double Buster, 1 hand glowing it is Single Drill, and 2 hands glowing is Double Drill. I remember it like this: if a hand is not glowing, it's because all the energy is contained in the hand so when it opens it'll be a large release of energy (busters), and the glowing hands are shaped like drills.

Single Buster is always directed at the MT. It does a lot of damage in a linear AoE. Damage is not split by adding more people so make sure only the MT gets hit by it. Just make sure he survives it. WAR can Holmgang one of them just to be safe.

Double Buster is directed toward the MT. It does damage in a linear AoE, but damage can be split between players. MT should stack up with the party to help split damage. You can have your caster stand out of this so he can keep DPSing. 7 players is enough to split the damage safely.

Single Drill targets a random player and hits them with a single target attack (it looks like a linear AoE but it's not). It deals more damage the closer you are to the boss, so just run away from the boss to reduce the damage taken.

Double Drill targets 2 players, the closest and furthest from the boss. You want to try to bait it onto two specific players by having one in melee range and the other on the edge of the arena. Everyone else needs to be at medium range from the boss. The two players targeted by drills will have a large AoE explode on them. It does pretty hefty damage (about 14k) so make sure they are topped off. If anyone else gets hit by the AoE, it knocks them back and they are stunned for what feels like an eternity (about 10s).

For phase 1, we handle Double Drill in a way that allows both melee dps to continue attacking the boss without worry. Simply put one melee on the left side and one on the right side, both at max melee range. It will be kind of a toss up between which one of them gets hit by the drill so make sure they're both topped off. Tanks will both need to disconnect from the boss to be sure not to be hit by the melee's drill. Ranged players need to stay away from the player baiting the far drill. These should be pre-assigned positions so that your ranged DPS don't have to move much (or at all) for phase 1.

Phase 1 Double Drill Diagram
▼    Click to View Images    ▼

Steamed Chakram

Periodically, an untargetable enemy called Steamed Chakram will spawn in the arena. These look like flying saucers that float above the arena. If you walk into their shadow, they will do medium damage and apply Paralysis to the player who walked into it. The Paralyze can be dispelled but is very difficult to handle if other mechanics are happening at the same time. Stealing away a healer's attention by getting hit by this will very often cause a wipe. The Chakrams will remain through the rest of the Brawler encounter. If you push the first phase fast enough, it will stop additional Chakrams from spawning. A maximum of 3 Chakrams will spawn, and you want to aim to prevent the 3rd Chakram from spawning because it will make movement in the 2nd phase much easier. Theoretically, you could prevent the 2nd Chakram from spawning if you have enough DPS but we will probably not see that happen until the whole party has ilvl 240/245 weapons.

Phase 2 Timeline
Phase 2
0 Wave 1 Adds Spawn
6 Attachment
14 Wave 2 Adds Spawn
28 Wave 3 Adds Spawn
31 Attachment
46 Wave 4 Adds Spawn
48 Attachment
57 Attachment

The boss will go to the middle of the arena and become untargetable. Don't worry about him anymore, he just casts Attachment abilities from the center for the rest of the fight. It's also helpful to know that the shiny wall he puts up around him will not do anything to you. It looks very similar to the wall around the boss in Final Coil Turn 11, but this one literally does nothing.

Types of Orbs

  • Power Plasma Alpha: Can be stunned and slowed. Deals moderate AoE damage if they hit the middle. Applies Damage Down debuff to all party members if it hits the middle. Has relatively little HP.
  • Power Plasma Gamma: Untargetable enemy. Explodes for mid-range AoE damage if you walk into it. Explodes for lots of AoE damage if it hits the middle. Applies Damage Down debuff to all party members if it hits the middle.
  • Power Plasma Beta: Can be stunned and slowed. Deals significant AoE damage if it hits the middle. Has very high HP.

Power Plasma Spawn Order

  • Wave 1: 2 Alpha and 2 Gamma.
  • Wave 2: 2 Alpha, 2 Beta, and 1 Gamma.
  • Wave 3: 2 Alpha and 1 Gamma.
  • Wave 4: 3 Alpha and 1 Gamma.

