Alexander - Eyes of the Creator (Savage) - A9S
By Shasta Kota of Death and Taxes <DnT> on Gilgamesh


"Raised from the waters by the thrice-mad Illuminati, the steel colossus Alexander yet towers over the Thaliak, bleeding the hinterlands dry with a thirst for aether that will not be slaked. The time has come for action. As Y'shtola and Master Matoya seek to magically sever the primal's death grip on the land, you will take to the skies with Cid in hopes of securing an ingress through the colossus's mighty pate. The realm itself cries out for succor—will you rise to answer its call?"

Minimum required average item level is 245.

Welcome to the first fight in the new savage raid tier of patch 3.4! Don't stress over it too much, because these are some of the easier fights out of all the Alexander raids. The development team decided we needed a break from all the exploding raid groups over the past year. The familiar soundtrack may also help to ease you into your new surroundings. The A11S track will even attempt to bring back some memories of happier times so that you can move forward before going back to go forward and then back and then... Anyway, here's Wonderwall.

Side note: I've divided these phases based on when Power Generators spawn or when Full-Metal Faust spawns. This is just my personal opinion on what the phases should be, and there's not really any right or wrong way to do this. In most fights, it is easy to determine phases based on points where mechanics repeat in loops or where the mechanics change instantaneously once the boss reaches a certain HP%, but that does not happen in A9S. This fight has absolutely zero phase pushes based on boss HP, and the mechanics do not loop, so it's kinda like one really long phase. I just split it up into multiple phases for the sake of easier discussion.


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Job-Specific Tips

Quick Fight Guide

Phase 1
  • Position party either in the NE corner or direct N pre-pull. Tank boss facing S.
  • Bunch of dead adds spawn on the ground and boss soaks them up. Nothing you can do about this, it's just demonstrating how the mechanic works.
  • Another set of 6 dead adds spawn and two Power Generators, which you can pick up.
  • Place Power Generators near the adds' bodies to bring them to life. Off tank and a healer should do this.
  • The walls in the NE corner of the arena will start glowing. Pull all your adds to this corner, and keep them close to the middle by the boss.
  • Focus on killing the adds.
  • While killing adds, 3 people will be marked. They just need to stand near the boss. This drop scrap piles on top of those players, but does no damage. Just stack up near each other next to the boss to drop the piles.
  • Boss does an AoE and you must be standing behind the new scrap piles to avoid it (LoS the boss). After this attack, once the adds are all dead, everyone should rotate to the East. Make sure you're on the SE platform, but stay as close to E as possible. Tank should also rotate to W side so boss turns.

Phase 2
  • Boss will do an attack that covers most of the arena, except for a small cone directly behind him. After this attack, you're safe to move again for a while.
  • More dead adds spawn and 2 more Power Generators. Pick up the Generators and go put them next to the adds to revive them.
  • Bring all the adds over to the SE platform and kill them there. Try to keep them close to the boss so you can Bane off of him.
  • While the adds are being moved, the 4 DPS get marked with Acid Rain AoEs that damage an area around them. The DPS all need to spread out for this. Recommend melees on each side of the boss, and the ranged against the East wall.
  • After adds are dead, rotate back to the NE platform. Stay close to the East though because boss is going to do another attack where you must be behind him.

Phase 3
  • Full-metal Faust spawns directly North. OT should pick him up and move him directly East while MT stays West.
  • Boss does another large area attack, so make sure everyone is behind the boss, but also killing Faust.
  • After Scrapline is done, move Faust to the SW platform, but still close to South so it's not quite as far to run. Put a melee on each side of Faust, one against the S wall and one next to the boss. Put the two ranged dps on the SE platform against the E wall. Healers stand between melee and ranged DPS on the SE platform.
  • Kill Faust ASAP and he needs to die on the SW platform.
  • Move party back to NE platform.
  • 3 players will be targeted with scrap piles again. Drop these on the SE platform, close to the boss. Handle this same as phase 1.

