Names's MCH Guide
By Outof Names of Death and Taxes <DnT> on Gilgamesh

Hello, and welcome to my Machinist guide! This section is just a little introduction about this guide, and the MCH class as a whole. If you want, you can go right to the rest of the content by clicking one of the other tabs.

So you want to play Machinist? Well there are a few things you should know before you dive in. Machinist can be a bit overwhelming at first. There are a lot of OGCD skills you need to manage, multiple rotations you need to keep up with in the middle of a fight, cooldowns you need to line up and time right in order to get good Wildfires, Ammunition stacks you need to optimize usage on, keeping track of healers MP, making judgment calls on how to use Hypercharges (either on MP or on DPS), and making adjustments to your rotation on the go...all while dealing with mechanics. It’s not all bad however! We do get to be more mobile than Bards without losing a lot of dps. And with multiple openers, your ping won’t force you to have to play another role. But if you feel up to it, then welcome to the support master race!!! We get together every Tuesday to make fun of Bards for being weaklings and picking the easy job.

Who wouldn't want to be a Machinist? You could be just like this if you try hard enough!

Most of this guide's information came from researching the top Machinists in the game on FFLogs, consulting with other Machinists in game, my own personal experience with the class, and I'd like to extend credit to all the people in forums and Reddit who kept a good discussion.

Also if anyone ever tells you the class is too hard or chaotic to be worth it just tell them this.


Offensive oGCD
Offensive oGCD
Split Shot (1) Reload (4) Head Graze (34) Rook Autoturret (40) Dismantle (50)
Slug Shot (2) Heartbreak (8) Wildfire (38) Promotion (42) Rend Mind (56)
Lead Shot (6) Leg Graze (10) Suppressive Fire (45) Bishop Autoturret (50) -----
Spead Shot (18) Reassemble (12) Gauss Round (54) Gauss Barrel (52) -----
Hot Shot (30) Blank (15) Hypercharge (58) ----- -----
Clean Shot (35) Quick Reload (26) Richochet (60) ----- -----
Grenado Shot (46) Rapid Fire (30) ----- ----- -----

Recommended Cross-Class Skills

Raging Strikes (4 Archer)
Hawk's Eye (26 Archer)
Quelling Strikes (34 Archer)
Invigorate (22 Lancer)
Blood for Blood (34 Lancer)

Misc Info about MCH Abilities

  • Machinist is a ranged support/dps class, like Bard. Unlike the rest of the dps classes in the game, we have to also factor in activating certain buffs to help make a raid encounter smoother. This is done either by playing Promotion to give your healers mana with Bishop, or TP for your melee with Rook in fights where they have a lot of uptime on a boss. The hard part about this is that you still have to pull big numbers to meet dps checks. You do this by either telling your healers to git gud or find certain down time spots in your rotation, or in the fight, that you think will be great time for a Promotion that won't affect your dps.
  • One of the things you will quickly notice in my chart of abilities is that Machinists have a lot of off global cooldowns making it a weaving-heavy class. This makes the job very fast paced with little overall downtime.
  • Skill Speed does not affect your turret auto attack; your turret is dynamic, not snapshotted to your current stats, so don't pop all your cooldowns and then summon your turret.
  • Stance dancing is the act of taking off your Gauss Barrel, which re-enables auto attacks and instant cast skills. Stance dancing is optimal when you know a mechanic is going to happen that will force you to move for longer than 1 GCD and won't allow you to cast any attacks. Mainly, you want to try to have Slug Shot or Clean Shot procs happening so that instead of taking the Gauss Barrel off you can get off instant cast procs. It also benefits your opener if you're using the 5 Ammunition starter, but I will go into more detail about that opener down in Openers part of my guide.

3.4 Info (Also applies for 3.5)

Stat weights currently unknown. Assume same as 3.2.

WD: 17.00
Dexterity 1.00
Critical Hit Rate: 0.273
Determination: 0.226
Skill Speed: 0.138

Recommend using, plug in these stat weights, and find your own BiS sets with whatever gear you have available to you.