Power Plasma Alpha

DPS should kill the Alphas. Generally, you want to split the melee so they are attacking different adds. Prioritize Alphas on the north side of the arena first. This way, if a Double Buster comes out and you have to stack south to split the damage, there is a higher probability of an Alpha being over on that side that you can attack while staying stacked for the Buster.

If you have a PLD, have them go around and stun all the Alphas. Melee DPS should hold their stuns until they seem necessary. You want to have the longer duration of a tank stun if you're going to stun it at all. If a melee stuns it first, it'll apply the diminishing return stun duration which could be counter-productive. All Alphas should be slowed by the caster and/or healer.

DPS should save cooldowns during the first two waves of adds because they will probably not be necessary, and you definitely need them if your 3rd or 4th Attachent is a Double Buster. If you see Double Buster used as the 1st or 2nd then you can probably use your cooldowns earlier without much worry. I'd highly discourage use of Blood for Blood at all during this phase.

Power Plasma Gamma

The tank without magic vulnerability needs to intercept the Gammas before they hit the middle. When they explode, they have a pretty wide range (like Double Drill range), so everyone needs to make sure to stay away from them.

Power Plasma Beta

Only two Betas will spawn during the whole fight, but they spawn at the same time. If they both hit the middle at the same time, you are pretty much guaranteed to wipe. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to make this easier to handle.


In phase 2, the order of the Attachment abilities is somewhat less random. There are only 4 Attachments total used in phase 2, and there are no repeats so it will use each ability once. Also, it will alternate between using a Drill and a Buster. So you will never see Single Drill right after Double Drill or Double Buster right after Single Buster. This makes them a little more predictable.

For Double Drill, your melee will no longer be in the center to bait the close-range drill. Instead, use a healer. Having a healer in the center will make it easier for them to get heals out on everyone (especially AoE heals) while handling the Double Drill mechanic effortlessly. This healer will need to watch out for Single Drills though. When the Single Drill comes out, they need to move over to the outside of the arena or they will get one-shot.

Phase 2 Double Drill Diagram
▼    Click to View Images    ▼

For Single Buster, the MT will be targeted by this. They should have a triangle or circle marker on their head, and they should run away from the rest of the party. Make sure they call out their marker and direction such as "buster on triangle going north". North is usually our default place for it.

For Double Buster, you'll want to set a stack point for the party to group up. Most people will be out killing Alphas all over the arena when it comes out so it's good to keep it as a static point. One exception to this rule is if Double Buster is the 4th (and last) Attachment used in the phase. If that happens, there will be 3 Alphas out that need killing and it will be very difficult to do so if your melee DPS all have to disconnect to stack up for Double Buster. In this situation, you may want to simply call out to the party "Stack on Triangle" and make sure your tank lines up with one of the Alphas being attacked.

Swindler - Boss 3

0 Start
15 Enumeration + Height
29 Bio-Arithmeticks
30 Adds Spawn
46 Height
55 Enumeration
68 Bio-Arithmeticks
71 Gunners Spawn
79 Height
89 Enumeration + Height
100 Bio-Arithmeticks
109 Bio-Arithmeticks

Swindler Move List

  • Enumeration: Targets a 1 tank and 1 healer. Allows 5 seconds to stack in the amount of people equal to the number of revolving orbs (2-4). Having less or more than the required amount of players in the ring will deal significant damage to players in the ring.
  • Height: Players with Low Arithmeticks must be on a high (red) platform when Height is cast. Players with High Arithmeticks must be on a low platform when Height is cast. Being on the wrong platform will cause you to be hit with Height Error for massive damage.
  • Bio-Arithmeticks: Raid-wide AoE magic damage.
  • Auxilliary Power: Green AoE cenetered on Swindler. Casted periodically and gives a Damage Up stack and a Vulnerability Down stack to nearby adds.

Start Position

Because Enumeration requires players to be in two stacks of four players, and Height requires players to split between high/low platforms the resulting optimal positioning is to be in your respective groups right on the dividing line of platforms.
▼    Click to View Images    ▼


A yellow ring will appear around a tank, and another around a healer. Each circle will have 2-4 orbs inside of it. The number of orbs indicates the number of players who must be in the ring. You have 5 seconds to shuffle people around to get the appropriate number in the ring.