Phase 4
  • Once the SE lava is gone, move SE again. MT will then go North.
  • An Alarum and dead adds spawn. The Alarum tethers and only attacks the first person who attacks it. A ranged DPS or healer should pick up the Alarum, and drag it to the middle of the SE platform. Kill the Alarum there.
  • Alarum drops a purple puddle upon death. Walking into the puddle gives a Minimum debuff.
  • You only get 1 Power Generator here. OT should use it to revive the 3 adds on the NW platform. Drag the Vangobs to the SW platform and kill them there.
  • Party stack back up on the SE platform.
  • When boss uses Double Scrapline (360 degree AoE), everyone (including MT) should walk into the purple AoE puddle to get Minimum so you can survive the attack.

Phase 5
  • This phase is similar to last phase, but harder. Pick up the new Alarum and kill it on the SW platform this time.
  • More dead adds spawn in the SE corner and you have 2 Generators this time. Have your OT and healer pick them up. Drag them to NW corner and kill them there.
  • Additionally, two bombs spawn in the NE corner. The MT should rotate around to the SE platform to avoid the explosions, then stay East.
  • After the adds are dead, party should move to the SW platform.
  • When boss uses Double Scrapline, get into the purple puddle again for Minimum debuff. MT go North after Double Scrapline.

Phase 6
  • You'll get another Alarum here, and more adds (spawning NW and SE this time). Kill the Alarum SE.
  • You should use the Power Generator to revive the adds in the NW. Kill these on SW platform.
  • Party stay SW, and MT stay NE until Bombs explode. After bombs, party go SE, and MT go NW.
  • When boss does Double Scrapline, everone get in purple puddle.

Phase 7
  • Exactly the same as Phase 5.

Enemy Ability List

Note: Damage amounts listed DO include Protect mitigation but nothing else. Due to the difficulty with calculating damage reduction due to physical defense and magical defense, the "Dmg Target" column will tell what type of player the "Dmg Estimate" is for. Example: If "Dmg Estimate" says "20k" and "Dmg Target" says "DPS" that means a DPS with Protect but no other mitigation would take about 20k damage from the attack; a tank would take less damage from the same attack.

These damage estimates are for players with an average item level of 245.

Refurbisher 0

Ability Damage Type Dmg Estimate Dmg Target Description
Autoattack Physical 1.8k Tank Single target damage to primary threat target.
Acid Rain Magical 15k DPS Marks four players with a blue overhead icon. After 5 seconds, each marked player has an AoE hit them, centered on each marked player.
Double Scrapline Physical 63k DPS AoE that covers the entire arena. Meant to wipe a party if not handled properly. Having the Minimum debuff will cause the attack to miss the affected player.
Scrap Physical 10k Tank Linear AoE directed at primary threat player. No cast bar.
Scrap Bomb Unknown 70k DPS Telegraphed by stacking indicator. 5s after telegraph, AoE hits targeted player and is split between nearby players.
Scrap Burst Physical 20k DPS Deals AoE damage to any player in line-of-sight of Refurbisher 0. Players damaged by this attack are afflicted with Concussion DoT.
Scrapline Physical 40k DPS 270 degree (possibly larger) AoE, with a small safe spot in the rear of the boss.
Stockpile n/a n/a n/a Absorbs the bodies of any adds in the arena. Additional effects are granted to Refurbisher 0 depending on the type and quantity of bodies absorbed. See "Stockpile Buffs" section for more details.

