Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme) - Sephirot

By Shasta Kota of Death and Taxes <DnT> on Gilgamesh


"Sephirot, the Fiend, was a deity once worshipped by a tree-like race native to Meracydia. Brought into being for the sole purpose of repelling the Allagan invasion, Sephirot inflicted ruinous losses upon the imperial army before finally being subdued and imprisoned in the central facility of Azys Lla. And now, millennia later, this immensely powerful entity threatens to awaken, his vengeful dreams disturbed by the careless ambitions of Archbishop Thordan VII. Topple the first pillar of the Warring Triad, or wheresoever his colossal shadow falls shall be visited by unthinkable catastrophe!–"

This is the first big challenge of patch 3.2. Party finder groups are attempting this fight 24/7, and for good reason! The main rewards from this fight are item level 220 weapons, a pretty big upgrade from the ilvl 210 max from the last tier of gear. I'd rate this fight's mechanical difficulty to be below that of Thordan Extreme, but with the maximum item level this tier being 240, the damage dealt is about as high as you would see in A4S.

In order to contend with the huge hits you'll take in this fight, it really helps to know what's coming ahead of time. To help with this, this guide will go into detail about what mechanics happen in the fight and what you should do to handle them. Additionally, we have some extra resources available to help you in your quest. This guide is our attempt to help you in your attempts! May the RNG be in your favor.

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Sephirot Timeline (Full): Sephirot Timeline File
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Job-Specific Cooldown Mapping

Quick Fight Guide

Quick Fight Guide:

Fight Strategy

Phase 1

8 Triple Trial (Cleave)
12 Tiferet (AoE)
18 Tiferet (AoE)

This part loops
22 Triple Trial (Cleave)
27 4x Ein Sof Spawn (4 Orbs in Plus / X pattern)
30 Tiferet (AoE)
33 Stack to prepare for Jumps
39 Fiendish Rage (Jump 1)
42 Fiendish Rage (Jump 2)
49 Tiferet (AoE)
54 Tiferet (AoE)
60 Chesed (Tank Buster)
62 Triple Trial (Cleave)
69 1x Ein Sof Spawn (Single Orb, Stack to Bait Ain)
71 Tiferet (AoE)
75 Spread for Ratzon
80 Ain (180 degree cleave)
81 Ratzon (Player-centric AoEs)
85 Tiferet (AoE)
90 Tiferet (AoE)
96 Chesed (Tank Buster)

Phase 1 Move List


Pre-fight Preparation

  • Before the fight starts, be sure to put down waymarks.
  • These are helpful especially in last phase. Also be sure to assign sides for DPS and Healers + OT. These sides are used in a couple different mechanics throughout the fight.
  • Assign which tank will take large adds and which takes small adds for phase 2.
  • Make sure everyone agrees on a kill order for adds in phase 2. There are many different preferences. Finding the best way for your group may take some trial and error depending on your DPS and healing abilities.
  • Assign which tank is taking left towers and which tank is taking right towers for phase 3.



A: Most important use is to indicate where to stack to bait Yesod right before Pillar of Mercy in last phase. Good place to stack for heals and for baiting Yesod throughout last phase. Good spot to stack before Malkuth in last phase.
B: Assigned position for DPS targeted with Earthshaker to run.
C: Assigned position for Healer targeted with Earthshaker to run.

Ein Sof

Green orbs will spawn throughout the fight which drop into slowly-expanding puddles. If you step in one of these puddles, it will do a lot of damage and apply stacks of vulnerability debuff. The first time it happens in phase 1, it will spawn a set of four orbs in a plus or cross pattern with one orb missing. These puddles will grow so the party must move to the safe area where an Ein Sof did not spawn.

4x Ein Sof Pattern

Fiendish Rage

At the same time, there will be two stacking indicators that go out. One indicator will go on a DPS, and the other will go on a healer. After 5 seconds, the boss will use Fiendish Rage (Jump) on one of the targets, then jump again to the second target. Damage can be split between players, so stacking is required. At the same time, getting hit by the Fiendish Rage will give Physical Vulnerability debuff, so a player CANNOT get hit by both AoEs or they will die due to the vulnerability from the first one. To deal with this, you'll need to divide the party into two groups for stacking: all 4 DPS in one group, 2 healers and offtank in the other. The main tank should NOT get hit by either stack because the physical vulnerability will be difficult to heal through (although it is possible). As soon as the green puddles fade, reposition the boss in the direct center of the arena to prepare for the next mechanic.