Since Enumeration will always target 1 healer and 1 tank, and you always require a minimum of 2 players to stack in the ring, it makes it a lot easier to just always have healers stacked with each other and tanks stacked with each other. If the Enumeration only requires 2 players, then you're already set by having the 2 players in it. This essentially makes the mechanic a no-brainer for all healers and tanks since they know they will always be in. This puts all the work on the DPS to determine how many players are required in the stack and whether they need to go in or not.

To handle a 3 or 4 stack Enumeration, you need to specify a priority for the DPS. You need to choose a #1 ranged dps and a #2 ranged dps, as well as a #1 melee and #2 melee. This will allow you to easily allocate people into the stacks without any discussion required. However, if we get a 4 stack we will still call out "all melee in" or "all ranged in" just to be safe.


Before the boss casts Height, he will mark all players with a debuff. This debuff is random and will be either High Arithmeticks or Low Arithmeticks. Don't pay attention to the names of these debuffs because they can confuse you on where you need to go. Just remember the color of the icons. Remember that the purple debuff means you need to be on a low platform, and the red debuff means you need to be on a high platform. Think of it in terms of temperature: red is hot and heat rises. Also, the high platforms glow red so you can match the red debuff to the color of the platform.

Be careful because the platforms will change elevation, often after you have received the debuff. The platform elevations are always in a checkerboard pattern and only alternate elevations, so they are not completely random. They will follow the following two patterns:

▼    Click to View Images    ▼

I highly recommend setting up our ACT custom triggers for the Height mechanic. It will call out which platform you need to go to. This is especially helpful when the Height and Enumeration happen at the same time. It's difficult to look at your debuff, the platforms, and the Enumeration orbs all within 5 seconds. By making one of these things audible instead of visual, you can eliminate 1/3 of the work.

The 12 Adds of the Not-So-Round Arena

Some strategies involve using LB on these adds, which certainly makes it faster and a little easier, but we decided it's more useful to use an LB3 + LB1 on the last boss instead. These adds are not really difficult anyway.

Twelve adds will spawn and aggro onto the MT. There are 9 Midan Soldiers, 1 Midan Hardhelm, 1 Midan Hardmind, and 1 Gobwalker XIVWTF-III. After these mobs spawn, we recommend doing a tank swap and dragging the boss to the south side. Just mirror the boss's position to the south the same way you had him in the north, not all the way to the edge of the arena. The reason for moving the boss is twofold: the boss uses that green AoE which will buff the adds, and also the Hardhelm and Hardmind might put Magic Vulnerability Down and Physical Vulnerability Down buffs on the boss. Moving the boss eliminates these problems.

Your tank should pull all the adds to the same location. Due to stuns, which I will explain below, you need to pull the adds closer to the Hardhelm and Hardmind spawn points, as shown in the diagram below.
▼    Click to View Images    ▼

You'll want to kill these adds as fast as possible for several reasons. The Gobwalker puts a stacking Vulnerability debuff on the tank; melee should focus the Gobwalker first. The first Defense Up buffs from the Hardhelm and Hardmind can be stunned, but if they live long enough they'll just use it again. And finally, the Soldiers will explode if left alive for too long. Fortunately, they all have pretty low HP. Do not use all your cooldowns either because you will need them for the next set of adds.

You should use an AST or WHM here to stun the adds. It will not be able to stun the Soldiers, but it will stun the Hardhelm and Hardmind, preventing them from using their defense buffs on all the adds. So about 2 seconds after they spawn, have your WHM cast Holy on them or have your AST use Celestial Opposition. A WHM will need to be accuracy-capped for this to work. If they aren't then have the melees each stun one add; this will make it more difficult to kill everything in time because targeting properly with 12 adds up can be very difficult. However, AST does not need to be accuracy-capped for Celestial Opposition.

The boss will then do another Height and Enumeration, then move him to the center of the arena. Ranged players will need to scoot back a little bit, but try to keep everyone relatively close together to make healing easier. As shown below:
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Goblin Snipers

Four Midan Gunners will spawn around the arena, each at one cardinal point (north, south, east, west). Split up your DPS and have each assigned to a Gunner. Use your OT and a healer to help out where needed (use voice chat).