Here is my 3.4/3.5 BiS set

OLD 3.2 Info

WD: 13.00
Dexterity 1.00
Critical Hit Rate: 0.210
Determination: 0.174
Skill Speed: 0.106

Recommend using, plug in these stat weights, and find your own BiS sets with whatever gear you have available to you.

My personal favorites:

I am going to go over the basic priority queue for the class and what you generally need to be doing first. Once that's established I will go into more depth on how to optimize it.

  1. Keep up Hot Shot as close to 100% of the time as possible. Refresh at 2 seconds or less. That means it's best to start casting at around 4-3 seconds if you have GB on.
  2. Keep up Lead Shot as close to 100% of the time as possible. Refresh around 2 seconds or less and use the same rule with Hot Shot for when to start casting.
  3. If Hot Shot and Lead Shot are up and over 4 seconds left in their duration then proceed to use Split Shot til it procs an Enhanced Slug Shot proc.
  4. If Enhanced Slug Shot procs then use Slug Shot. Slug shot has a 50% chance to proc Cleaner Shot. If it doesn't proc it then proceed back to step 3.
  5. If Slug shot does proc Cleaner Shot then use Clean Shot, then proceed back to step 3.
  6. In between steps 1-5, you should be using any Off Global Cooldown ability that is available. Exception to this step would be Wildfire and Hypercharge which are better saved and lined up with cooldowns like B4B, HE, or RS
  7. "Stance Dance Step, Optional". If all cooldowns and oGCD's are down, Lead Shot is over 5 seconds , and you have no Slug or Clean Shot procs then take Gauss Barrel off to refresh Hot Shot (if under 2 seconds) or instant cast 1 Split Shot and fish for 1 auto attack before putting Gauss Barrel back on.

AoE Rotation

With AoE, the general rule I made for myself is: if it's 2+ mobs, it's better to use Bishop. With my current stats as of the time I wrote this guide, my Rook hits for an average of 500 damage per auto attack with no buffs, while my Bishop hits a single target for 380 damage per auto attack. That means with just 2 mobs my Bishop does an average of 260 more damage for Auto Attack than my Rook.

You also have Ricochet, but it only does 100 potency to your main target and 200 distributed among all other targets. It's still a nice AoE, but keep in mind that it is a weaker with the more targets there are in its range.

Now for your main AoE skills, you only have 2 skills to choose from: Spread Shot and Grenado Shot. Both of these have good and bad trade offs.

  • Spread Shot has a really short range (12 yalms) so you need to be at a reasonable range for it to hit the targets. This also leads to another con, the damage comes out in a frontal cone from where the Machinist is standing and not from the target's location. It also deals 100 potency (20 less than Grenado Shot) and costs 130 TP (30 less than Grenado Shot).
  • Grenado Shot has a range of 25 yalms. The damage hits in a circular AoE around the targeted mob, not from the Machinist itself like Spread Shot. The potency is 120 (20 more than Spread Shot), and costs 160 TP (30 more than Spread Shot).

Just at first glance, you can see that Grenado Shot is a better AoE than Spread Shot in terms of positional requirements. As for TP and potency, they both balance out well. One costs more and hits harder, the other costs less but is a tad bit weaker. My go-to rule in choosing one is as follows:

  • If it dies in under 3 casts, use Grenado Shot because you deal more damage without killing your TP.
  • If anything lasts over 4 casts, Spread Shot is better because the weaker potency is compensated by the lower TP cost. Since you gain 60 TP back every 3 seconds during combat, you will get even more Spread Shots out in a fight before you run out of TP. For example, Spread Shot is perfect for dungeons when the tank pulls half the room. Obviously the mobs will not die in 3 hits, so Spread Shot will be more damage overall since it works with your TP regen to last a long time. If you know a long AoE phase is coming soon, try and position yourself beforehand so that Spread Shot can hit all the targets.