Jump Stacks Diagram

Ain + Ratzon

A single green orb will spawn slightly off-center in the arena. The next two mechanics happen at roughly the same time. The boss will do Ain, a 180 degree cleave attack focused on a random player (not main tank), and then around the same time 6 players will get an AoE indicator over their heads. In order to deal with these mechanics, you must start by baiting the cleave to the half of the arena where the green puddle is now slowly growing. This leaves you with half the arena to deal with the second mechanic, Ratzon. Ratzon will target six random players in the party. Five players will get a small green AoE that deals about 5k damage. One of the players will get a larger purple AoE. Everyone needs to spread out for Ratzon, and there's not much time to do so. Due to the limited space and time, it is a good idea to use pre-assigned positions for each player. See the image below for some recommended positioning.

Ratzon Positioning

There will be another two Tiferets and a Chesed (tank buster), but this is all for phase 1. It will continue repeating until you get the boss to 65% HP.

Phase 2

0 "-Phase 2-" sync /Added new combatant Cochma/ window 400,0
0 1x Cochma Spawn, 3x Binah Spawn
Other mechanics based on DPS.

Phase 2 Move List


This is considered the "add phase" of the fight. Sephirot will become untargettable and a series of adds will spawn. There are two types of adds in this phase; the small ones are called Binah and the large ones are called Cochma. There are a total of 12 Binah and 2 Cochma during phase 2. Binah spawn 3 at a time, and Cochma spawn one at a time.


Binah's Genesis only does 2000 damage, but Cochma's Genesis does 10000. Additionally, Cochma will do a small tank buster every 10 seconds (called Empty Hand) so you have to be careful with timing the add deaths. Because of this, you do not want to kill any Binah at the same time as a Cochma. While Empty Hand does apply a stack of Magical Vulnerability debuff, it does not really increase damage by much.

Adds Kill Order

To help with handling all the damage, there is usually a kill order that everyone will agree upon at the start of the fight. This will vary from group to group depending on preference. In my experience, the safest and easiest method on healers is to do a 3 > 1 > 9 > 1 kill order, meaning 3 Binah, 1 Cochma, 9 Binah, and then the last Cochma. Other common preferences are 1 > 6 > 1 > 6 and also 3 > 1 > 6 > 1. Just give each method a few attempts and decide which one you like best. Your preference will likely evolve over time as well as your DPS increases with new gear.

Phase 2 ends when adds are all dead. This is about 90 seconds for an average group.

Phase 3

0 Ein Sof Ohr (Boss LB)
10 Yesod (Pillars)

Loop Starts Here
18 Debuffs (Force Against Might / Magic)
29 Life Force / Spirit (Color Slam)
30 Towers Spawn
32 Orbs Spawn (green puddles)
35 Fiendish Wail
36 Tethers Spawn
42 Da'at (Tethers Explosion)
49 Towers Spawn
54 Fiendish Wail
61 Life Force / Spirit (Color Slam)
64 Earthshaker
67 Yesod (Pillars)
77 Da'at
82 Towers Spawn
85 Fiendish Wail
94 Life Force / Spirit (Color Slam)
98 Yesod (Pillars)
102 Pillar of Mercy (Knockback)
107 Pillar of Mercy (Knockback)
111 Pillar of Mercy (Knockback)
115 Earthshaker
127 Yesod (Pillars)
128 Da'at
132 Towers Spawn
136 Fiendish Wail
145 Life Force / Spirit (Color Slam)
150 Malkuth (Blow / Knockback)
151 4x Binah, 1x Storm of Words Spawn
160 Life Force / Spirit (Color Slam)
161 Towers Spawn
164 Yesod (Pillars)
165 Fiendish Wail
173 Life Force / Spirit (Color Slam)
183 Yesod (Pillars)
189 Life Force / Spirit (Color Slam)
195 Impact of Hod (Small Knockback)
200 Ascension (Launched into Air)
208 Yesod (Pillars)

Repeat Loop Once

400 Pillar of Severity (Enrage)

Phase 3 Move List


The third and final phase starts with Ein Sof Ohr, the boss "limit break" so to speak. It doesn't really do much damage if you shield ahead of time (a Succor should do the trick). There are many mechanics throughout the rest of the phase, but it is all very straightforward. I'll discuss it step by step with a couple images to make it clear. While progressing through this phase, just focus on executing one mechanic at a time and you'll eventually get through it no problem.