The goblins will lock onto 4 different players when they spawn and use Snipethoom on them. Each time they use Snipethoom, it will deal more damage. The 3rd hit is usually a one-shot kill so it is important to kill the Gunners ASAP. These are considered physical damage though, so you can mitigate the damage with certain defensive cooldowns like Foresight, Shade Shift, Keen Flurry, etc.

The Gunners will sometimes lock onto a melee DPS that is supposed to be attacking it. This means that melee will not get any positional bonuses from their attacks. In this case, that player needs to call out to get help from the OT or healer because they do not want to risk having that goblin alive for the 3rd Snipethoom.

After the goblins are dead, continue killing the boss. He'll keep using Enumeration and Height so handle those accordingly. Right after snipers he will use Bio-Arithmeticks (AoE) twice in a row so be prepared for that healing. It'll probably take both healers to keep everyone alive.

Vortexer - Boss 4

0 Start
7 Brute Force
16 Elemental Jammer
17 Fire AoEs
23 Fire Beams
32 Brute Force
38 Lightning/Water Pass
40 Ice Missiles
53 Brute Force
60 Lightning/Water Pass
61 Fire AoEs
68 Fire Beams
77 Super Cyclone
82 Lightning/Water Pass
84 Brute Force
95 Ultra Flash

Vortexer Move List

  • Brute Force: Moderate to high damage single target tank buster on MT. Applies a stack of Physical Vulnerability.
  • Elemental Jammer: Applies Compressed Lightning and Compressed Water to 2 random non-tanks. Lightning cannot target healers.
  • Fire Beam: Linear AoEs originating from boss targeting 1 tank, 1 healer, 2 DPS.
  • Compressed Lightning: 20s debuff. When it hits 0s it will hit the target with a lightning-based AoE. If 1 other player is hit with the AoE, it deals Crashing Thunder. If 0 or 2+ other players get hit with the Aoe, it will deal additional damage. After the debuff is passed to another player, the previous one gets a Lightning Resistance Down
  • Compressed Water: 20s debuff. When it hits 0s it will hit the target with a water-based AoE. The damage is split between players. At least 3 players are recommended to split this damage, and 4 is preferred. After the debuff is passed to another player, the previous one gets a Water Resistance Down
  • Crashing Thunder: Deals medium-high damage in an AoE centered on the player who had Compressed Lightning. Deals higher damage with the more players it hits.
  • Crashing Wave: Deals medium-high damage in an AoE centered on the player who had Compressed Water. Deals lower damage with the more players it hits.
  • Punishing Thunder: Deals very high arena-wide damage when the player who has Compressed Lightning dies.
  • Punishing Wave: Deals very high arena-wide damage when the player who has Compressed Water dies.
  • Ice Missile: Randomly targets two players. Deals medium damage in AoE centered on the target. Leaves behind a ground AoE that will inflict damage over time if stepped in. The AoEs will grow twice. If it touches a Waterspout (tornado), it will freeze it.
  • Super Cyclone: Deals low-medium damage in raid-wide AoE. Inflicts large knockback to all players from the boss's position.
  • Ultra Flash: Deals massive damage in raid-wide AoE. Destroys all Waterspouts (frozen and unfrozen). Removes all effects of Lightning Resistance Down, Water Resistance Down, Compressed Lightning, and Compressed Water.


You'll want to set waymarks according to what your group needs. For our group, we set waymarks for tornado placements and Ice Missile placement. Another useful one would be the Fire Beam stack position. See our waymarks below:
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Your default position for the boss will be dead center. This will help handle the Fire Beams and the knockback from Super Cyclone.

Vortexer Overview

Many of this boss's mechanics all tie together and happen very quickly or overlap each other. Because of this, I'm going to give a general overview of what you need to accomplish in this fight so that you can follow this guide a little better.

The boss uses Ultra Flash at the end of a phase rotation. This will kill everyone. The only way to survive it is to hide behind a frozen tornado. A tornado spawns whenever a person passes the Compressed Water debuff from one player to another. This pass happens 3 times but you can only freeze 1 of them. The 2nd tornado needs to be destroyed (which you can do with Fire Beam). The 3rd tornado will be destroyed by Ultra Flash so you just have to put it somewhere out of the way.