Enemy HP & DPS Requirements

Enemy HP Attack Uptime (seconds) DPS Goal / Required
Refurbisher 0 3,503,100 550 6369
Full-metal Faust 334,900 42 7974
Panzer Doll Scrap 33,900 n/a n/a
Vangob Scrap 33,900 n/a n/a
Gobtank Scrap 33,900 n/a n/a
Alarum 24,000 n/a n/a

Stockpile Buffs

There are various enemies that spawn during the fight. Only their dead bodies spawn, but you have to bring them to life in order to kill them again (we'll get to that). When the boss absorbs a body, one of its debuffs (Right Arm Reassembly, Left Arm Reassembly, or Main Hull Reassembly) will count down and will gain certain effects depending on the quantity and type of enemies absorbed. Here are those effects:

Add Name Reduces Debuff Add'l Effect
Panzer Doll Scrap (faust) 1x Right Arm Gives boss 1 stack of Damage Up
Gobtank Scrap (spider) 1x Main Hull Heals boss for about 2%
Vangob Scrap (large) 1x Left Arm Heals boss for about 2%
Refurbished Magitek Vangob G-III (very large) 3x Left Arm Heals boss for about 2%

Technically, any add type that is absorbed after its corresponding Reassembly debuff is gone will give a Damage Up stack to the boss. The Panzer Doll Scraps are just the most obvious because we spend the whole fight with no Right Arm Reassembly debuff, but if you screw up enough it can happen with other mobs too. For example, if he absorbs 4 Vangob Scraps, you'll end up with no more stacks of Left Arm Reassembly + 1 Damage Up stack (not to mention the boss healing for 8% HP). I know no one has bothered to tell you before, but this is how the Stockpile mechanic really works, and this is why we have chosen the Power Generator revive order that we have laid out in this strategy. There are technically other strats you can use for reviving the adds, but you'll end up with more Damage Up stacks and more boss HP regeneration than the method in this guide.

Regarding the Refurbished Magitek Vangob G-III, we never actually revive this guy and he only appears once (SE corner in phase 4), but he looks like an extra large Vangob Scrap and the fat fuck wipes out 3 stacks of the Left Arm Reassembly debuff all by himself when absorbed via Stockpile. However, reviving him is also not a good idea. He tethers to whoever revives him. and immediately attacks with Cermet Drill which is an AoE that deals around 50k damage.

Fight Strategy

Positioning (Whole Fight)

Although the boss doesn't move any more than to rotate in different directions, this is still a very important part of the fight. Rotating the boss, and positioning adds, are pretty much the most important parts of this fight. Proper positioning will make this fight STUPIDLY easy. Here is a cheat sheet for positioning for the fight:

For main tank:
  • P1: Start South, facing boss South.
  • P1: While party is stacked NE, after boss does his AoE Scrap Burst, move to the West side. Don't wait for adds to die.
  • P3: When Faust begins to spawn in the North, move over to the South side to take less damage from the AoE. Then immediately go back West.
  • P3: As soon as Faust dies, and after SE lava is gone, go to the North.
  • P4: During Double Scrapline, go in the purple puddle (should be SE). Then back to North
  • P5: When the 2 bombs spawn NE, rotate to directly SE to avoid the bomb explosions.
  • P5: After bombs, move to East.
  • P5: During Double Scrapline, go in the purple puddle (should be SW) then back to East.
  • P6: When Bombs drop in NW and SE, go NE. After bombs explode, go NW.
For party:
  • P1: Start North/Northeast.
  • P1: Drop your scrap piles on NE platform, as close to boss as possible. Kill adds on NE platform and rotate to East.
  • P1: After Scrapline, ranged DPS go along East wall, one healer SE, one healer handle Power Generator, offtank handle other Power Generator, melee on the back left and back right of the boss (SE and NE).
  • P2: Power Generator handlers, move adds on the SE platform.
  • P2: After Acid Rain, kill adds on the SE platform. Then everyone move to the NE platform, but stay as East as possible.
  • P3: When Faust starts to spawn, move away from his AoE icon, then stack up East.
  • P3: OT move Faust to East after he spawns.
  • P3: After Scrapline, OT move Faust to SW platform, staying close to South. One melee on each side of Faust at max melee range. Ranged DPS on SE platform along the East wall. Healers stand between melee and ranged DPS.
  • P3: After Faust dies, stay on SE platform for Scrap Burst; 3 players will be targeted with scrap piles again.
  • P3: Move to NE platform after Scrap Burst.
  • P3: Move to SE platform after SE lava is gone.
  • P4: After Double Scrapline, move West.
  • P5: Kill Alarum SW, kill adds NW. Then stay SW.
  • P5: After Double Scrapline, move South.
  • P6: Kill Alarum SE, kill adds SW. Then stay SW.
  • P6: After Bombs explode, move SE.