The only mechanic you have to [i]constantly[/i] be aware of is Yesod. It has a 3 second advance telegraph with a yellow spit animation that hits the arena. As soon as that yellow shit comes out, all player positions are snapshotted, and stony pillars will rise in those positions. You have to simply move away from your previous position to avoid being hit (and don't walk into anyone else's previous position either). To simplify things, it is generally easiest for the whole party to stack up in one spot before Yesod so that all 8 pillars are baited to a single spot. This makes it very easy to dodge. The only trick to this is that you have to know ahead of time when the Yesod is coming so you can stack appropriately.

Force Against Might / Magic

Right after the first Yesod, players will be given debuffs. Four players will get Force Against Might and four players will get Force Against Magic. The Force Against Might gives heavy resistance to physical attacks, and Force Against Magic gives heavy resistance to magical damage.

Life Force / Spirit

Sephirot will then hold his hands out over the arena with a green orb in one hand and a yellow orb in the other. This telegraphs the Life Force and Spirit attacks (simultaneous). The boss will slam the ground and the half of the arena that had the green orb over it will be dealt magical damage called Spirit. The other half with the yellow orb will be dealt physical damage called Life Force. You must stand on the same-colored side as the debuff icon you have in order to survive.

There will be some points in the fight where Life Force / Spirit will happen while you have no debuff at all. In this case, it does not matter [i]too much[/i] which side you stand on because both will do equal damage. When you have no debuff, it is recommended to stack in the middle to receive AoE heals from your healers. However, every class has different physical and magical defenses. While you might have no Force Against Might/Magic debuff to completely nullify the damage, Spirit (green side) is still magic damage and Life Force (yellow side) still deals physical damage. If you really want to optimize your performance, you can take advantage of your natural magical and physical defense stats and stand slightly to one side to try to minimize damage taken. This could be useful during adds toward the end of phase 3. Additionally, this means that you can use defensive buffs such as SCH's Fey Covenant to negate damage to players standing on the green side. While NINs and BLMs have buffs to reduce physical damage, it's recommended to save these for when they may get targeted by Earthshakers.


After Life Force / Spirit, four tethers will go out. These tethers will target the four players with yellow debuffs and will deal magical damage from Da'at if the tethers remain on them. Players with yellow debuff cannot take the magical damage from Da'at or they will get one-shot. Generally, the best way to handle this is to have the players with green debuffs stack up close to the edge of the arena under Sephirot and intercept the tethers. Since they have the green debuff, they will take negligible damage (about 200 damage) from Da'at. If there are less players alive with a green debuff than there are with yellow debuff, then it is recommended to leave a tether on a tank with yellow debuff and have them use Hallowed Ground, Living Dead, or Holmgang to survive.

At the same time as the Da'at damage is going out, four green orbs will appear that will then drop into the slowly-expanding green puddles just as in phase 1. You can fit in between ANY two green puddles, but some will be a tight squeeze. Be careful not to fall off the arena. Players with yellow debuff will need to squeeze in between puddles. There will NOT be room left in the center of the arena, so be sure to be near the edge.

Fiendish Wail

Two towers will spawn, one on the northeast and one on the northwest of the arena. There must be at least one player in each tower that gets hit by Fiendish Wail. If a tower is empty when it is hit by Fiendish Wail, it will explode and do significant AoE damage and give Physical Vulnerability debuff, effectively wiping the right. The first set of towers that spawns is during the tether mechanic. During this time, players will still have the yellow debuff that makes them invulnerable to Fiendish Wail damage. For this set of towers, players with yellow debuffs should get in these towers. During all other points of the fight when towers go up while there are no Force Against Might debuffs on players, the main tank and off tank will need to get in the towers to take the Fiendish Wail damage. If one of them is dead, someone will need to jump in the tower to sacrifice themselves.