Ice Missile only happens once per rotation, so you have to freeze the first tornado (no other option). This also means that you have to be sure not to destroy the 1st tornado with the 2nd Fire Beam that goes out because you'll need it to survive Ultra Flash. At the same time, you need to kill the 2nd tornado with Fire Beam or else it will explode after a certain amount of time has passed.

Finally, there is the Compressed Lightning and Compressed Water debuffs. When the phase starts, Vortexer will cast Elemental Jammer which places the Lightning on a random DPS and Water on a random non-tank (healer or DPS). Since they don't target tanks, we can use the tanks in our strategy as static players who we can rely on to always be able to pass the Lightning debuff at certain points so that's useful. Other than that, players need to pay attention to their own debuffs and determine where they need to be during element passes. If more or less than 2 people are hit by Lightning during the pass, it does extra damage (usually wiping them). If less than 4 people are hit by Water during the pass, it also does extra damage (usually wiping them).

Fire Beams #1

There are two parts to the Fire mechanic. The first part is that four random people will be targeted by an AoE that will drop and stay on the ground. If anyone walks into these fire puddles they get a debuff called Sludge that deals heavy (about 6k) damage over time. It can be cleansed, but it usually results in death. The second part of the mechanic is about 2 seconds after the puddles drop on the ground, the four players with the overhead indicator will be shot with a linear AoE coming from the boss called Fire Beam. The Fire Beam will destroy a tornado if it hits it. You want to avoid hitting a frozen tornado, but you DO want to hit the non-frozen tornado with it.

Everyone stack slightly north of the boss (who will be in mid) to bait the circle fire AoEs there. If you don't use a waymark, it's a good idea to use the marker on the OT as a reference. Do not move until you see the circular AoEs on the ground, then spread out to pre-assigned positions.

Positioning for the Fire Beams will be as follows (all positions relative to the boss): Healers stack together S, tanks stack together SW, melee 1 SE, melee 2 E, ranged 1 NW, ranged 2 N. The DPS positions are flexible as long as you avoid the west side. Although there's no tornado there right now, it's just good to practice for the 2nd Fire Beams.

Fire Beam #1 Diagram
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1st Element Passing

Tanks swap as soon as the 2nd Physical Vulnerability stack goes out.
The new MT and person with Lightning debuff stay mid.
OT goes away from everyone.
Everyone else goes west.
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Ice Missile

You need at least one ice AoE to freeze the tornado. Aim to put them in the NW and SW. As long as you get one of these in place, the other can go out to the east if they feel that it's necessary. The max freeze range is from the "nipple" of one circle on the ground to the "nipple" of the adjacent ones. You cannot get much closer than that to the tornado because it will do an AoE knockback and damage. It's important to know that the ice AoE will expand twice after it hits the ground. Do NOT try to put it in range of the tornado based on the initial AoE size or you WILL get hit by the tornado.

2nd Element Passing

Person who was targeted with Compressed Water in the 1st cycle will now go mid to take Compressed Lightning off the MT.
OT stays away from everyone again.
Everyone else stack south this time for Compressed Water
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Fire Beams #2

Make sure the boss is in the center again. You'll do this the same way you did the first Fire mechanics. Bait the fire AoEs just north of center. Spread out to pre-assigned positions afterward for the Fire Beams. Healers need to make sure they are lined up with the 2nd tornado to destroy it. Everyone else needs to make sure they are not hitting the frozen tornado in the west.
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Super Cyclone (knockback) comes about 2-3 seconds after Fire Beam so make sure you move into position to get knocked back into the correct position for the 3rd element pass.

3rd Element Passing

Player with water vulnerability (second person targeted by Compressed Water in the rotation) will stack with MT and the boss in west-southwest.
Player with Compressed Lightning and the OT will stack west-northwest.
Everyone else stacks south for Water.
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When the boss casts Ultra Flash, go hide behind the frozen tornado. Make sure the tornado is between you and the boss.

It's a lot to take in, and it all happens a lot faster than you would expect from just reading about it. You really need to memorize all these patterns before going into the fight or else you will definitely fail. However, that's it. That's the whole fight! Vortexer just repeats this phase until the enrage timer.