I recommend putting down waymarks before you start. Just put one in each corner (and refer to the unmarked corner as "D" or "unmarked"). This will help get people positioned properly during the fight.

Phase 1

0 --Start--
8 Stockpile
14 Power Generator Spawn
22 Scrap
28 Scrap Targets Marked
38 Scrap Burst
47 Scrap
54 Scrap
60 NE Lava
63 Stockpile
71 Scrapline

Boss Aggro

You may notice that the boss won't aggro you at the start until you attack it. If you need to precast Foe Requiem, go all the way into a corner, because that will aggro the boss if you're too close. This is good news for melee DPS because you can stand right next to the boss while you countdown to start the fight.

Melting Adds

You will be introduced to two of the main mechanics very shortly into the fight. The first of which is how to handle the adds. It's a little odd but the adds in this fight usually spawn already dead. You just see their dead bodies drop down onto the floor. The trick here is that if you leave them there, the boss will do an ability to suck up all the dead bodies and he can get a buff from it. Each body he absorbs reduces the count of one of his debuffs, and when the debuff wears off he gets a new ability. These debuffs will fall off later in the fight, but additional fight mechanics enable you to survive the new attacks he receives from the buff. If he gets these abilities prematurely by your failure to handle the adds, you will simply wipe.

The proper way to deal with the adds is to revive their dead bodies, move them over to a glowing platform, and kill them there. After a short time, the glowing platform will light up with molten lava and melt all the dead bodies. Then the boss has no adds to absorb and buff himself. The order of platforms that light up is the same each time you attempt the fight. The position of the adds is also consistent. Note: When I say "glowing platform", what I mean is the walls of that platform start getting hazy, like this and the rails near the boss in that corner will turn red like this.

For this first phase, there will be 3 adds spawning on the SE platform, and 3 on the NW platform. You will get two Power Generators. Your offtank should pick up one of these and drop it on a set of 3 adds. Your healer should do the same with the other Power Generator. When the adds revive, they will tether to the player who revived them and aggro cannot be transferred. Your healer and offtank will then need to drag all the adds over to the NE platform (this is the first platform that will light up on fire.

There used to be a bug where applying the fairy abilities, such as Fey Illumination and Whispering Dawn, would cause players to drop their Power Generators (and they cannot be picked up again). This is no longer an issue as of a hotfix on Oct 6, 2016.

Scrap Burst

Shortly after the adds spawn, four players will be marked with an overhead icon (one of these will always be MT). Scrap piles will drop on top of the locations of these 4 players. This does no damage, so don't worry about spreading out. Just position the 3 non-MT players on the NE platform as close to the boss as possible. This requires some multitasking because you still have to kill the adds during this time too. As soon as the scrap piles are in position, line up all your players behind them to block line-of-sight of the boss. The boss will use Scrap Burst and you must be hiding behind the scrap piles to avoid taking damage.

The main tank should go to West as soon as Scrap Burst is done. As soon as the adds are dead, everyone needs to go to the SE platform, staying close to East. The NE platform you were just standing on will fill with lava so you should not be standing there when that happens. Standing in a lava platform will give you a burns debuff that deals about 7k damage per tick. It's survivable if your healers are paying attention, but takes a lot of extra healing to survive. Generally, having more than 2 players with the burns debuff will probably result in some deaths.