First Earthshaker

This is very similar to T13 Earthshakers with a slight variation. There will not be any AoE puddles dropped on the ground below targeted players, and the damage done is proportional to distance from Sephirot. The further you are, the less damage you'll take. There will be two players targeted by Earthshaker. One will be a DPS and the other will be healer. This is another one of those situations where it's good to have waymarks down, as shown in the image at the beginning of this guide. Before the fight, DPS and Healers should already be assigned sides, so the player targeted by Earthshaker will know which way to run. They will simply run to the waymarks placed in the southern side of the arena.

The rest of the party should stack in the middle (around max melee range from Sephirot). Right before Earthshaker damage goes off, a yellow Yesod telegraph will hit the ground. Wait about 1 second and then move. The Earthshaker targets that are on the waymarks can simply move forward toward Sephirot. The rest of the party that was stacked in the center can either move forward or backward to dodge Yesod. Since the next mechanic involves everyone spreading out, I would recommend that for this Yesod, melee and tanks should move forward and all ranged players should move backward to dodge the Yesod.


Here we'll see another round of Da'at. Just make sure everyone is spread out. This one is a little different than the one earlier in the phase with the tethers. The damage from this one will be significantly increased on the player with highest aggro (i.e. the main tank). It is important to make sure the main tank has aggro on the boss at this point; if he has died at any point, he has to be sure to provoke Sephirot before Da'at goes out. Make sure the main tank is healed and shielded for this. Would recommend the tank use a defensive cooldown for it (magical) but not too many because you will need them to deal with adds later.

Towers and another Fiendish Wail will go out after this. The tanks should take this alone. This is where having pre-assigned towers for the tanks comes in handy. While spreading for Da'at in the previous mechanic, they should go toward their assigned sides to be ready for this Wail. There will then be another Life Force / Spirit. There will be no color debuffs this time so simply stack in the forward waymark for AoE heals and to prepare for baiting the next Yesod.

Pillar of Mercy

This mechanic looks very complicated, but it's really quite simple. It just requires the party to run and stack in a few different locations. Once you know the locations, it's very simple and there's no guessing or RNG involved. What happens is a blue puddle will appear on the ground, and Sephirot will smash that puddle which causes a knockback relative to that location. There will also be expanding green puddles here too. You just have to position yourself so you won't get knocked off the arena or into a green puddle. This will happen three times (three different blue puddles), but the order and location of the knockbacks are the same every time so it's very predictable. See the diagram below for details on where to stack.

Pillar of Mercy Stack Points

Right before the first slam, there will be a Yesod. To save on space and make things simple, just bait the Yesod to pop up in the first blue puddle (since you won't be able to stand there anyway). As soon as you see the yellow flash, run out of the blue puddle to about the 5 o'clock position. After the first knockback, run over to the second puddle in the West and stand on the right side of it. Finally, go over to the last puddle in the East and stand on the southwest side of it for the final knockback. Prepare for Earthshaker again immediately after the third knockback.

Second Earthshaker

This one is almost the same as the first time except Yesod does not happen at the same time.

Da'at + Yesod

Be sure to spread out in advance of this one. Just like before, make sure the main tank is topped up and shielded. Yesod will happen during the Da'at here, so make sure you know ahead of time where you're going to go to dodge it. This is the only time in the fight where you [i]cannot[/i] stack up to bait Yesod. I recommend leaving yourself some room to dodge toward the outside edge of the arena to avoid Yesod since there is almost no one else standing between you and the edge.

Towers and Fiendish Wail go out again, just like last time. Tanks will take these alone. Everyone else stack up on the forward waymark to prepare for a knockback, tanks should join the stack after Fiendish Wail.


The boss will use a big knockback on the party, centered on himself. It will look like he's blowing everyone backward. The knockback can be prevented by Tempered Will. The DPS should all stay stacked after the knockback to bait Yesod.

Adds Spawn

Four Binah and one Storm of Words spawn here. The Storm of Words spawns right where the players were just knocked back. Two Binah spawn on the east, and two spawn on the west. Each tank should take two Binah and stay in the spots where they spawned (towers + Fiendish Wail coming up). DPS should all focus on the Storm of Words at this time. There are a few different ways to handle this, but we recommend using a BRD/MCH limit break starting on the south side of the Storm of Words and going up through the middle to hit the boss. Depending on how strong your healers are, you can also drag some of the Binah into the limit break path to kill those as well. Binah will be one-shot by a level 3 BRD/MCH limit break. Keep in mind that they will explode when they die so be ready for those AoE heals. My group prefers to kill all 4 Binah with the limit break, so it is possible to survive all that damage. If you want to play it safe, just put 0 or 2 Binah in the limit break.