One thing to note about Spread Shot is that the range of when the skill will let you cast is still farther than the area of damage dealt. The safest thing you can do is always try to be at melee range. Here's a video example:

External Link

In this part of the guide I will be breaking down the multiple openers you will use in a fight and what to do immediately afterward. These 2 openers are my personal favorites that I derived from breaking down a lot of the top MCH in, along with some personal experimentation. I encourage you to go on FFLogs yourself and look at some other openers, or even try some yourself, then make your own informed decision as to which one is best.

But what exactly is an opener, and why is it so important? Well, for most jobs, by using skills in a certain order at the start you do more damage more quickly and it also sets the tempo for how your cooldowns will line up for the rest of the fight. So executing a good opener is key to maximize damage output and keep your DPS high for the rest of the fight. For Machinist, the most important factor of the opener is that we have a skill called Wildfire that depends completely on your skill order to be effective. The difference between a near flawless opener and a sloppy one can be the the difference of getting an 11k WF, or a 24k WF. It is also important to maintain your normal rotation afterward so next time WF comes up, your cooldowns line up properly for it and you can do it again.

Select an opener below to view details. The red number next to an ability represents how many stacks of Ammunition you have left after using a skill.

Two Ammo Opener
Assuming you start with 2 ammo stacks already:
  • The 2 Ammunition opener is the simplest of all the openers since it's the shortest. Two of the ammo stacks are used to make your Hot Shot hit a little harder, and to get a Slug Shot proc to speed up the opener.
  • This opener is the one you would use when all your cooldowns come back up at the 3 minute mark in your rotation in a fight with the exception of Hypercharge, which will line up with the cooldowns at the 6 minute mark.
  • Examples of when to use this opener in fights would be: A9S after Full-Metal Faust dies, A10s after steam roller, A12S after Alex Prime before Temporal Stasis.
  • Due to recent MCH changes, ammunition no longer falls off after 30 seconds. This change made it so that this two ammo opener is now rarely ever used at the start of a raid boss pull.
  • This opener would be used more often for dungeon bosses where you won't be able to get 5 stacks of ammo easily to start each boss fight.

Start with Gauss Barrel OFF
Hyperchrage > Hawks Eye > Blood for Blood > Hot Shot 1* > Raging Strikes > Quick Reload 2* > Split Shot 1* > Gauss Barrel ON > Potion > Lead Shot 0* > Wildfire > Reload 5* > Slug Shot 4* > Gauss Round > Reassemble > Clean Shot 3* > Rapid Fire > Ricochet > Split Shot 2* > Blank > Slug Shot 1* > Head Graze > Split Shot 0* > Clean Shot 0* > Quick Reload 1* > Slug Shot 0* > Clean Shot 0*

Logic behind the opener:
The 2 Ammo opener is built around getting your whole library of spells on cooldown as quickly as possible while your buffs are up and to get a big hitting Wildfire, which is your biggest attack if done right. This is why Wildfire is applied after your first casted Split Shot and no other attack is casted in the entire opener. The main things you use to your advantage are the Enhanced Slug Shot and Cleaner Shot procs that are 100% guaranteed since you have Ammunition stacks. The other ability you want to save is Rapid Fire to use after your first Clean Shot. At this point, you should have 3 stacks left of Ammunition. Now, with Rapid fire up, you instant cast Split Shot then Slug Shot, and you should still have 1 stack of Rapid Fire and Ammunition left. Instead of wasting both on Clean Shot, just use another Split Shot. Now you have a proc of Clean and Slug Shot to use just as your cooldowns fall off and right before Wildfire comes back up (in 5 seconds or less). The other main thing is to make sure to weave all your ogcd's between your main GCD skills; there is really no specific order to these, so just make sure you get one off for every GCD skill you use.