After repositioning to the SE platform, you'll see one of the potential party-wiping mechanics, Scrapline. This is the same as normal mode, but does not have an AoE indicator this time. Handling it is really easy, just have everyone behind the boss (except main tank obviously). Main tank will have to eat the damage, but he can survive with healing and cooldowns. Scrapline only happens a handful of times in the fight, so after it happens you don't have to worry about it for the rest of a phase.

Phase 2

0 Power Generator Spawn
8 Scrap
20 Scrap
20 Acid Rain
27 Scrap
42 Scrap Bomb
46 SE Lava
52 Stockpile
60 Scrapline

Acid Rain

After Scrapline from phase 1 is done, your NE platform should be clear to stand on again.Go ahead and get everyone in position for Acid Rain. This puts a blue overhead icon on your four DPS. The size of the AoE is kinda large and you don't want anyone to take damage from more than one so try not to overlap them. A convenient positioning is to put one melee on the back left side, SE, where the rear and flank meet, put the other melee on the other side NE, and line up your ranged DPS along the East wall. The healers can go anywhere, but I recommend SE. Remember, it's ok to run through one of the Acid Rain AoEs because one won't kill you. As long as your AoEs aren't overlapping, there should be no potential for death.

Recap for Acid Rain Positions:

  • Melee #1 stand SE near the boss.
  • Melee #2 stand NE near the boss.
  • Ranged #1 stand SE against the East wall.
  • Ranged #2 stand NE against the East wall.
  • Healers stand SE.

Melting Adds v2

You'll get two Power Generators again, and you can use the same offtank and healer to revive the adds. This time there are six adds in total: 3 Vangobs, 1 Gobtank, and 2 Panzer Dolls. They all spawn on the NW platform. You can get just have the healer revive the one closest to Northeast, then have your OT revive the other 5 adds. Pull them all to the SE, because that is the next platform that will light up with lava. Remember, Acid Rain AoEs are going out here, but it's ok to run through them if everyone is in the correct position. Your healer handling the adds here will find it difficult to cast spells. Make sure to get HoTs up and have some instant cast abilities ready. This is the largest set of adds so make sure everyone knows their AoE rotations well. Physical DPS need to be careful not to run out of TP here, but they should also throw in 2 or 3 AoE abilities to burn these guys down quickly.

As soon as the adds are dead, everyone should move back to the NE platform where you were in phase 1. Stay close to the East side of the platform though, remaining behind the boss.


The boss will use Scrapline again, so make sure you're standing behind the boss again just like before. The main tank will need to eat the damage from this again so use a big cooldown! This marks the end of phase 2.

Phase 3

0 Full-Metal Faust Spawns
12 Scrapline
13 NW Lava
27 Acid Rain
29 NE Lava
37 Scrap Targets Marked
42 SW Lava
46 Scrap Burst
56 SE Lava
61 Stockpile

Full-metal Faust

Now you're going to get the only real DPS check in the fight: Full-metal Faust (what's up with these super-creative names lately?). Right before Faust spawns, he drops a pulsing AoE icon directly North. The damage from this is based on distance, so just move away from it (this includes MT, but reposition back to the West side as soon as the AoE is done). Offtank should pick up Faust and drag him over to the East side where the party should still be stacked up from before. You'll get another Scrapline, so make sure you're standing behind the boss. Just continue to wail on Full-metal Faust during this time. There are no platforms with lava right now so don't even stress over that.

After Scrapline, drag the Full-metal Faust over to the SW platform. Keep him right at the platform division line between SW and SE platforms. You should have him halfway between the boss and the South wall of the arena, facing him West. He just needs to die on the SW platform so he'll get melted, but he doesn't have to be all the way in the dead center of it.