Yesod will come again shortly, so you have to use the limit break just as soon as the Malkuth knockback is over. Alternatively, you can use caster LB (not recommended due to bad visibility) or melee LB on Storm of Words. Either way, make sure the DPS stay stacked where they were knocked back to bait Yesod there. Healers should stand in the middle to cast AoE heals. Tanks will be either in the middle or where the Binah spawned. This will form a Y shape of Yesod pillars, so you should be able to dodge to safe spots in the southwest or southeast.

As soon as all the adds are dead, you get a short period of time to just DPS the boss (there is one more Yesod so just stay stacked). Put your elbows into it!

Impact of Hod + Ascension

Sephirot will put his arm down on the arena which does small damage and a small knockback. At the same time, a stacking indicator will appear over the corpse of the Storm of Words. If these are not enough indication for you to stack up on it, then I cannot help you... Stack up in the indicator and it will launch you into the air to avoid Pillar of Severity (instant death).

Stack up again in the middle for one last Yesod and a phase loop. You will have the chance to go through one more loop of the phase before hard enrage (Pillar of Severity with no Ascension to dodge it). In total, the last phase will take about 6 minutes and 40 seconds in order for you to do 65% of the boss's HP in damage.


Congratulations! There are more rewards from this boss than any primal ever before! You WILL get 1x Fiend Totem per person deposited directly into your inventory. Once you have 10 of these, you can trade them in for any of Sephirot's ilvl 220 weapons, your choice.

One of these MIGHT drop to a random party member:
Sephirot Sap (ingredient for Sephirot Root and Sephirotic Barding)

You MIGHT also get one of the following lootable items:
Warring Lanner Whistle (Warring Laner mount)
Sephirot Card
Faded Copy of Fiend (music sheet ingredient)

And you WILL get one of the following lootable weapons:
Edge of the Sephirot
Blade of the Sephirot
Shield of the Sephirot
Axe of the Sephirot
Star of the Sephirot
Song of the Sephirot
Cane of the Sephirot
Pike of the Sephirot
Fists of the Sephirot
Points of the Sephirot
Bow of the Sephirot
Fire of the Sephirot
Staff of the Sephirot
Word of the Sephirot

This should give you a good place to start on Alexander Midas. Good luck out there!

DRG Tips from Octal Gore

  • During the add phase at the start I pop all my cds (Internal Release, Blood for Blood, Geirskogul/Blood of the Dragon, Jumps) so that they are up again at the start of phase 3.
  • I also dump my Geirskogul at the end of the add phase and just refresh Blood of the Dragon with a fresh opener.
  • During the towers and tethers, as I'm sure most melee dps do, I attack for as long as I can and then just stand in the small safe spot by the boss so I can hit him just in time to refresh Blood of the Dragon.
  • During the punches, I try to get a full combo off while moving around to dodge so once again I don't loose Blood of the Dragon.
  • Finally, during the last part of his rotation in the final phase (Wind add) I just dump all of my jumps on the wind add for some extra burst since the Limit Break usually dosen't quite finish it.