2 ammo opener video:

External Link
Five Ammo Opener
  • This is the main opener that you would want to use at the start of every boss fight (ideally). Sometimes this is not possible if your party doesn't give you time to recharge your Ammo stacks (such as in dungeons).
  • The 5 Ammunition opener shares a lot of the same rules and principles as the 2 ammo opener: to try and get all your skills on cooldown and get a big Wildifre. This opener is considered a lot stronger than the 2 ammo opener since you have more ammunition stacks to work with that directly change how the opener progresses.
  • Update on 12/28/2016:
    • Alright, time for an update to the 5 Ammo opener! This tier (Alex: Creator) has been one of the most interesting tiers for MCH.
    • After researching on FFLogs and consulting with other MCH, I noticed that this tier, more than any other, has players experimenting with a wide range of different openers. Some people start off with Slug Shot (no GB) -> double Gauss Round, others use Slug with Barrel, still others use Hot Shot into Slug Shot, and so on... The opener I list here is my personal favorite this tier, and it's a simple Hot Shot -> Split Shot starting with Barrel off.
    • After comparing 100+ MCH on FFLogs to each other and myself, I didn't see any difference between this simpler opener and the more tedious double Gauss Round Slug Shot opener. They both spike at about the same amount at the start and both average 20-24k Wildfires in their openers. The only difference is that I feel mine is less punishing if you mess up, and it is also less chaotic in the first 5 GCDs. For these reasons, I chose to use this opener this tier.

Start with Gauss Barrel OFF
Hypercharge > Hawk's Eye > Blood for Blood > Hot Shot 4* > Raging Strikes > Quick Reload 5* > Split Shot 4* > Gauss Barrel ON > Potion > Lead Shot 3* > Wildfire > Slug Shot 2* > Gauss Round > Reassemble > Clean Shot 1* > Rapid Fire > Ricochet > Split Shot 0* > Reload 5* > Slug Shot 4* > Blank > Split Shot 3* > Head Graze > Clean Shot 2* > Gauss Barrel OFF > Slug Shot 1* > Split Shot 0* > Try to Get an AA Off > Gauss Barrel ON > Clean Shot 0* > Quick Reload 1* > Slug Shot 0* > Gauss Round > Hot Shot 0* > Clean Shot 0* > Lead Shot 0*

5 ammo opener video:

External Link
Priority After the Opener & Medium Wildfire Combo
  • After any opener you choose to use, the rotation switches to the basic priority system that I wrote above: keep Hot Shot and Lead Shot up and refresh when under 2 seconds, use any ogcd when they become available, and the normal 1, 2, 3 (Split, Slug, Clean Shot).
  • If done right, the next time cooldowns are coming back up (around 40 or 50 seconds), you should have a Hawks Eye, Blood for Blood, Wildfire, with Rapid Fire coming back in 10 seconds or less.
  • Don't sit on your Reload or Ricochet for 35+ seconds to try and line up with your second Wildfire combo. That's too much time to be sitting on them, and will be a dps loss in the long run. Just make do with your Quick Reload proc and Rapid Fire. Use Quick Reloaded Split Shot > Wildfire and get a Slug Shot off > wait to see if Clean Shot procs. If not, use Rapid Fire & Split Shot. If RNG is terrible, you should get 3 instant cast Split Shots anyways. If you do get Slug Shot proc and use it and still have Rapid Fire stacks just use it on Split Shot. After that, if you still have wildfire up then take your barrel off and go for a hail Mary, spamming Split Shot til it procs. You should still have a 7-8k Wildfire if done right.
  • When the 3rd Wildfire combo is up, everything should line up and be coming off cooldown. You will basically do the first opener all over again, and that's the whole rotation: 1 big Wildfire combo and medium Wildfire combo and it goes back and forth til the boss dies or you die.
  • After a lot of you requested it, I made a 6 minute cooldown to show where major skills and buffs line up. This part of the guide only focuses on when the abilities come back up and where they should be used time-wise. To know exactly how to execute these openers, go to the Two and Five Ammo Opener sections of this guide.

Video commentary on MCH rotations and Wildfire combos:

Stance Dancing

This is the best time to talk about stance dancing given that these openers rely on it heavily. Stance dancing, like I said in my MCH info part of my guide, is the act of taking your Gauss barrel off to deal with a movement heavy mechanic that will force you to miss out on dps'ing if you had the barrel on. But stance dancing can also be used as a dps gain if you know when to take it off during your rotation to get an auto attack off with all your buffs up and skip Split Shot cast times during Wildfire openers, or if you get to a point in your rotation where all your skills are on cooldown and you are just using your normal 1 2 3 rotation and you need to refresh Hot Shot.