Something else to keep in mind is that while Faust's body exists on the field, the main boss (Refurbisher 0) takes greatly reduced damage. The damage reduction is very potent to the point that even maintaining DoTs on it is a waste. However, if you apply DoTs on Faust and Bane over onto the boss, it should tick at normal potency. The Vulnerability Down buff will go away once Faust's body melts.

Groups with Super High DPS

I'm pretty much just refering to groups who already have 270+ weapons. If you are killing Faust before Scrapline is over, just kill him on the NE platform instead.

Acid Rain

Prepare yourself for another Acid Rain. This one is also easy to handle as long as everyone is in position ahead of time, just like last time. The positions for this one are slightly different though. Honestly, the positioning is even easier than last time because you're even more spread out for this and you're not spawning adds all over the place. The positioning is as follows:

  • Melee #1 stand on South side of Faust against the South wall.
  • Melee #2 would be on the other side of Faust, next to the boss.
  • Ranged #1 stand against the East wall all the way in the SE corner.
  • Ranged #2 stand against the East wall a little farther North.
  • Two healers stand on the middle of the SE platform between the melee and ranged DPS.


As soon as Full-metal Faust dies, party should gather up on the NE platform (MT remain West). The SE platform will fill with lava. After the SE lava is gone, party should move South, and MT go North. This will get you into proper position for next phase!

Phase 4

0 Power Generator Spawn
2 Alarum Spawn
6 Scrap Targets Marked
17 Scrap Burst
26 Scrap
33 Scrap
42 Scrap Bomb
46 SW Lava
53 Stockpile
66 Double Scrapline

Alarum & Adds

There are three things happening here so we'll go over one at a time.

  1. Position and kill Alarum. The first person to attack the Alarum will get aggro on it (make a healer or ranged DPS do it). It will spawn SW. Put the Alarum to the center of the SE platform and then kill it there. When the Alarum dies, it will drop a small purple AoE puddle. Walking into the puddle gives you a Minimum debuff. This lowers your damage output for a short time so you don't want to walk into it until you absolutely must. Just ignore the puddle for now.
  2. Four players (one being MT) will be targeted with overhead indicators for scrap piles again. Drop them in the SE platform next to the boss and MT puts it where he is, same as last time. Stand behind the scrap piles until Scrap Burst is over.
  3. A Power Generator appears along with 5 dead adds (and yes, only 1 Generator this time). There are 3 Vangob in NW, 1 Gobtank in NE, 1 Refurbished Magitek Vangob G-III in SE. Have your offtank go pick up the Generator and revive the adds in the NW corner. This is important! You want to revive the three adds in the NW, do not worry about the one in the SE or the one in the NE. The boss will absorb those 2 bodies, but that's ok! Due to the timing of Scrap Burst, you need the offtank to move his Power Generator ASAP. Then he can hide behind the single scrap pile in the North that the MT put down. When the adds revive, pull them to the SW platform, since that is the next to get lava. Kill the three adds there then move back to the SE platform again.

Scrap Bomb

Really simple, party has to stack and split damage for this attack. Everyone should already be stacked on the SE platform so....stay. MT does not need to join for this.

The Remaining Adds

You might notice that there are two remaining adds that did not get burnt up. That's ok, and that's what we intended to happen. Those two will get sucked up by the boss and he'll recover some HP and his Left Arm Reassembly debuff will get down to 0 stacks. This gives him the Double Scrapline ability, and is an intended part of the strategy. We have a means to deal with Double Scrapline right now.

Double Scrapline

This attack is similar to normal Scrapline except that the AoE covers the entire arena and there is no safe zone. Not to worry though, just jump in the purple puddle that the Alarum dropped and get the Minimum debuff. This will save you from death! It'll wear off naturally in just a few seconds, so resume DPS in the meantime but hold your heavy cooldowns until it's off.