SMN Tip from Arthurherb Fonzarelli

  • I use a slightly modified version of sleigh's opener, focusing on Ruin 3 outside of Dreadwyrm Trance making sure to keep mp >3k. Timing works well with Seph.
  • Communicate with healers on Virus timing. I usually use on second jump unless specified otherwise.
  • Raise the dead
  • Keep up normal priorities, DoTs, Shadowflare, etc
  • Hold your dreadstance for add phase if dps is good, pushing second Ratzon. This enables 2 Death Flare during adds.
  • Depending on add kill order ability timing will change. Idea is straightforward, AOE ALL THE THINGS! My group does 3-1-6-1
    1. Hardcast shadow
    2. trance -> Tri the Cochma -> Contagion -> once the OT has collected the Binah in center
    3. Ruin3 and Ruin1 spam on Cochma until dead. Watch your mp, if you have a bard/mch for mp regen then go ham!
    4. Hardcast DoTs on second Cochma then swiftcast shadow. Fester the Cochma and Pain the Binah once OT has them grouped. Good idea to hold second Pain for second set of adds. It is possible to push this so adapt accordingly
    5. Last but not least Trance + Death the last Binah immediatly before they die. The Cochma might die at same time but good healers are prepared. We have mnk,smn,drg,brd going ham on adds, it is abnormal for adds to die separately.
  • You should have 1 aether stack up and a Aetherflow waiting. This will give you a full opener for right after Ein Sof Ohr.
  • If you have to LB second set of adds, bard/mch should, stand away from group or pillars will kill you. Group should adjust to you in ideal situation.
  • If BRD/MCh LB and some adds still alive, is likely, hold a Death to finish them off

NIN Tips from Shasta Kota

  • In the first phase, using the opener from my NIN guide, you will end up using a Trick Attack right when Ain + Ratzon comes out. This would be a mostly wasted TA since everyone is running around positioning for Ratzon. Instead, just do an extra Raiton and use TA on the next Ninjutsu.
  • Use Kassatsu in the opener, but then hold it for adds phase.
  • Depending on how fast you push phase 1, you should either be able to do Katon + Kassatsu + Doton and then B4B + IR + Doton, or you can do a Katon + Kassatsu + B4B + Doton and then IR + Doton.
  • During the transition from phase 2 to 3, wait until Sephirot falls off the edge of the arena and causes a green explosion over the side and then use Huton. This timing will allow Ninjutsu to come up again right before the boss is targeted so you can precast a Suiton and do your opener like normal (minus a few cooldowns that might not be available).
  • Save Shade Shift for if you get targeted by Earthshaker.
  • Use Shukuchi to negate the knockback from the first Pillar of Mercy.
  • Use Second Wind during all the AoE in the last phase while killing Storm of Words.

SCH Tips from Clav Venus

  • I use Eye for and Eye on pull, and going into add phase on the tank who is tanking the big mob.
  • Normal dps rotation all of first phase. If your cohealer needs it Succor helps at the following times: right before jumps as you stack on both sides, and right before green/purple circles but after the aoe hit.
  • If your WHM or AST is really struggling, an Adlo pre-tank buster can help, as well as a Virus on the 3rd set of busters, as some tanks may be out of cooldowns by then.
  • During add phase, the occasional Succor, primarily right before the big mob dies can help, as can an Indom right after it explodes to quickly restore the 10k hit.
  • Final phase, during the 3 adds, dropping a Sacred Soil that covers both tower areas, plus the central stack point right in the begining can help lighten the healing load considerably. A single Indom is enough for most WHM/AST to pick up the remaining bulk of group healing there, though some will require you to throw out a few Adlos.
  • Emergency Tactics can help to quickly get the main tank's life back up before he steps into the towers following the 23k shot from the boss, if it crits hes topped instantly.
  • Other than that, cooldowns are mostly used in response to people's mistakes as a SCH imo.

SCH Tips from Dusty Slippers

1st phase

  • Any sch healing is supplementary, depends on how dogshit the WHM is or isn't.
  • Indom between double jumps - double aoe
  • Indom after green purple circles explode
  • Rouse + Whispering Dawn after the tank buster / before the green / purple circles.

2nd phase

lol if you wipe here delete your toon

3rd phase

For Add Phase / Blowback:
  • Call for warrior / tank to convo after tank towers and before life / spirit
  • Use Fey Ellumination and Fey Covenant
  • Succor early enough that the shield gets eaten by spirit/life
  • Cast Adlo so it lands on the convo tank as soon as dmg goes out. deploy.
  • Precast Succor so it's at 80-90% casting when you get knock backed and goes off after the damage.
  • Use Rouse + Whispering Dawn
  • Use Sacred Soil (clip the towers with the top of it)
  • Everyone should be full hp with magic resist + shield + regen
  • The rest is standard healing, you have indom for Genesis