Info and Tips Regarding Stance Dancing:

  • First situation where taking the Barrel off is optimal: during the opener itself to insta-cast split shot and get more damage out faster during your 15 second Wildfire window.
  • Another scenario where it's good to take the Barrel off is when refreshing Hot Shot or using Split Shot if you reach a point in the rotation where every oGCD ability is down and Hot Shot is under 2 seconds or just getting a non cast Split Shot to possibly get procs quicker. It's alright to refresh Hot Shot without the Gauss Barrel on since it's a weak skill; it gains the least effect from having Barrel on. Try and get 1 auto attack off before turning the Barrel back on.
  • If you have enough skill speed (normally around 457+) you will more than likely get all your skills from my 2 openers with 2 seconds left on Wildfire. If this is the case, try and take the Barrel off to get a last second Split Shot and auto attack off before Wildfire finishes.
  • Now the most important thing about stance dancing is not doing it too fast. You may notice that I have mentioned getting an auto attack off during the "Barrel off" time; that's because if you take Barrel off > Split Shot > Barrel on too quickly then you might skip the auto attack, and if you're in your opener with all your buffs up, an auto attack can crit for 1.3k easily.
  • It's really important to only get 1 auto attack (maybe 2 depending on what you are doing). MCH weapons have a 2.64 delay while your main GCD is 2.5. Normally, after you get an instant cast off like proc Clean Shot or Proc Slug, you want to take Barrel off and do the AA before the next GCD is up, so try to keep it as close to 1:1 as possible GCD:Auto. If you get 2 AA off then you're clipping into your GCD time, which is usually a DPS loss.
  • Do not use any oGCD attacks or Lead Shot outside of Gauss Barrel.
All About Turrets

When to Use Each Turret

I'll start off simple, what turret do I use for which situation? Well it's basic math. Assume with no gear on and using a low level gun, my Rook Turret (single target turret) hits for around 36-39 each auto attack. My Bishop Turret (the AoE one) hits for 26-29 each auto attack, but also hits multiple targets in a small radius. That means if there are 2 targets within close distance from each other, using the Bishop means you will be doing 17 more damage per auto attack than you would do with Rook. This example makes the answer simple. Use Bishop when there is more than 1 target...right? Usually, but that's not always true. Read my next point to find out why.

There are some cases were it's not as simple as "2 targets, drop Bishop." Sometimes there are burn phases in a fight. Even though you could do more overall dps by hitting two or more targets with Bishop, sometimes you are forced to burn down one particular enemy in a limited time period so you might need Rook for that. Example: when Full-Metal Faust spawns in A9s, if your group is having trouble killing him within the given time limit, then it is best to leave the Rook out and do more single target damage to Faust. That example is a little debatable since the main boss takes reduced damage while Faust is out. Another example is in A8S during the 4 robot phase, while it is best to have Bishop out to hit two at same time, this phase is pushed based on HP%. Pushing an add too early could lead to a wipe. Overall you do have more control with a Rook over a Bishop, and it is something you need to play by ear, but general rule for adds, trash, etc.. is if its more than one enemy, use Bishop.

Stat Weights and Cooldowns

The first thing to know about your turrets is that they don't hit harder when you use cooldowns like Blood For Blood, Hawk's Eye, or Raging Strikes. Even having your Hot Shot buff up won't increase its damage. The only buff you have that increases your turret damage is Hypercharge. Besides that, other abilities that can increase the damage dealt by your turret are ones that directly affect the enemy's damage taken, not buffs on yourself. Examples of this type of ability are Trick Attack and piercing debuffs. I even had the idea that maybe there is this super secret bug that if I pop all my cooldowns and re summon the turret, then it would read of the stats I had at the time of summoning it and it will hit like a truck all fight long! But no, that still didn't do anything. Side note: that used to be a "feature" for SMN pets for a while but they removed that a long time ago, and apparently it doesn't work for MCH pets either.