Phase 5

0 Power Generator Spawn
2 Alarum Spawn
7 Scrap
14 Scrap
21 Acid Rain
26 Scrap
33 Scrap
37 Bombs Explode
40 Scrap
45 Acid Rain
46 Lava NW
50 Stockpile
61 Double Scrapline


An Alarum will spawn in the NW corner. Have a healer or DPS grab it and pull it to the middle of the SW platform and kill it there (we did it SE in our video, but SW would work better; I recommend disregarding our video for the rest of this guide).


You may notice that there are also 2 bombs that spawn here. They will spawn caddycorner on the NE platform. Have your main tank move to directly SE. This will put him out of range of the bombs, and put the boss's back to the party who will be in the NW corner killing adds. After the Bombs are gone and adds are dead, main tank move back to North and party back South.

Melting Adds v4

Starting off next phase is another round of adds. This time you get 1 Panzer Doll Scrap, 1 Vangob Scrap, and 2 Gobtank Scrap. The adds all spawn in the SE corner. You'll get 2 Power Generators here so use them to get all the adds. The boss will do a linear AoE at the MT here, so whoever is moving the Power Generators needs to be careful not to get clipped by it. It doesn't do too much damage but will cause you to drop a Power Generator, so be very quick with moving them, and avoid the front of the boss if possible! I've also noticed this "cleave" can hit you even on the side of the boss if you are right up against his hitbox. When the adds revive, pull them to the NW again and melt them.

Acid Rain

You're gonna get another Acid Rain while adds are being revived. It will target the four DPS just like the other times. Use similar positioning to what you had for Full-metal Faust, except you'll be against different walls. The positioning will go as follows:

  • Melee #1 against the West wall on NW platform.
  • Melee #2 against the boss on NW platform.
  • Ranged #1 in the SW corner.
  • Ranged #2 against the South wall, a little east of Ranged #1.
  • Healers stand on SW platform between ranged and melee. Avoid the purple puddle. Stand on a DPS if you have to.


After the adds are dead, party should stay West (but be on SW platform). MT stay East after bombs have gone off.

Double Scrapline

There will be another Double Scrapline, so just go back in the purple puddle again and get that Minimum debuff to deal with it. Super easy.


After Double Scrapline, MT go North, and party go South.

Phase 6

0 Power Generator Spawn
1 Alarum Spawn
11 Scrap Bomb
18 Scrap
27 Scrap Targets Marked
36 Bombs Explode
38 Scrap Burst
46 NE SW Lava
52 Stockpile
62 Double Scrapline

One big difference in this phase is that bombs will spawn on NW and SE platforms, and the two remaining platforms (SW and NE) start glowing because they're about to catch fire. Hopefully you've done enough damage to kill the boss instead of dealing with this mechanic because it can be annoying. Just don't freak out about things being everywhere. Focus on this positioning: SE -> SW -> SE (for party); for MT it's just NE -> NW.


The Alarum will spawn on the SW platform, near where the party should be. Pick it up and kill it on the SE platform VERY QUICKLY before the bombs go off.

Scrap Bomb

Everyone should be stacked SE, and probably killing the Alarum by this point. Just stay stacked up SE to split the Scrap Bomb damage. Trust me, you can stay SE to split this damage before any bombs explode.

Scrap Burst

You must SW corner!!!!! Put them close to the boss for convenience. The platform is glowing so it might be a little scary, but the timing works out fine. Hide behind the scrap piles from the AoE, but as soon as it's gone, move back to the SE corner so you aren't standing in lava. The bombs will be gone after Scrap Burst.

Melting Adds v5

More dead adds will have spawned in the NW and SE. You'll need to use the Power Generator to revive the ones in the NW. Drag them to the SW corner and kill them there AFTER the Alarum dies on the SE platform.

Double Scrapline

OMG so many mehcanics in this phase! Handle this the same as last time. Go into the purple AoE and get Minimum so you can survive.