    AST Tips from Send Nudes

    • Use Lightspeed for the purple/green orbs in first phase, use Synastry for the adds (Use Synastry on the OT and heal the main tank, regens on both)
    • Use Collective Unconscious before moving during the purple/green orbs, use it for the ultimate and for the Storm of Wind. Don't keep it up for the shield, just keep it long enough for the regen. (You can apply the Collective regen before you get blown back in final phase)
    • Use Disable for the blowback (Malkuth) in the final phase
    • Use Synastry on the WAR during the Storm of Word
    • Disable the first jump, Disable the second tank buster, and Disable the Cochma before it dies so you take reduced raid-wide damage
    • Use The Spire at least once on the MNK and DRG in final phase, it takes at least one for them to not run out of TP

    WAR Tips from Nioulan Layolunide

    Phase 1

    Only tip here is if you end up getting the purple circle during Ain + Ratzon, make sure to reapply Storm's Eye when you get back to the boss. Storm's Eye will fall shortly after a Butcher's Block combo if you decide to do so, which is a loss in raid DPS. Especially if you have a NIN in your party. Other than that, just do your normal triple Fell Cleave rotation/clip Fracture at appropriate times. You should only be able to do 2 triple FC rotations, depending on DPS.

    Phase 2

    Depending on how many stacks you have when you enter this phase, manually build a full stack of Wrath for Steel Cyclone. Steel Cyclone is great for getting initial hate due to it being a circle instead of the cone with Overpower. However, 2 Overpowers are enough to obtain and maintain hate but spread them out. Use 1 to initially get hate then pull them to where your group is AoEing then use another Overpower. Use 2 Overpowers for the first set of adds and save your manually built up Steel Cyclone for the 2nd set of adds. Also save your Infuriate so you can grab the 3rd set of small adds with Steel Cyclone. When you use Overpower, target to most backwards add out of the 3 that spawn and try to angle it to where all 3 adds will get hit by Overpower. It also helps to get close to an add to make sure your Overpower will hit all 3. It has a pretty decent range so if you angle it and aim for the most backward add, you'll get all 3. Only use Vengeance if there's a death during this phase or just before. Otherwise use >onvalescence after the 2nd set of adds to make your healer's lives a little easier.

    Phase 3

    This phase sucks for trying to do a triple Fell Cleave rotation. The only way you'll be able to do one safely is at the beginning and if you get the green debuff. Otherwise you'll have to settle with double Fell Cleaves.
    After the debuff wears, you'll have to use CDs to survive the towers. Use Vengeance for 1st tower and Thrill of Battle for the 2nd one and if you have it cross classed, use Second Wind after the 2nd one to help out your healers. You use Vengeance first so you can get it on cooldown so it'll be ready to use again for when you have to repeat this phase after the 1st Word of Wind. You can eat the towers in Deliverance if you use those CDs. Be sure to save your Infuriate just before the Word of Wind phase so you use Inner Beast for mitigation for the towers. Depending on how you deal with the adds, you'll want to pop Infuriate and use Inner Beast on either the adds or Sephirot himself to survive the tower. Use Equilibrium after the tower hit to help out your healers. Dodging towers in this phase is a little tricky. You'll have to stand on 1 edge of the tower's circle and as soon you see the green flash go off, run to the other side of the tower to dodge the pillars and still soak the tower. Make sure you either Inner Beast one of the adds, if there alive, or Sephirot to get the 20% reduced damage.

    PLD Tips by The Victor

    When Main Tanking, always keep Sheltron for each tank buster!

    Phase 1

    Main Con: You're left with 1-3 defensive Cool downs to use during add phase. Bulwark, Rampart, and/or Foresight.

    Phase 2

    • Use your cool downs as you see fit. I use them right when the big add is about to die. If you are tanking the big add, the big add will do a major attack when there is 20 seconds left on your debuff. Use Sheltron or Clemency yourself (it might get canceled, only use as an emergency) at that time.
    • If your WHM/AST are casting a lot of regens everywhere and the small adds didn't get aggroed in time, Cover the healer to protect him/her.
    • Divine Veil can be used right when the 2nd big add before dies to mitigate dmg or when the phase ends. Note that if you used Divine Veil at the 2nd jump in phase 1, it might not come up in time if your DPS is too fast.

    Phase 3

    Towers for Fiendish Wail count as physical damage originating from the center of the tower. PLD can block damage from this if you face the center of the tower. Sheltron will guarantee a block.
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