The best part about beating this fight is that you can now get Lore weapons! This fight only becomes easier after the first clear. Good luck!.


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Job-Specific Tips

DRG Tips by Octal Gore

First Boss: On the first boss I save Dragonfire Dive until the set of mirages, both for extra dps on the adds and because you won't be able to fit in all your jumps on your opener before the first set of mines spawn anyway. After a combo on the middle guy unless the adds are dying too quickly, I hit Ring of Thorns a few times to help on the outer adds.

Second Boss: On this boss I don't hold anything during the first part, all the cds you need for the add phase are up by the end of the first phase anyway. I try to make sure I have Leg Sweep and Spineshatter Dive up for the last three alphas because due to the middle bosses mechanics your group may need an emergency stun.

Third Boss: Once again, open with everything. Pot should be up again by this point, so use it at the beginning with your opener so it'll be up later during vortexer. Depending on how your group deals with the first set of adds, you may want to hold on to Leg Sweep when it comes up after the first height/stack phase so that you can stun either the hardhelm or hardmind. Just like with saving Leg Sweep, if your group is not lbing and instead aoeing the first set of adds then I also save Dragonfire Dive for them. On the second set of adds (Snipers) I also have to save at least a few cds, Internal Release, Life Surge with a 4th combo ability, Power Surge with Jump, and just a Leg Sweep and part of a second combo will be enough to drop it before its 3rd shot assuming you switch to the add quickly after it spawns.

Fourth Boss: If you potted on the third boss then your pot should be up again around the second elemental jammer. Make sure to use geirskogul sparingly on this phase, due to all the moving around for buffs. Usually your safe to pop it while stacking in the middle for fire, or at the end of a combo when your sure you'll be able to get another 4th combo in. Also, don't be afraid to finish your combo before you have to move behind the ice for ultra flash, just make sure that you refresh BoD, loosing it will be your biggest dps loss this phase.

DRK Tips by Mahida Turgana

Blaster - As OT, the first set of mines is very important. Get the mines as soon as they are active, do not wait, do not hesitate. It is imperative you get back to handle mirages with your group quickly, this simplifies the mirages immensely. The only time you should wait is for someone to move out of the way. You should use the knockback of the mines to your advantage, position yourself intelligently. When the second phase is about to end pop Convalescence if you have a scholar, otherwise use it just as you're about to take the first mine of the second phase. For each set of mines, you should use Plunge to get back to the boss as soon as possible, this allows you to position with the rest of the group for dodging Mirage. Use Sole Survivor just before the boss dies so you have mana going into the next boss.

Brawler - As MT, the tank swap should be at 2 stacks, this means you will be the target for mechanics on the final phase. Save your Plunge for when you are the active tank in the chance a drill mechanic (Single or Double) occurs. This allows you to Plunge back in after running out, keeping the boss centered at all times. Use Sole Survivor in the final phase, on one of the last Alpha orbs.

Swindler - Do not use Shadow Wall at any point after the adds die if you are the second tank on Vortexer. Use Sole Survivor just before the boss dies for extra mana going into the next boss.

Vortexer - If are tanking when the Knockback goes out, use Shadow Wall here as the buster will come out shortly after.

MCH Tips by Outof Names

1 First guy: Use all your cool downs at the start since it is the biggest window you have to do a full rotation, don't use any other buff cool downs (B4B, HE, WF) for this guy. You need to save cool downs for the next guy if you use anything over 60 seconds on this guy after he lands it won't be up for the second guy. If raid dps is on par he should be dead in under a minute anyways so you won't be sitting in B4B and HE for too long. As for mechanic make sure to move in during your 1-2-3 combo proc in to the melee to reduce dps downtime. Reload as soon as you interrupt the second Mind Blast, so that it will be up on the second guy when he is pulled wait any longer and you will have a Reload-less opener =(.

2 Second guy: If you manage your cool downs right on the first guy everything should be back up for this guy when he is pulled, in some cases Hypercharge will have anything from 5-12 seconds left on it at most when pulled. As for this guy mechanic in P1 just try not to move as much and when you have to because of double drill, or canon just be ready either by moving during proc or stance dance and take barrel off and on. Phase 2 Make sure not to use buff cool downs again same reason as first guy need them for third guy which will be a big deal because that one you will have pot back up for. But use your Reload no later than the end of the first wave of Alphas so that it will be up for the next guy, and kinda sit around the middle inside the boss's halo thing and just tab around and kill the Alphas the melee are not on makes it easier not having to move from the Bayblades in there and more dps up time.