Next, the only stats that increase your turret's damage are Dexterity and Crit. Stats like Determination do NOT actually increase the damage of your Turret's auto attacks. I did a few experiments were I took my gear off and put on the lowest level gun I could find, and let my turret hit a training dummy 50 times. I was hitting at around 36-39, and never saw a 35 or 40. Then I equipped Det +1 rings, let the dummy hit some more but still no 40. I equipped some more det items but it still hit for 36-39. Finally, I equipped as much gear as I could find with just det. I was up to 30+ Det and still never hit 40 damage on a dummy.

Skill Speed does NOT increase your turret's auto attack either. I experimented again with no gear and the lowest gun at 354 SS (base amount for lvl 60), and my turret was hitting around every 3 seconds. I equipped as much SS I had, got up to 731 and was still hitting around every 3 seconds.

Hypercharge and Promotions

When you use Hypercharge there are 2 things happening. First, the skill itself buffs your turret's damage. Second, the turret is applying a vulnerability debuff which ALSO increases the damage your turret is doing. Your Rook Turret grants a physical vulnerability debuff, and Bishop applies a magic vulnerability. At base stats, no gear, with lowest gun my turret hits on average 36-39 per auto attack. With Hypercharge up + its vulnerability debuff, it was hitting for about 82 per hit. After the 20 seconds are up for Hypercharge (also shown when the turret stops glowing), there is still 6 seconds left on the vulnerability debuff. During this 6 second window it was hitting for 42 damage. This proves the fact that it is not ONLY the vulnerability that increases your turret damage, but also Hypercharge itself. Just keep in mind that whenever there are 2 MCH, if you are coordinating Hypercharges so you're not both using it at the same time, one player's turret will be doing 43 damage (plus stat increases), the other will be doing 82 (plus stat increases) until it's the next MCH's turn to Hypercharge. This is important to understand because if you're in a burn phase, as described before, and you need to focus as much dps on a single target at possible in a 20 second time period, you will need to use both Hypercharges at the same time to get the absolute most group DPS as possible. If you have 40 seconds or more, then continue alternating Hypercharges. Better yet, just don't create a static with 2 MCH if you can avoid it.

When you use Hypercharge, do not change turrets until the buff wears off. The buff will not carry over to your new turret and the Hypercharge would be lost. However, you can toggle Promotion back and forth on the same turret and not lose the Hypercharge.

Your turrets have another use when you use the skill Promotion. It gives a 20 yalm radius buff to friendly players. Rook Turret grants TP regen, Bishop grants MP regen. Now that part is easy to understand, but what exactly is going on when Promotion is active? Here are the facts:

  • It is a fact that when you are in combat you naturally get 60 TP every 3 seconds (without Promotion), so what your Rook Promotion does is provides an additional 30 TP every 3 seconds also. It doesn't always line up with the base TP regen, but you can see it will jump from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds then instantly jump to 90 after.
  • With Hypercharge, the amount granted by Promotion doubles to 60 TP per tick, making it go from 0 to 60 and then to 120 immediately after.

So we can say from 1 Hypercharge Rook Promotion that lasts 20 seconds you can get 6 ticks of 60 TP (300 TP total) on top of the base TP regen (which is another 300 TP) granting 600 TP in 18 seconds. This is assuming no one is using that TP in this time period. Obviously if players are attacking, they won't go from 100TP to 700TP in 18 seconds; they'll end up somewhere around 400-500TP. Just remember that there is natural TP regen when trying to decide whether you need to pop Hypercharge for your Promotion or not.

As for Promotion with the Bishop Turret, this is the main one you will likely use in a raid setting. It increases MP instead of TP, which I am told is important to healers for some odd reason. TP users have other ways to regen TP, but MP is more difficult to come by. The MP regen works exactly the same as TP regen in that it ticks every 3 seconds, but the MP amount granted is different than with TP. The tricky thing about MP regen is that it's based on the overall MP of the character. Bishop's MP regen grants a percentage of the friendly player's max MP per tick. Also, just like with TP regen, there is a natural MP regen rate in combat.