Phase 7

0 Power Generator Spawn
2 Alarum Spawn
6 Scrap
13 Scrap
21 Acid Rain
25 Scrap
32 Scrap
37 Bombs Explode
40 Scrap
45 Acid Rain
46 Lava NW
50 Stockpile
61 Double Scrapline

This phase is literally the exact same as Phase 5. Repeat all positioning and mechanics now starting from Phase 5.



Job-Specific Tips

AST Tips by David's Too'drunk

easy mode...Pretty basic. Put a regen on the tank and gravity spam the adds. I lightspeed heal as many acid rains as I can because I'm lazy (you could use it for gravity spams as well). Collective Unconscious the party soak. Synastry the MT and heal off of the war when he's tanking Full Metal Faust. My sch deploys an adlo onto the party for the acid rain during full metal faust and my PLD has HG up there so minimal healing for the acid rain. I tend to throw my cards at my smn that entire fight.....don't be afraid to use spire on a melee if you have to. Plenty of room to dps too especially during least try to keep your DoTs up.

DRG Tips by Azurelos Firios

Focus DPS on the boss, save Dragonfire Dive to help with adds, if Geirskogul is available when adds are up, position yourself to Geirskogul adds along with the boss. This fight can be pretty TP heavy even if you're mostly single targeting the fight, so ensure to pop Invigorate as close as 500 TP as much as possible & beg for Paeon/Promotion a little before Full Metal Faust.

NIN Tips by Shasta Kota

There's really not much to special techniques to use in this fight, but here we go.

  • In your opener, hold Kassatsu. After your first Suiton, hold onto your Ninjutsu until the 6 Panzer Doll Scraps are stacked up, then use Katon -> Kassatsu -> Katon. Now make sure you use the next couple Ninjutsu ASAP. This will line up your TA and Ninjutsu for Full-metal Faust spawn.
  • Throw in 1-2 Death Blossom to each pack of adds. You can probably spare a couple extras on the first set if they live long enough.
  • See if your AST can pull Spire and AoE it for everyone any time AFTER the 2nd set of adds spawn. If you can get this, you can spam more AoE.
  • When you get Minimum debuff, this reduces your damage a little bit. If you get a TA, Duality, or DwaD during this time, just hold onto them until after the debuff wears off. It's not a long debuff so holding these long cooldowns shouldn't be too bad.
  • DO NOT use Doton ever in this fight unless you are practically solo DPSing a PUG.

SCH Tips by Viva Diva

Turn on clerics -> remove from cross class skills -> tell main healer to gitgud.

Seriously though. If you really need to heal this fight deploy adlo when everyone is stacked just before Faust spawns helps. Virus Faust at around 30% to mitigate its aoe. The rest of the healing is very straight forward.


There are 2 chests if no one in the group has cleared for the week. The Manifesto can be used to purchase additional gear. Possible rewards include the following:

Allagan Tomestones of Scripture x30
Alexandrian Manifesto - Page 1 (direct to inventory, limit 1 per player per week)

Lottable gear from chests:


Alexandrian Belt of Aiming
Alexandrian Belt of Casting
Alexandrian Belt of Fending
Alexandrian Belt of Healing
Alexandrian Belt of Maiming
Alexandrian Belt of Scouting
Alexandrian Belt of Striking


Alexandrian Neckband of Aiming
Alexandrian Neckband of Casting
Alexandrian Neckband of Fending
Alexandrian Neckband of Healing
Alexandrian Neckband of Slaying


Alexandrian Earrings of Aiming
Alexandrian Earrings of Casting
Alexandrian Earrings of Fending
Alexandrian Earrings of Healing
Alexandrian Earrings of Slaying


Alexandrian Bracelets of Aiming
Alexandrian Bracelets of Casting
Alexandrian Bracelets of Fending
Alexandrian Bracelets of Healing
Alexandrian Bracelets of Slaying


Alexandrian Belt of Aiming
Alexandrian Ring of Casting
Alexandrian Belt of Fending
Alexandrian Belt of Healing
Alexandrian Belt of Slaying