3 Third guy: At the start do the normal full opener and go ham with pot, after the first big aoe he does drop bishop where the mobs are going to be aoed down, if you have a SMN and you want to make him feel sad just take barrel off and spam your aoe, if you run out of TP you are doing it right. After that watch SMN cry for 15 seconds this is really important for the fight trust me if you don't watch him cry you risk wiping the raid. After the second stack up mechanic Reload should be coming off cool down shortly, I recommend not using it because Sniper will be spawning soon and it helps if you are soloing it or if you have the SCH helping with dots to burst it down in under 2 stacks if you have the 5 ammunition stacks. Aside from that same rule don't use any buff cool downs after opener, and kill.

4 Forth guy: Since this guy is the last guy you need to kill you don't have to hold back any cool downs anymore. Do the normal opener and don't worry about running in to stack right away you have time to get your opener rolling and move in when you are on the 1-2-3 combo proc phase of your opener. I recommend reusing all your cooldowns after the 2nd rotation 1st elemental passing point since at this point (RS, B4B, HE, and pot) will be up, I think it is a dps loss to just pop them after the end of the first rotation since all your cooldowns are up but your pot is about 15 seconds or less from coming up.

SCH Tips by Viva Diva

Boss 1 - Blaster

  • It's possible to get clipped two mirages standing on tank if melee positioning is too close. Watch positioning carefully for that possibility.
  • Start the fight with Deployment Tactics. If it's applied 10 seconds before the pull it will still be on the OT as he/she is getting the first mine grab allowing me to stay in cleric stance and not heal the OT at all.
  • As adds spawn I put up my dots, bane, and then succor the raid to prep them for the next mirage mechanic. Either myself or my co-healer SS the OT and I ask him to use Convalescence during the transition for adlo. I then dps until mirage drop.
  • Tether mirages on landing can bring people too low to survive charges. With succor up it should be enough but I may also use indom here. My co-healer keeps himself positioned to have better range on the raid and gets a heal out just after the mirages drop. I have whispering dawn up if I'm using Eos and I sometimes indom the mirage drop damage depending on hp.
  • Any subsequent mines pickups require active healing for the OT to survive. If dps is good you can skip.
  • We had our warrior MT this fight because it was a big dps gain since he could keep up slashing debuff easier than when he was the OT. After each mirage charge the tank takes some hard hits. He/she should pop a cd and your main healer needs ignore charge damage for focused healing on the MT.

Boss 2 - Brawler

  • All attacks are magical including autoattacks. If your tank pulls with stacks from previous boss he will probably be one shot by the first autoattack. If double buster is the first move I suggest OT stand out of the soak if stacks have not fallen off from prior boss. However, this is a great opportunity to troll your tank and I suggest taking full advantage of this mechanic to do just that.
  • The first phase can be solo healed. Tank busters hit very hard. We tank swap after two stacks with our DRK pulling first. When our warrior takes the boss he will HG the buster.
  • Our caster stands to the side to take the double drill and does not stack with us for the soak. Splitting double buster with 7 players is not difficult to heal through.
  • First wave of adds has two alpha orbs and two green orbs. I help slow and dps these two to spawn next wave.
  • Two beta orbs spawn and DRK immediately stuns one. We do not touch the other. I slow the orb he stuns then prep the raid for aoe. Fey Covenant can be used. Virus, delirium, path, and rend mind the beta for extra mitigation. There is either a tank buster or aoe back to back as the beta aoe hits so save an aetherflow stack for indom. Since we have a summoner we can also Virus the second beta and there is time to get succor up.
  • I then help slow the last 4 alpha orbs that spawn and dps until the finish.

Boss 3 - Swindler

  • LD and HG were not needed during adds. Warrior was able to tank adds in deliverance with minor cds with me (scholar) solo healing while the AST gravity spammed adds.
  • I put down early shadow flare for the MCH's add. We don't always kill snipers quickly enough to prevent third shot so I put up two dots then succor everyone in range to mitigate it.
  • I suggest dps save a cd for snipers because it does create a lot of issues having people get hit for 16k+ damage on the 3rd sniper shot.
  • I melded VIT for this mechanic.