  • When in combat with a healer who has 14055 MP with no Bishop he gained 2% MP per tick which was 281 MP every 3 seconds. With Bishop Promotion he gained an extra 265 which is 1.88% of his MP every 3 second making it a total of 546 MP back every 3 seconds.
  • With Hypercharge, he gained 281 MP from the natural 2% tick (this is unaffected by Hypercharge) and then an additional 530 MP which is 3.77% of his MP making it a total of 811 MP back every 3 seconds.
  • So since Hypercharge Bishop gives back 3.77% MP and ticks 6 times before falling off that means a full cast of Hyperharge Promotion will give 22.6% MP back to your healers in 18 seconds. When adding in the in-combat natural MP regen of 2% per tick, this comes to a total of 34.6% mana back in 18 seconds.

Now you know that when theorycrafting how much MP a healer needs for a fight, just remember that a full Hypercharge Bishop Promotion in 18 seconds will give your healers back 34.6% of their MP. Just as with the TP example, you must also take into account the fact that your healer will be using MP during this 18 seconds as well.

  • Moved when to take the Barrel OFF up 1 GCD before Slug Shot instead of after, reason was with the new BiS having base SkS of 354, trying to get the AA with buffs up is impossible unless you have a AST Arrow card, I also kept the Barrel OFF for the Split Shot just to keep the flow of the rotation going the same.
  • Moved the last Hot Shot 1 GCD earlier (now it's before the Clean Shot) for same reason as above; the buff will fall off before you get the Clean Shot off. This will not affect the rotation's flow, both skills just needed to swap places.
  • I added the Lead Shot at the end to match the video, no important reason.
  • Added videos for 5 ammo opener and 2 ammo opener.
  • Updated stat weights for 3.4 / 3.5
  • Updated BiS for 3.4 / 3.5
  • Completely reworked guide formatting. Now utilizes Bootstrap to provide a more user-friendly and mobile-friendly experience.
  • Updated BiS.
  • Added an Intro section.
  • Changed color scheme for menus and font.
  • Updated the wording in the Stance Dancing section to emphasize that taking Gauss Barrel off is useful for refreshing Split Shot in addition to Hot Shot.
  • Updated BiS set (relevant up to A12S).
  • Changed the background explanation on the 2 Ammo opener section; made it a bulleted list instead of a long paragraph.
  • Updated the 2 Ammo opener.
  • Changed the background text for the 5 Ammo opener section; made it more relevant to the current raid tier and bulletized it.
  • Updated the 5 Ammo opener.
  • Removed the videos for the openers since the rotations have been updated. New videos will be posted as soon as we can.
  • Deleted the Patch 3.25 5 Ammo opener. No longer relevant. Didn't want to confuse anyone with extraneous info.
  • Added a cooldown timeline to show where buffs, potions, etc. line up.
  • Ammunition Loaded no longer falls off after the timer run out, now it only drops after abilities used. This will have minor changes like the 5 Ammunition opener being the main opener over 2 Ammunition opener in 8 man raids since you wont have to wait on ammo stacks in the scenario where you dropped stacks before the pull.
  • Fixed a typo.
  • Changed formatting and load times.
  • After testing my accuracy on the A12S Front Dummy for an hour I never missed at 706acc, so until more concrete data comes out, I am going to assume the accuracy capp did not change much.
  • Here is my 3.4 BiS set (this set is based around 710 being the acc cap for Alex 12 front, if data shows the acc is higher I will update the list)
  • Patch 3.3 hit today and nothing changed with MCH. Carry on.
  • I moved the "GB off" on step earlier to after the Clean Shot instead of after the Slug Shot. This gives you 1 extra AA off and more time to get the Split shot off during WF right before it detonates.
  • I also added just for formality the final clean shot you should get after the Quick Reload Slug Shot just to make the guide feel more complete.
  • Change to the 3.25 double GR opener (main change is that it's no longer double GR because the rotation was too high risk/execution for minimal reward).
  • Updated stat weights (thanks Kreitor).
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