Rank Name Roles
GM Viva
Guild Master
Public Relations
Assistant GM Shasta
Public Relations
Officer Mahida
Crafting Officer
Raid Leader
Officer Koomi
Crafting Officer #2
Raid Leader David
Community Officer
Raid Leader
Role Responsibilities
Guild Master
  • Appoint and dismiss officers
  • Veto power for all decisions
  • Periodic one-on-one collaboration with officers to discuss changes/improvement to their area of operations
  • Go-to resource for any officers seeking help with a decision, no matter how big or small
  • Does everything for the good of the FC as an entity, but with great emphasis on the success and happiness of its members.
  • Has sole authority for kicking FC members
  • The GM’s decisions should be followed by the officers (at an individual level), and if a conflict arises, the GM and officers together will vote to determine course of action.
Recruitment Officer
  • Review and accept/reject apps online (these can double as analysts)
  • Maintain raid group rosters
  • Keep updated forum recruitment posts on various web forums
Raid Leader
  • Have view access to apps but no power to accept/reject
  • Helps maintain civility and resolve conflicts between raid members
  • Creates raid schedule
  • Responsible for in-game recruitment for their group
  • Solely responsible for kicking members from their group
  • Go-to person for players to discuss raid strats, and would help by analyzing various FFLogs, parses, guides, videos, etc. to help
  • Go-to person for players to discuss class mechanics, cooldown mapping, etc.
  • Helps review guides before posting to public
  • Pre-qualified by appointment to this role to act as a reliable sub for raids, but their participation as a sub is up to their own schedule and preferences.
Sales Officer
  • In charge of in-game sales of trial runs, speed runs, etc.
  • Not in charge of any exchange of real world currency
  • Determines who is and isn’t allowed to sell runs
  • Must follow pre-established rules for sales determined by GM
  • Advertises for sales
  • Can delegate out tasks as they see fit (such as have someone else do advertising and then just schedule runs for specific days and times)
Community Officer
  • Handles disagreements between FC members before GM intervention
  • Helps new players get adjusted and settled socially
  • Access to company chest
  • In charge of FC house furnishings, garden, and airship
  • Plans social events for community (may be restricted by funds)
  • Represents and maintains the social aspect in the FC and makes sure non-raiders are represented among the guild leadership
Crafting Officer
  • Coordinates/organizes all the crafters and gatherers in the FC. Will be able to manage a subforum to connect crafters with raiders interested in selling/buying food, potions, crafted gear, etc.
  • Helps educate anyone interested on crafting macros, rotations, tips, etc.
  • Must approve of any crafting guides posted on the forum
Public Relations
  • Mostly out-of-FC work
  • Attempt to maintain social relationships with leaders/officers of other FCs
  • Designated representative of the FC on social/community sites such as Reddit and official FFXIV forums
  • Must NEVER be seen as “elitist” or “rude” as this person officially represents our FC
  • Would be helpful if this person regularly plays with the other players on our server through things like party finders, etc. to improve the overall reputation of our FC. If they do this though, they will have to be very skilled at their class since they are the “face of the FC” so to speak.
Media Officer
  • Create fun media content (banners, videos, art) featuring FC name and/or members' names to help maintain public image and add to the sense of community
  • Manages the various players who consider themselves content creators in the FC
  • Works with the GM and other forum admins to get art, videos, and other works more publicly displayed on the guild site or elsewhere.
  • Will work with PR officer sometimes
  • This person would be essential in recruiting additional content creators to the FC to help with branding.
Technical Officer
  • Manages spreadsheets (if necessary)
  • Creates documentation and tracks information
  • Forum admin
  • Provides general game info upon request, such as “where do I find X quest?” or “can you explain how to set up VOIP call outs from ACT?”
  • Should help with publishing guides on the forum in HTML, PHP, and/or Javascript