Boss 4 - Vortexer

Our AST was able to solo heal with minor support from me with succor before and after fire beams. I probably could have gotten by without even that but we were well ahead of enrage so I chose to play it safe. I used Eos for the extra support.

SMN Tips by Ravi Red

Blaster - I open by popping all of my pet buffs prepull, while also hitting raging strikes and my pot around the 5 second mark before the pull (this allows 3 uses of my pot throughout the fight). I proceed to use Enkindle along with popping Dreadwyrm Trance and continuously casting ruin 3 until Deathflare, and Swiftcast a ruin 3 to move away from mines while still casting. This is also a good window to throw in a fester. During the add phase I throw tri-disaster on the middle mirage along with a Shadow flare in the middle. I then bane and Painflare and cast Blizzard 2 in the middle, choosing to shave my next Dreadwyrm Trance to put more dps on the boss. However if aoe dps is slow or a dps happens to die before the mirage adds it's perfectly acceptable to pop your Dreadwyrm Trance and Deathflare the adds from the middle to help make up for the lost damage on the adds) I then make sure to keep my dots and pet buffs up while using Dreadwyrm Trance again making sure to get 2 festers in before I Deathflare, saving the last fester for when the boss is below 10%, this allows you to open on Brawler with Dreadwyrm Trance.

Brawler - For the first phase the caster should be baiting on the outside for double drills so very little to no movement is required allowing you to get the most from every Dreadwyrm Trance. During the add phase it's important to help keep miasma up on the alpha orbs as well as coordinating Virus with your scholar on the beta orbs. Dreadwyrm Trance and ruin 3 are both very nice to use here as well.

Swindler - Should be able to achieve a semi normal opener here in the beginning, however if your group plans to save lb for Vortexer you will want to save Enkindle for the adds here as well. Once the adds appear go big dick, this is the very reason you most likely play summoner, pop tri-disaster on the gobwalker followed by a Deathflare as soon as the adds spawn as you should have just enough time to get one off before your Dreadwyrm Trance expires, then follow into a bane and Painflare and those adds will be gone before you know it. You should have 1 more fester to throw at Swindler before the gunners spawn so don't forget to refresh your dots and do so. When the gunners spawn, Dreadwyrm Trance and go ham with ruin 3 on your gunner until dead, freeing you up to hit the boss (or another gunner that may need help). After this the boss should be downed shortly after so I opt to save my Aetherflow for the next boss, Vortexer.

Vortexer - This boss is all about making the most of your time spent not moving in between mechanics, a good time to pop Dreadwyrm Trance here would be behind the ice before ultra flash or while your baiting the flame aoes next to the boss, popping here will allow you to get all of your ruin 3 and fester in between off before Deathflare, don't forget to keep up a Shadow flare towards the middle as this boss shouldn't move much minus the movement required for ultra flash. Keep these tips in mind while keeping up with your dots and cds while remembering that last pot that should come up toward the 2nd elemental jammer if you popped it at the beginning of swindler and you should have the kill in no time.


There are 2 chests if no one in the group has cleared for the week. They contain either a head, hands, or feet piece. Every player will also get a Midan Manifesto - Page 2 (limit 1 per player per week). The Manifesto can be used to purchase additional gear. The chests will also contain one High-Capacity Tomestone to purchase an ilvl 230 Lore weapon and one Illuminati Dark Gobcoat to upgrade a Lore accessory to 240.

NOTE: You may notice some Head, Hands, and Feet pieces missing here. That's because they drop in A7S. Thanks, Reddit, for the crowdsourcing.


Midan Headband of Fending
Midan Goggles of Scouting
Midan Mask of Striking


Midan Gloves of Aiming
Midan Gloves Casting
Midan Gloves of Healing
Midan Gloves of Maiming
Midan Gloves of Scouting


Midan Boots of Aiming
Midan Boots Casting
Midan Sabatons of Fending
Midan Boots of Healing
Midan Boots of Maiming
Midan Boots of Striking